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House of Frankenstein


Added Mon, 22/11/2021
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House of Frankenstein

"House of Frankenstein" (English: "House of Frankenstein"– is a horror film from the classic series of horror films by Universal Studios. The film is a sequel to the film "Frankenstein" and several subsequent films of the cycle.



Dr Henry Frankenstein is obsessed with assembling a living being from parts of several exhumed corpses.

The Bride of Frankenstein


Bride of Frankenstein begins where James Whale's Frankenstein from 1931 ended. Dr. Frankenstein has not been killed as previously portrayed and now he wants to get away from the mad experiments. Yet when his wife is kidnapped by his creation, Frankenstein agrees to help him create a new monster, this time a woman.

Son of Frankenstein


One of the sons of Frankenstein finds his father's monster in a coma and revives him, only to find out he is controlled by Ygor who is bent on revenge.

The Ghost of Frankenstein


Ygor discovers Frankenstein's creation is still alive and brings him to the Doctor's son, Ludwig, for help. Obsessed with restoring the monster to his full potential, Ludwig is unaware that someone has more devious plans for the creature.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man


Grave robbers open the grave of the wolf man and awaken him. He doesn't like the idea of being immortal and killing people when the moon is full so tries to find Dr. Frankenstein, in the hopes that the doctor can cure him. Dr. Frankenstein has died - however his monster is found.

The main character of the film is the evil doctor Gustav Niemann, who is imprisoned for his criminal experiments. He spends fifteen years in prison, but one day lightning strikes the prison and the building collapses. Niemann escapes with hunchback Daniel, to whom the doctor promises to give a new, beautiful body.

On the loose, they meet a traveling freak show, whose owner, Lampini, owns a real skeleton of Count Dracula. After killing Lampini and seizing his carts, Niemann decides to take revenge on those who put him in prison. With the help of a lively Dracula, he kills Burgomaster Gussman, but is revealed. To get away from the chase, he throws Dracula's coffin on the road before dawn, and the vampire who did not have time to return to the coffin dies from the sun's rays.

Obsessed with the idea of continuing Frankenstein's research, Niemann and Daniel arrive at the dead scientist's castle to find his notes. In the flooded ruins of the castle, they find the bodies of the monster and the werewolf Larry Talbot in the ice. Niemann promises Talbot that he will find a cure that will help him lift the curse. However, the doctor is much more interested in resurrecting the monster and his revenge than fulfilling the promises he made to Talbot and Daniel. On a full moon, Talbot turns into a werewolf and kills a man, which causes outrage among the villagers.

They pick up a wounded gypsy woman on the street, with whom Daniel falls in love. The gypsy herself falls in love with Talbot, and the hunchback is jealous of her for Lawrence and envies his healthy body. Daniel tells the gypsy about Talbot's curse, but she does not get upset and promises to help Talbot remove the curse.

At night, the situation takes a critical turn. Niemann revives Frankenstein's monster, and Talbot turns back into a werewolf. Gypsy shoots Talbot with silver bullets, thus saving him from eternal damnation, but Lawrence and Gypsy herself dies. Daniel blames Niemann for her death and begins strangling him. The monster intervenes and throws Daniel out of the window. The peasants begin to chase Niemann and the monster and drive them into the swamps, where they both drown.

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

Count Dracula acts as a vampire. At the beginning of the film, his skeleton, pierced with a stake, lies in a coffin with his native land. When the stake is removed, the skeleton immediately becomes overgrown with flesh and comes to life.

Dracula drinks human blood, turning into a giant bat, and leaves two tooth wounds on the victim's neck. He has the ability to hypnotize people and, unlike classic vampires, can enter the house without an invitation from the owner.

By dawn, the vampire should be back in the coffin. If he does not have time to do this, then daylight first deprives him of strength, and then kills him - Dracula turns back into a skeleton.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

Count Dracula gives the future victim a magic ring that binds them, and also awakens in the victim a craving for death. The ring glows and changes its size on the victim's finger, after which it cannot be removed. The victim sees scenes from the world of the living dead in the ring. The ring falls off the finger itself after the death of Dracula.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

Frankenstein's Monster is not much different from the one shown in previous films. He is immortal, but after a long time in the ice, his flesh is damaged. It is possible to restore it by softening the steam and passing a high-voltage electric current through it.

The monster does not speak, has great physical strength and shows sympathy for his savior. He tries to save him, but, leaving the chase, plunges with him into the swamp, not realizing that a person will not survive underwater.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

The Wolf Man is no different from what was shown in the previous films. He turns into a monster on a full moon, ceases to control himself and attacks everyone he meets. He is immortal, and his body endures a long stay in the ice without damage. The wolf-man suffers from his curse, but the only thing that can save him from it is death.

You can kill a werewolf only with a silver bullet, which must be fired by the hand of a person who loves him. This method works with the first shot. After death, the monster takes on a human form.

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