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Psycho Goreman


Added Sun, 09/05/2021
Release date
Original title
Psycho Goreman

"The Psycho-Dismemberer" (orig. Psycho Goreman is a Canadian comedy fantasy horror film released in 2021.

After a tense match in the "Crazy Ball" game they invented, brother and sister Mimi and Luke discover a strange glowing gem in the pit that Mimi forced the losing Luke to dig. Mimi takes the stone, and at night an alien monster gets out of the pit. The monster infiltrates an old shoe factory and brutally kills the thieves hiding there. The next day, Mimi and Luke follow the tracks from the pit to the shoe factory and discover the monster. The monster calls itself the "Archbishop of Nightmares", a "deadly alien warrior" imprisoned on Earth after attempting to destroy the galaxy. He is about to kill the children, but it is discovered that the gem that Mimi picked up in the pit allows him to command the monster. Excited by the possibilities, Mimi gives the alien the name " Psycho-Dismemberer "(English" Psycho Goreman", abbreviated"PG").

Mimi and Luke introduce their friend Alastair to PG. PG tells the children how he was a slave of the Templar race on his home planet of Gygax and built temples to their gods until he discovered a gem that gave him infinite power and might. He gathered a group of warriors called the "Paladins of Obsidian", and together they overthrew the Templars. The bloodthirsty PG vowed to destroy the galaxy, but the Templars teamed up with the Planetary Alliance, stole the gem, and imprisoned PG, condemning him to eternal suffering. As the children leave, PG uses the TV to broadcast a call for help to the Obsidian Paladins. When the children return, they give him food and magazines and leave him at the factory.

Alistair comes to Mimi and Luke's house for dinner. Mimi, who has a crush on Alastair, gets annoyed when the boys leave her and go off to play video games. Mimi calls PG and asks him to make Alastair a gentle playmate. PG mutates Alastair into a giant brain-shaped creature. Mimi and Luke's parents Susan and Greg see PG, and Mimi introduces them to each other, demonstrating how she can control the monster. Mimi carries PG everywhere with her, and he gradually becomes her friend. At night, PG communicates with Luke in his nightmare, demanding that he steal the gem from Mimi and return it to him, promising to spare him for it. Luke refuses, fearing for the fate of Mimi and the others.

One day, when PG and the mutated Alastair are playing Crazy Ball with the kids, two police officers approach them and attack the monster. PG mutates one of the officers into a deformed "Biocop", and releases the other. On the way home in the woods, Mimi jokingly orders PG to kill Luke, which upsets the latter. At this point, the "Obsidian Paladins" arrive on Earth. Believing they are going to save him, PG orders the "Paladins" to kill Mimi and Luke. However, they refuse, stating that they like life without PG, and that they helped the Templars overthrow him. PG tries to attack them, but Mimi stops him as punishment for ordering the "Paladins" to kill them and Luke. Mimi forces PG to apologize, and only when he does does she allow him to resist. PG kills the paladins and eats their current leader, but is wounded in the attack.

The Templar Pandora arrives at the police station. She interrogates the escaped PG officer and gets information about his likely whereabouts.

Susan and Greg fight again over the latter's laziness. Greg has a vision of PG, who demands that he take him and the children out of the forest. Greg does so, and together they return to the house, where Pandora and Susan are waiting for them. Susan offers to hand over the PG to Pandora, and Luke turns against Mimi and sides with Susan and Pandora. Greg sides with Mimi and leaves with PG, hiding in a shoe factory. Pandora reveals her true form, then transforms Susan into an armored warrior, ordering her to help the Templar defeat PG. At the shoe factory, PG declares that the gem is the only way to heal him. Mimi agrees to give him the stone on the condition that the monster spares her family, but soon discovers that she has lost it. Pandora, Susan, and Luke arrive at the shoe factory, and it is revealed that Luke has stolen the gem. Mimi and Luke fight over the gem, while Susan and Greg fight over marriage problems. Luke convinces Mimi that the power of the stone and PG have corrupted her.

PG challenges Pandora to battle according to the Templar Code, which means that Mimi can choose the way to fight. She chooses "Crazy Ball". Mimi's team wins, but Pandora is still going to attack Mimi and PG. Susan uses her powers to save Mimi, but an enraged Pandora quickly returns her to her human form. Luke and Mimi reconcile and give the stone to PG, healing him and giving him the power of God. PG regains her power and defeats Pandora. Before killing her, he tells Pandora his new name ("Psycho Goreman"), which she calls beautiful. The children quickly take their parents away so that they don't see PG eating the Templar. PG returns the lost stone to Mimi. He claims to have seen her family, their affection for each other, and now his power is fueled by their love, and he will use that love to destroy the galaxy. He promises to spare Mimi's family, but says nothing about the rest of the planet. The family says goodbye to PG and watches as he begins to destroy their town.

Meanwhile, Alistair continues to live as a giant brain mutant, while on television, the giant PG fights the army, and in deep space, the members of the Planetary Alliance discuss ways to commit suicide, hoping to die before the PG can get to them.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The film shows a large variety of aliens. One of them (the "High Duke of nightmares" from the planet Gygax, or as he is called by the children – "The Psycho-Dismemberer") is the personification of absolute evil, the power of which is given by a powerful stone – "The Gem of Praxidica". This same stone has a great power over him: the one who has it in his hands can command the alien. Once upon a time, the Mad Dismemberer wanted to destroy all life in the universe, but was defeated by the Templar race and imprisoned in a coffin hidden on Earth.

The aliens speak English. Some of them (at least, the Psycho-Dismemberer and Templar) have supernatural abilities: they can move objects with the power of thought, turn people into bizarre monsters, open portals to move in space, etc. Templars can take the form of a person, getting dirty in his blood.

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

The film shows an alien planet, the location of which is not indicated. Aliens arrive on Earth with the help of portals that take the form of lightning.

The Psycho-Dismemberer moves through the Earth through portals that look like a window to another location.

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

The Psycho Dismemberer creates a will-o ' - the-wisp and sends it to one of the characters in the film to ask for help. Upon reaching the destination, the light turns into an image of a giant alien head that speaks to a person.

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