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Hold That Ghost


Added Mon, 13/08/2018
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Hold That Ghost

"Hold this Ghost", is an American film, 1941, filmed in the genre of mixing Comedy and horror movie.

Pretty funny Comedy, which has gained much popularity among the audience.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Chuck Murray and ferdie Jones, having failed as waiters in a famous night club high class "Chez Glamour", working at the gas station. To them in his car pulls up gangster "ICC" Mattson, who wants to Park. When he sees the police, he tries to escape with Chuck and ferdie, are accidentally trapped inside the machine during cleaning. In the result of a skirmish, the ICC is killed. Chuck and ferdie find out from a lawyer of the gangster is that the one who was with him at the time of death, will inherit the tavern. They also get a mysterious hint about the hidden monetary savings Musa, counsel States that he "was keeping the money in the head".

Lawyer Mattson introduces the main characters with his colleague Charlie Smith, who will accompany them to new ownership. Smith is a member of the gang Musa and looking for his money. They are joined by several companions, which the taxi driver decides to drive to earn: a doctor, radioactice the waitress. When they get to the tavern, the rain starts pouring, and all decide to wait it out inside. Unfair driver throws them in there and leaving with their things.

In the tavern begin to happen strange things. Smith disappears during a search in the basement and his body several times unexpectedly appears and disappears in one of the rooms of the building. The water in the tavern turns out to be unsuitable for drinking, and the bedroom is equipped with concealed Ferdy play equipment. Girls afraid of what seems to them like a Ghost, but turns out to be an owl. Suddenly appear two detectives, but they disappear soon after the start of the investigation. Candles on the table spontaneously move and frighten Ferdy.

Ferdie eventually finds the treasure, Musa, hidden inside the stuffed elk's head hanging above the fireplace. Appear gang members and need to give them money. Ferdie scares them the sound of a police siren. The doctor declares that the water they drank last night has a therapeutic effect, and ferdie and Chuck turn the club to a sanatorium.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

Almost everything shown in the movie "paranormal" phenomena find explanation after it turns out that the building wielding gang of gangsters. The only exception is the spontaneous movement and levitation of the candle with the candlestick on the table in the tavern room. This phenomenon is noticed only by Ferdy, but he is so scared of them that fails in time to pay attention to the rest of the characters in the film.

I must say that the presence of the paranormal in the tavern could not be explained, and the reason for this behavior remains unknown candles.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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