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Added Sat, 25/11/2017
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"Dracula" Director TOD Browning, released in February 1931, became a classic of horror films. It is an adaptation of the eponymous play by Hamilton Dean 1924, took as the basis of the famous novel by Bram Stoker. Despite the fact that the novel has twice been quite heavily processed (a first for the implementation stage in a play, and then on the screen in the form of a film), shared with the original features of the story still easy to discern.

As we can see, in this screen, unlike "Nosferatu. Symphony of horror" 1922, contains many of the classic traits of vampires. It is not surprising that the image of count Dracula, embodied in this film, became canonical.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Real estate agent Renfield arrives in Transylvania, to sign with count Dracula agreement on the purchase of the old CARFAX Abbey in London. The locals warn Renfield that Dracula's castle is a den of evil, but he ignores the warning and goes to the castle. On the Borgo pass takes him in the carriage with the silent coachman. Looking out at the road from the coach, Renfield sees that the coachman was gone, and the harness on the wing of a bat.

Arriving at the castle, Renfield meets Dracula. They sign a contract. Renfield drinks the wine and falls asleep. Being approached by three female vampire, but Dracula appears and gesture drives them.

On Board going to London ship "Vesta" time to go crazy Renfield Dracula guarded by that nights chosen from the coffin and one by one kills sailors. By the time "West" to London from living on Board remains only the Renfield. Because he is clearly insane, he was placed in a psychiatric clinic.

Dracula walks the night streets of London, choosing a victim. Then he goes to the theater, where he met in the Lodge with John Harker, his fiancee Mina and her friend Lucy. Girls are fascinated by Earl, in the evening they discuss it. When Lucy goes to bed, the window flies a bat turns into Dracula.

In the anatomic theatre of doctor Abraham van Helsing examines the corpse and finds Lucy on her neck the bite marks that he had already seen the previous victims. He comes to the conclusion that the killings were the handiwork of Nosferatu (it. Nosferatu is a synonym for "vampire").

Renfield in the clinic tries to eat flies and spiders. Van Helsing talks to him, dyspraxia about his dreams. Returning to the camera, Renfield through the window at night begging Dracula not to touch Mine, but Dracula has other intentions.

In the morning, Mina tells Harker about the nightmares, after which she feels exhausted. Van Helsing arrives and begins to ask Mine about what her dreams were, and then examines her and finds the bite marks.

At this time there is Dracula. Van Helsing and Dracula meet each other. While Dracula speaks to Mina, the Professor notices that the count is not reflected in the mirror. It shows Dracula a small mirror; he reacts very sharply and leaves.

While the men discuss what happened, Mina, trapped under the power of the vampire, out of the house to the garden, where she meets Dracula. At this time, the house appears escaped from the hospital and implores Renfield, van Helsing and Harker to take Mina. Bat in the window frightens him, and he stops. At this time the maid, who discovered the disappearance, raises the alarm. Harker finds a girl in the garden — she's unconscious.

The nurses at the clinic I read a newspaper article about the strange White Woman that night attacks on children. Mina also saw a White Woman, and she told van Helsing that recognized her as Lucy. Van Helsing promises that will help Lucy's soul to rest, and advises Harker seriously concerned about the safety of the Mines. He also says that the only way to destroy a vampire is to drive him in the heart with a wooden stake. appears Again Renfield, who talks about how incredibly strong his master. When taking Renfield, and van Helsing stays in the room one, is Dracula, who says that his blood is already flowing in the veins of the Mines, and that the girl belongs to him. In response, van Helsing tells Dracula that he intends to destroy it. Earl tries to suppress the will of van Helsing, but he is protected by the cross.

Nightfall-Mina's feeling better and asks Harker to let her out. She is almost a vampire and barely holding back the desire to bite John; cross, van Helsing and it acts as a weapon. She admits that Dracula forced her to drink blood from his veins.

The next night Dracula appears again under the window of the Mines; he hypnotizes the nurse makes her open the window and takes Mine in CARFAX Abbey, where they were waiting for Renfield. Harker and van Helsing also make their way to the Abbey and witness as Dracula kills Renfield. Dawn begins, and Dracula with Mina hiding in the dungeon. Van Helsing and Harker find in Dracula's coffin and kill the vampire, making the number of Board box and hammering it into a vampire's heart. After the death of Dracula, Mina finds freedom again and becomes a man.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

The vampires in this film presents count Dracula, his wives and his victims. All the vampires in the film are no different from ordinary people. The film does not show any vampire fangs Dracula or the process of drinking blood, no bite marks on the necks of the victims (in the words of Professor van Helsing, they look like "two white dots with red center"). Apparently, it is believed that the audience must be thinking all these horrors.

While Dracula has many of the classic traits of vampires. It is not reflected in the mirror, passes through the webs without damaging it, can turn into a bat or wolf. Dracula is afraid of garlic (in Russian translation, in the original wolfsbane, known as Aconite or fighter North) and the crucifixion. He can hypnotize people with a look, erase their memory and impose their will.

Dracula can turn into vampires to other people, giving them to drink their blood.

By day he is gaining strength in the coffin with the earth in which he was buried. It can kill, driving a stake through the heart (this will fit any sharp piece of wood, even a piece of the lid of his own coffin). After the death of Dracula all, whose mind was under his control, be free.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

Dracula can turn into a bat unnaturally large sizes and in a wolf (a big dog). The wolf in the film does not show, only hear it howl.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Servodata

Dracula can look hypnotizing people to give them nightmares, but also to convey the instructions without a word (even in the guise of a bat). Apparently, he doesn't have to be in the vicinity of the victim. Whether such opportunities people facing a graph in vampires, is unknown.

After the death of Dracula all, whose will was suppressed, be free.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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