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The Thing


Added Fri, 17/04/2020
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Original title
The Thing

"Something" (eng. "The Thing") is a science fiction horror film of 2011, which is the prequel to the 1982.

The Thing


In remote Antarctica, a group of American research scientists are disturbed at their base camp by a helicopter shooting at a sled dog. When they take in the dog, it brutally attacks both human beings and canines in the camp and they discover that the beast can assume the shape of its victims.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In 1982, paleontologist Kate Lloyd is invited by Dr. sander Halvorson to join together with him and his assistant Adam Finch to the Norwegian research team that discovered beneath the ice of Antarctica "design" that looks like a space ship. Near the "design" expedition found the creature's body, frozen in the ice about 100 thousand years ago.

After a block of ice along with the body delivered to the station, Dr. sander decides to take a tissue sample of the creature for study, not paying attention to the protests Kate. Later, when the whole team celebrates, the co-pilot Derek sees "something" breaks through the block of ice and escapes. The team is divided into groups to search. It is discovered missing Alaskan Malamute in the dog cage floor covered with blood, and the wire broken. Two Norwegians, Olav and Henrik find "something" under one of the buildings of the station. Something suddenly pierces the chest of Henrik's long tentacle and drags him under the building. The cries Olav, who got the blood pierced him, running up the rest of the team and making sure that "Something" cannot be killed with bullets, burn it.

During the autopsy, Kate and Adam notice that the cells of "something" is still alive and, moreover, mimic Henrik's cells. Meanwhile, Derek, pilot Sam Carter, Griggs and bad feeling after the death of Henrik and Olav prepare to leave the station on a single helicopter to provide medical assistance to Olav and to bring reinforcements from McMurdo station. While they're about to take off, Kate discovers on the bathroom floor bleeding dental crowns covered with blood and a shower room. Fearing that the helicopter might be "something"-imitation, she runs out of the station, desperately signalling the helicopter to land. When Carter decides to sit down, Griggs transformirovalsya in "something" and kills Olav, a helicopter goes into an uncontrolled spin and crashes in the mountains nearby. When Kate returned to the station, the blood in the shower turns out to be someone washed away.

In the break room Kate, who shares his thoughts on the nature of the creature: it can perfectly imitate any life form, even human, but can't create inorganic objects like dental work or orthopedic pins, so when the assimilation of living beings, it "spits" the Inorganics. Most team members don't believe Kate or believes that it is artificially escalate the paranoia. They decide to go to the nearest camp for help. After everyone leaves Juliette tells Kate that she believes her and that she saw Colin come out of the shower with a towel. She also tells Kate that he knows where the keys to the Rovers, and offers to pick them up, so that no one left the station. However, when they come back for the keys, Juliette transformered and trying to absorb Kate. Kate runs away, along the way meets Carl, who is on the way "something"-Juliet and dies. The screams of the resorts Lars with a flamethrower and burns "something".

After the team burns outside the remains of Juliette and Carla, come back Carter and Derek, frozen and barely alive. Because there are suspicions about the fact that they are infected, Kate decides to lock them up before it is ready to test to determine contamination. Adam and sander are prepared in the laboratory test with blood samples, but as soon as they both leave, the lab covers the fire. The team erupts in a conflict between Norwegians and Americans, in which Kate offers a more simple test. She examines the teeth of polar explorers with the help of a flashlight – uninfected people have crowns. During the test under suspicion turns out Adam, Dr. sander, station Manager Edward and Colin – they either follow the teeth, or have porcelain dentures, indistinguishable in appearance from natural teeth. Kate and the team members Lars, Peder and Jonas are excluded test, because they all have metal crowns. Kate sends Lars and Jonas Carter and Derek to test them, but upon arrival, the Norwegians find only a hole in the floor of the shed. When armed with a flame thrower Lars walks into a nearby building, he grabbed and dragged inside. Jonas returns in a panic and asks Peder to go back for Lars, but Kate demands to draw a bead on the suspects.

During the dispute in the building break Carter and Derek armed with a flame thrower Lars and the gun. Edward convinces Peder that the Americans killed Lars and are infected. When Peder raises his flamethrower, Derek kills him with a shot in the head with a pistol, thereby damaging the tank of the flamethrower. The flamethrower explodes, stunning Edward. When Edward was brought into the break room, he transformirovalsya in "something" and kills Jonas breakaway arm, fatally Derek and Adam tentacle. Sander and Colin flee. Kate and Carter try to destroy assimilating Adam Edward, but flamethrower works intermittently and the "fused" from two people being escapes. Derek dies of a pneumothorax, and Kate burns him and assimilated hand Edward Jonas. Carter and Kate go in search of "something" and burn his second breakaway arm. Two-faced "something" in the meantime, attacks on the sander, and then pushes Carter into the kitchen and tries to assimilate him, but falls under a jet of flame from the flamethrower, Kate runs outside the building and dies.

Kate and Carter notice thunder"something" steals one of the ATVs and hunt him down. They arrive at the crash site of an alien spaceship, which is set to launch. Kate is one and meets the sander-something that chases her and grabs her, but Kate destroys it with a grenade from the box, which was secretly shown her earlier Lars. Kate and appeared before the explosion, Carter returned to the Rover, where the crankcase by removing the flamethrower and climbing into the cab, Kate offers to go to the Russian space station. However, Kate notices that Carter has no earrings in his left ear. Despite his acquittal, Kate burns him alive along with a vehicle, of which little is heard screeching "something". Kate slowly climbs into the remaining ATV and silently stares into space.

The next morning the second helicopter arrives another pilot Mathias, who discovers that the station burned down and dilapidated. In the radio room, in a chair, stood Colin's body, raspasovschika own throat and wrists with a straight razor. From the window of one of the buildings in the side of the shot there is a shot of Lars, who survived the attack Carter and Derek. Surviving the polar forces Mathias to open his mouth and examine his teeth. At the time, the station runs a dog-"something" and goes on away. Lars shoots her, but misses. Ordered Matias to start the helicopter, Lars starts with the dog in pursuit. From this moment begins the original film in 1982.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The film almost does not bring anything new into the image of the stranger presented in the original painting 1982.

Found in the ice alien was the original form, resembling a huge insect (cockroach or beetle). As in the original film, alien is a creature that is able to copy the shapes of other living organisms. To copy another creature, the alien must absorb his body, while he can swallow it and "absorb" its surface. Alien can recreate only organic structure, and all those present in the body of a victim of foreign bodies (fillings, metal plates on the bones, etc.) in the process of assimilation rejected.

On a whim, the stranger, took the form of man, can change the structure of the body, grow new limbs, or break up into several organisms. The severed body parts of the alien are quite capable to exist independently. Chopping the body of a stranger or parts of it with an axe doesn't hurt it; separated parts if desired, you can connect back.

To kill the alien by using high temperatures (burn, explode, etc.). Shown in the film other ways of causing harm to the alien is ineffective.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The alien came to earth on a huge spaceship, presumably having the form of a disk. The ship is in flight in the film does not show. Lain not less than 100 thousand years in the ice, the spacecraft is quite efficient: it has a serviceable mechanical parts, working engines and turbines.

Internal space of the ship is a wide empty corridor with dim lighting.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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