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Vampire's Kiss


Added Mon, 28/08/2023
Release date
Original title
Vampire's Kiss

Vampire's Kiss is an American film released in 1988.

In the picture there are references to famous vampire films, such as Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror", "Dracula" and others.



Vampire Count Orlok is interested in a new residence and in his real estate agent’s young wife. F. W. Murnau’s unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”



The legend of vampire Count Dracula begins here with this original 1931 Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi.

"Vampire Kiss" is the tragic story of Peter Law, a literary agent who is slowly but steadily losing his mind. Lo is a successful businessman, his life is a pursuit of money and prestige during the day and going to clubs at night. These night outings help him somehow brighten up a boring existence.

The film opens with a scene of the protagonist's conversation with his psychotherapist, Dr. Glaser, during which it becomes clear that Lo is no longer completely healthy. His speech becomes more and more pompous and theatrical, which eventually scares even the doctor.

This is followed by a flashback scene, which shows how during one of his night walks Peter meets an attractive girl named Rachel. It remains unknown to the viewer whether Rachel really exists or is a product of the main character's sick imagination; one way or another, during sexual intimacy, the girl bites Peter's neck and drinks his blood.

After that, Peter begins to feel that he is changing, but he can't figure out exactly how. Remembering that Rachel bit him, he comes to the conclusion that he is becoming a vampire. He begins to do crazy things: he constantly wears sunglasses, sleeps under the sofa, avoids daylight, is afraid of crosses and even eats indoor cockroaches like Renfield from Dracula. At some point, Peter imagines that he is not reflected in the mirror, like a vampire.

At work, Lo terrorizes his secretary, an indecisive Latin American Alva. The man forces her to search for an irrelevant contract for long hours in folders, while constantly insulting and humiliating. When a girl pretends to be sick in order to avoid meeting with a hated boss, he comes to her home and forcibly takes her to the office. When Alva finally finds the ill-fated contract, Peter declares that it's too late, then attacks the secretary and rapes her. Realizing what he has done, Lo repents and tries to shoot himself with Alva's pistol loaded with blanks, and after failure decides that he has become immortal. As before, he continues to see the mocking image of Rachel, who "visits" him for the sake of another portion of blood.

After the crime, a desperate Peter calls Dr. Glazer to make an appointment for an emergency appointment. The woman appoints the earliest available time, but the fact that the patient needs urgent help escapes her attention.

The final part of the film demonstrates to the viewer the hero who has finally lost touch with reality. He buys plastic false fangs and imitates the theatrical movements of Count Orlok from the movie Nosferatu. A symphony of horror." Without removing his fangs, the madman goes to a nightclub, where he kills a girl in an attempt to drink her blood. At the same club, Peter meets Rachel again and loudly accuses her of infecting him with vampirism; the girl admits that she knows Lo, but denies that they were in any relationship. The rowdy is kicked out of the club, and he goes to wander the streets of New York in a blood-stained office suit. The main character is already so crazy that it is difficult for the viewer to understand where reality ends and schizophrenic hallucinations begin.

Eventually Emilio, the brother of the raped Alva, finds Peter in his own apartment. An exhausted mentally ill person does not want to live; he puts a piece of a board to his chest, and an enraged Latin American plunges it into the hero, like an aspen stake in the heart of a vampire. Peter Lo is dying.

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

The main character of the film, Peter Lo, brings home a girl he met in a bar, but their love joys are interrupted by a bat that flew in through an open window. The man tries to kick her out and at this moment feels a strange excitement.

Soon Peter meets another girl who turns out to be a vampire and bites him in bed. The next night she comes again, and the bites are repeated. This goes on for several days; one day a vampire even comes to work for him. She knows his thoughts and desires, and is also aware of what he did during the day.

The man, already mentally unstable, gradually begins to behave more and more strangely: he develops a fear of sunlight, he begins to be afraid of crosses and church bells, becomes very irritable. At some point, he decides that he is turning into a vampire; it even seems to him that he is not reflected in the mirror. His regime changes: during the day he sleeps under an overturned sofa (obviously imagining that it is a coffin), waking up only after sunset. He's watching the movie Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror" and begins to imitate the gait and manners of a movie villain.

Peter has a craving for murder. First he eats a cockroach caught in the kitchen, then buys plastic fangs and kills a pigeon. The next night, Peter attacks his secretary and rapes her, but instead of the girl he sees the same vampire. Realizing what he has done, he tries to shoot himself; there are blank cartridges in the revolver that do not harm him, and this convinces him that he has turned into a vampire.

Wearing plastic fangs, Peter attacks an unknown girl in a nightclub, but only manages to bite through her neck with real teeth; the girl dies as a result. He drinks her blood, but the body does not accept it, and he is sick. There he meets a vampire and confesses his love to her, but she breaks off her relationship with him, since she has already found a new man.

Further events show that Peter has finally lost touch with reality. He walks around the city in a bloody suit and talks to imaginary people. At dawn, he returns home, where he soon finds himself killed by a wooden stake in the heart.

The film does not make it clear almost to the end whether the hero really turns into a vampire, or is it just a figment of his imagination. Towards the end, it becomes clear that he is going crazy: he talks to non-existent people, does not see his reflection (which is clearly visible to the viewer), trashes his apartment, sleeps in an improvised coffin from an overturned sofa, attends an imaginary session with a psychotherapist. At the same time, his behavior and death are quite consistent with stories about vampires.

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