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11 mysterious things that happen to us in a dream

Added Thu, 20/07/2017
Дата публикации
Wed, 19/07/2017

At night, I want to sleep and recuperate. However, it is difficult to find a man who would never experience strange and unpleasant sensations that accompany bedtime. decided to talk about sleep disorders, and other similar things that remain a mystery to science to this day.

Sleep paralysis

Feels like: a Person wakes up in the night and can't move. This mixed with the frightening hallucinations and the feeling that the room is a stranger. In ancient times, the status associated with the wiles of the evil forces.

Why there is: normally, when we go to sleep, paralyzes us, that we have not carried out actions in the dream. During sleep paralysis our muscles "turn off" when the brain is awake.

Approximately 7% of the population at least once experienced sleep paralysis (the fact). They say this often happens while sleeping on the back.

Hypnagogic hallucinations

Feels like: When a man dwells on the thin border between sleep and wakefulness, he, being conscious, sees uncontrolled pictures. This is often scary, and fantastic creatures.

Why there: It's one of the few types of hallucinations, attending mentally healthy people. Usually encounter them children (a fact), and this may be the reason that they do not want to go to sleep. Often, these hallucinations occur due to stress and just people with a good imagination. Can appear if you go to bed drunk.

Talking in your sleep

Feels like: Usually, a person suffering from somniloquy (speaking in the dream), and not know about it. This condition is absolutely not dangerous in psychological terms. Except that people with this problem worry that told something superfluous.

What occurs: Most somniloquy happens in men and children (fact). The reason is the notorious stress. The human psyche is trying to confront what he does not agree in reality.

A dream within a dream

Feels like: a Person sees a dream, then wakes up, but it continues to happen strange things. It turns out that he just dreamt that he woke up. The theme of these dreams was raised in the movie "Inception". After that, it turned out that many people had similar experiences.

What occurs: the Esoterics believe that if you saw this dream, this shows your predisposition towards spiritual practices. But the official science can not explain why this is happening.


How does it feel: This state back sleepy paralysis — consciousness is asleep, but the paralysis of the muscles occurs. In dreams people can have, get or even leave the house, and often it is very dangerous. In the morning people don't remember anything.

What occurs: Somnambulism occurs in about 4.6–10.3% of the population, while they often suffer the children (fact). The reason for segodenya still unknown as unknown and treatment methods.

Exploding head syndrome

Feels like: a Person wakes up feeling a loud explosion or cotton. Sometimes it seems that the sound was so loud that it can be deafening. It may be accompanied by a growing rumble or flash. The phenomenon is not dangerous, but makes people afraid, some people think that they have had a stroke.

What is occurring: For some reason there is a surge of neural activity in areas of the brain responsible for processing sound (fact). Sometimes the syndrome manifests itself in insomnia or the time zone changes on long-haul flights.

Sleep apnea

Feels like: sleep apnea is a sudden cessation of breathing during sleep. A person wakes up. Reduced quality of sleep, the brain is lacking oxygen, it becomes difficult to sleep. During an attack of unstable blood pressure, which can cause heart problems.

What occurs: During sleep the muscles of the pharynx relax, for some it leads to overlapping of the Airways. At risk people with obesity, smokers, the elderly. By the way, if sleep apnea helps the game to the tune of the Australian didgeridoo (a fact).

Recurring dreams

Feels like: Strange dreams, which constantly reproduce the same story, dreamed, perhaps, to everyone.

What occurs: Psychologists believe that through such dreams, the brain tries to draw our attention to events we are not aware of. These stories will come back until the situation is resolved (the fact).

Drop in bed

Feels like: Sometimes we think that the height dropped to the bed, we shudder and Wake up. Sometimes before you do, we dream that we fly or stumble and fall — a fairly unpleasant sensation.

What occurs: the sleep State is somewhat reminiscent of death, slow heart rate and breathing, reduced muscle tone. The brain is "frightened", sees it as a real death and checks, whether this person is alive, sending impulses to the muscles.

Output in the astral

Feels like: a Neuropsychological phenomenon in which people, being between sleep and waking, sees himself from the outside. The mystics and occultists regarded as confirmation of the existence of the soul.

What occurs: the Phenomenon is very difficult to learn. While scientists know that the illusion of out of body really exists, but it is unclear how it works and why is caused. How to deal with it, yet also unclear. Some people even go into this as to widen their learning opportunities.

A sudden flash of insight during a dream

Feels like: Sometimes we can not find a solution to a problem, constantly thinking about her. And then in dreams the brain itself tells us the answer, the main thing — to remember her.

A well-known example of Dmitri Mendeleev, who struggled with the creation of the periodic system and once saw her in a dream. A similar thing happened with the chemist von stradonitz — him in the dream was the formula of benzene.

What occurs: Sometimes our subconscious mind already knows the answer, although he has not yet reached. Then, during the dream, and the inspiration comes. What can I say, sometimes the dream presents and such a pleasant and unexpected bonus.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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