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The Fuller Dogfight


Added Sun, 13/01/2019
Release date
Original title
Project Blue Book (season 1, episode 1)

Project Blue Book

TV Show|2019
A chronicle of the true top secret U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena in the 1950s and ’60s, known as “Project Blue Book.”

The Blue Book Project (Season 1)

TV Show Season|2019

The first episode of the series is called "Gorman's Melee" (orig. "Gorman Dogfight") and is dedicated to the observation of a strange glowing ball by a military pilot over the city of Fargo.

The plot of the series is based on the famous case of UFO sightings by pilot George Gorman, which was actually investigated as part of the "Sign" project.

Fact #1530373774

Fact | 1948

George Gorman was a fighter pilot and a veteran of the Second world war.

On the website of the producer of the series, the History TV channel, there is an article with a detailed analysis of this case and versions of its explanation. In the shown collision with a UFO there are significant differences from the evidence of a real pilot:

  1. First of all, there was no collision, nor was there a plane crash. Gorman himself decided to stop the pursuit after flying too far from the airfield.
  2. The object described by the real Gorman was much smaller than the one shown in the series – only 6-8 inches.
  3. In the real story, Gorman was not the only one who saw the object. He was also observed by the pilot and passenger of a civilian aircraft flying nearby and the dispatcher of the Fargo airfield.
  4. Gorman in his reports did not report either the loss of control of the aircraft, or the song playing in the headphones.

The plot of the series tells about the beginning of the project "Blue Book". Captain Michael Quinn is appointed head of a project dedicated to investigating UFO sightings and finding rational explanations for the residents of the United States. He is instructed to involve an astrophysicist from Ohio, Dr. Allen Heineck, in the work on the project. The captain promises him fame and money for the implementation of scientific ideas, and Heinek agrees.

Together they investigate the case of a military pilot Gorman, who survived an air battle with an alien ship. During training flights, when his colleagues had already returned to base, he decided to fly over the stadium during the match to support his favorite team. After flying over the stadium, the pilot noticed a strange glowing object that began to circle around his plane. Having clarified with the dispatcher that there should be no other flying vessels in this area, Gorman decided to catch up with the object. As a result of the chase, he climbed too high and lost control of the plane. Before the crash, the pilot began to hear the familiar song "How High the Moon". At that moment, the object collided with the plane and damaged the wing skin, causing the plane to crash.

Gorman survived, but is in a state of shock. During the investigation, Heinek finds out that the plane was exposed to radiation.

Quinn believes that the pilot saw a weather balloon, which at that time was supposed to fly in this area. He explains the glow by the reflection of the stadium lights from the metal parts of the probe, but Hynek's calculations show that this illumination is not enough for such a bright glow of the object. The captain decides to prove his case and takes Heinek on a flight. They discover a weather balloon, try to repeat the maneuvers described by Gorman, as a result of which they collide with the probe and crash. Immediately after the accident, Hynek sees a dark silhouette of a man in a hat, who immediately disappears.

Heinek ends up in the same hospital as Gorman. He learns that according to the pilot, the song "How High the Moon", which he heard before the fall, was broadcast by the radio station of his hometown, as he recognized the DJ's voice. Gorman believes that the object not only tried to communicate with him with the help of this song, but also controlled his plane. Quinn, who received an order to close the case as soon as possible, writes off the pilot's story to the consequences of the crash, announces that the rational explanation for the incident is a collision with a weather balloon.

On the way out of the hospital, Heinek notices himself being followed. When the pursuer turns off, Heinek decides to follow him. He finds himself on the territory of an abandoned amusement park. In the office premises, he sees some tools, as well as a video projector turned on, showing a film with some symbols.

Quinn states that he has already completed the report and sent it to his superiors. Heinek is going home. There his wife talks about her new blonde girlfriend, whom they met in a clothing store. Heinek calls the radio station in the pilot's hometown – San Diego - and finds out that the song "How High the Moon" was really playing there at the time of the incident. The series ends with a scene in which a blonde sits in a car and watches Heinek's house.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Shown in this episode of UFOs corresponds to the description of George Gorman. It is a bright white object, the shape and dimensions of which determine it is not possible. The speed and maneuverability of the object exceeds the capabilities of aircraft of the 50-ies of XX century. The pilots of that time called these objects "the Ghost plane" (the"foo fighter").

According to the pilot, during the persecution of managed aircraft was not he, but the object itself. In addition, before the fall, the pilot heard in the headphones song "How High the Moon", which at this point was lost on the radio KKGH in San Diego, his hometown, at the distance of 1450 miles (2333,7 km) from Fargo. The pilot considered that with this song the object was trying to communicate with him.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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