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Attack the Block


Added Sat, 02/05/2020
Release date
Original title
Attack the Block

"Attack the block" (eng. "Attack the Block") is a British fantasy film of 2011, which combines elements of a movie about an alien invasion and a teen Comedy.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In the evening five teenagers from Brixton (Moses, Ulcer, Jerome, Dennis and biggz) robbing the nurse Sam (Samantha), who returns home. At this time around them is falling from the sky something like a meteor, punching a cab. When the ringleader of the group named Moses gets in the car, breaks out a toothy eyeless and hairless creature the size of a dog and scratches him in the face. Sam, meanwhile, runs away. Guys, pursue the creature and kill it, and then go to their friend Ron, who, in their opinion, may determine that a beast attacked them. Ron, in the apartment there is a small plantation of hemp, a guest is his friend Bruis and local drug dealer hi-Hatz. Neither Ron nor Bruis can't determine what beast killed the guys, and they decide that they had fallen from outer space. Hi Hats meanwhile, offers Moses to work for him and gives him some drugs for sale.

All of a sudden I see the window that the sky is falling some more "meteorites". As it happens in the night of the fireworks, they do not cause suspicion among residents. However, Moses and his friends, knowing that these are the same aliens as in the first case, announce they hunt and run into the street, armed with machetes, baseball bats and rockets for fireworks. On the wasteland where fell one of the "meteorites", the boys see a much larger black hairy beast with a fluorescent toothy maw that eats dog Dennis and runs after them. The boys leave on bicycles, but Moses at the road grabbing police, who, together with Sam riding round looking for her robbers. Moses in handcuffs put in the car, but there are two monsters and kill police officers. The other guys rush to the aid of Moses.

Running away from monsters in a police car, they stop in the underground garage, where it hit the car high Hatza. The anger, however, at this time one of the monsters appears and bite the satellite high-Hatta, whereupon the latter shot the monster with a pistol. Running away from monsters, biggz gets into the trash, but four guys hiding in the stairwell. Pursuing their monster bites, leg Ulcers, and they all run up the stairs. Ironically, at this point in his apartment on the second floor is returned to Sam and, seeing her, all the guys hiding in her apartment. She's not happy about it, but she has to bandage the wounded leg Ulcers. Half one of the monsters, and Moses kills him Japanese sword Dennis. Sam joins the guys and leaves the apartment with them, having decided that they pose less danger than alien monsters.

The company rises up to the apartment friend girl TII, on the front door which has an iron grille. TIA is sitting at home with her three girlfriends, who are laughing, listening to a story about monsters, but suddenly I notice on the balcony of the two aliens. Those immediately rush inside and kill Dennis. The guys manage to kill both animals with improvised means. Girls accused Moses that everything happens because of him, because the monster seemed to specifically go exactly where it is located. All run out of the apartment, which burst with new monsters. In the corridor there is high Hats with two friends who came to take revenge on Moses, but because of the attack of the monster, they hide in the Elevator before she leaps and alien. The Elevator arrives on the floor of the Rhone, which was just leaving Brewis: he sees the lift of the killed monster, the two bloody dead and alive, but covered in the blood of high-Hatta with a gun. Later Bruis stumbles upon Moses, Ulcers, Jerome and Sam, who decide to hide in the room with cannabis, "the safest place" in the house. The monster drags Jerome, and the rest go to Ron, where they were waiting for high Hats. However, the crowd of monsters bursts through the window and pounced on the hi-Hatsa. The others hide in the room with hemp. There by the light of a UV lamp, Moses notices that his clothes are visible traces from touching the first monster he killed. Brewis suggests that this pheromone female aliens, and what is the track and are hairy monsters who are probably males, while the first was a female.

Considering himself guilty for everything that's happened, Moses he wants to destroy the monsters. Sam, where there is no trace, which attracts the aliens, goes to the apartment of Moses and opens doors and gas. Moses, attaching behind the corpse of the monster females, running into the apartment, dragging all the monsters and leaving a dead body in there, it ignites a firecracker. Monsters killed in the explosion, Moses escapes to the balcony. Moses, the Plague, Bruise and Ron gets arrested by the police. Sam tells the police officer that has no claims to the guys, because they are neighbors and they defended it.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Unidentified objects are aliens (their spores or space capsule), flying through space. They fall to the earth's surface in the form of large meteorites, and of them then there are aliens.

The first landing capsule with the female a few hours after it – a lot of capsules with males.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens arrive from outer space, not in vehicles, and in individual capsules, resembling spores.

The aliens are reasonable and represent the wild creatures, driven by instincts. The film presents the aliens of two types that differ in size and appearance: the female and the male. The female alien is the size of a medium dog, with grey skin and liquid hairline (maybe she just did not have time to grow hair, as it was killed almost immediately after landing). The males look like giant monkeys with glowing teeth, covered with dense hair the purest black. They have great strength, able to climb steep walls. All the aliens lack eyes and focused on hearing and smell. The female alien is distributing glowing in ultraviolet light, which attract males.

To kill the aliens is quite simple, and it can be done in different ways: to burn, to shoot, to pierce with a sword or a knife, hammer bat.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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