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Flights "to the light"

Added Tue, 21/07/2020
Дата публикации
Tue, 21/07/2020

In the fall of 1989, a resident of dymytrove village, Kirovograd oblast, Ukrainian SSR, Grigory V. Kurnosenko disappeared and was declared wanted by the police. And after five days his son, suddenly saw his father who appeared in the yard "like the wind". Despite the fact that it was raining, his clothes were dry, and the length of half-inch beard is quite consistent with the time of the absence.

Kernozenko senior, recovering himself, said that he had seen outside the gates of something like a silver dome. Two men came out of "men in black", only in place of the nose they had two holes. Invited: "Sit Down." In ship, Gregory "as if some force pulled".

Inside were three chairs. Except noseless men, it was sitting in a "white female, very beautiful, Golden-haired, on his head something like a headdress". The aliens promised: "Where did you get there and return." In the ship he did not notice any controls. Teeth during the flight he smeared something white like a paste, tasteless and odorless. He suggests that it has replaced food.

"Our ship flew in like a big cloud, and then sat down, he said. When I was offered to go, I'm not really scared: where is this taking me? There were one-story town. I fought, was with the Soviet Army and Western Europe. The picture reminded me of something I had seen there. The same well-maintained cottages, gabled roof. But each of them cross. And crosses of these emit the shining. Blooming trees, like Apple trees, but the pink blossom. Very nice. The sun is not visible, like it's either still in the pre-dawn time, or a quiet, cloudy day. In the distance people were walking, but all with umbrellas, although the rain was not. It seems that some women. Not had time to look around, again offered to sit in the ship, flew back. Further I do not remember... came to her Senses already in his yard. It's raining, morning, son, I raises from the ground..." (V. Efremov Walk on UFO //evening Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk). 1989. 7 Dec.; Yarmolenko L. "I was visiting... aliens!" //Soviet Chukotka (Anadyr). 1990. Feb 3.)

Grigory Vasilyevich seemed that his journey lasted three hours. The search also missing took about five days.

The only attempt to refute the history of Kernozenko was taken at the State astronomical Institute named after Sternberg by Vladimir Buzaevym.

"I'm really in the village was not - honestly, the astronomer, but in our village this story is known to all. Neighbors say that the grandfather agreed with their buddies they for a fee he will do something. Did, and he refused to pay. So he "acted" instead of debt grandfather was put in a barrel and shut down. It was a Friday, and on Monday remembered, opened. "Greetings from the aliens!" - joyfully welcomed their grandfather. So prosaically over a sensational story." (Novikov V. UFO - reality or fiction? Moscow, 1990, pp. 9-10.)

Alas, the "simple solution" does not fit the facts: Kernozenko appeared in the yard "suddenly" without anyone's help. Yes, and the physical condition of the 65-year-old man after five days in a barrel would be such that to inventing stories about aliens and "joyful greetings" tormentors, the case would be unlikely to come down.

More interesting. Description alien planet in the story, Kurnosenko as if this is literally copied from the English legends about a world of elves - the Magical land, where everything is fragrant, is the eternal spring and there is the most wonderful climate in the world. The lack of light, the light from nowhere - typical mythological symptom of another, the other world. And all these green trees and buildings with crosses remind me of the symbolic image of the cemetery.

Want us to fly?

A similar story happened with Turner Dzhambul superphosphate plant Vasily Ivanovich L. In February 1990, he decided to go fishing in the bypass channel. The time for fishing was chosen, and the place was not crowded: the thick reeds, and far from the neighborhood man-made hills of industrial waste. The time was nearing midnight. Suddenly his dog began to whine softly and huddle at the feet of the master. Such it has never happened. And then suddenly behind flashed a glow.

The first thing Vasily looked at the hushed time, the dog: she slept last sleep. Did not understand, he instinctively turned around and was stunned: in ten steps from him shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow huge ball of light.

Brain L. became completely clean, without a single thought. It's like someone specially ventilated his head. He couldn't think of anything, but only beheld in a state of complete indifference, neither fear nor even surprise. He only saw this glowing Orb suddenly formed the door, which was thrown off the small ladder. That's it-and came down to earth two girls in a silver, skintight body suits, with the same silvery flowing hair. Close to Vasily Ivanovich they to come did not, only in his mind suddenly the words struck like a hammer on the head knocked: "I Want us to fly?" He did not know why he obediently went after them.

The first that caught my eye in the cabin was the cockpit, which sat motionless with his back to him man-pilot, something resembling a robot. The cabin in the form of a lozenge was composed of the diamond-shaped tiles are yellow. The guest was offered a kind of chair. Girl, sitting opposite, were intently studying his eyes.

It was a perfect silence. No sense of launch, flight, handling and landing.

Vasily Ivanovich was not interested in any one of the many Windows. He shook his head, looking at the yellow tiles on the floor. And only once he dared to raise his eyes and look at the taciturn companion, who sat opposite: silver hair below the shoulders, bulging lips, large slanted blue eyes with no pupils. "Their Breasts were somehow a little" thought Vasily Ivanovich and then the faces of the girls noticed something like a smile.

As they flew, and flew, if at all, he can't remember. And then another blow with a hammer in his brain: "get Out!"

Going down the stairs. Vasily saw indescribable beauty. There were many flowers, ethereal colors. No grass, no shrubs, no trees - nothing but flowers. Such he has never in his life seen. And nobody around, and only somewhere in the distance could see nice houses like country cottages. There was no moon, no sun, but it was very light, but this light seemed to him unnatural. And the air seemed to be drawn, but I breathed so easy and felt so good.

Again, his Beatitude has violated a telepathic message: "I Want to stay here forever?" But then Vasily Ivanovich suddenly with fear thinking about my favorite grandson, "How is he without me? Because I told him for his own father and mother!" Have time for only think, and then the hammer: "All clear".

Return of Vasily Ivanovich on the ground in a strange way. Robot pilot never turned and did not move. In memory remained only one his back. He didn't even bother to say goodbye to him, and his ship stopped over the same fishing spot, only 30 meters from it. Vasily stepped into the open door and descended to the ground, as if supported by a parachute, without any sense of flight or fear.

That night the workers of the shop superphosphate plant observed a glowing UFO. And Vasily Ivanovich, there was something wrong: started having terrible headaches. Dropped body temperature. He stayed in the hospital for a long time. 26 whole days he lay in a hospital bed. He did not begin to feel better and after discharge from the hospital, and then immediately went on vacation.

Even a few months later at the landing site, lay sharply defined circle with a diameter of about 20 meters, which did not grow grass, although there was a full riot of vegetation. It survived the deep prints of the four pillars, the earth which was compacted like concrete. The distance between supports was exactly five meters.

Another intriguing detail. Going down to the ground, Vasily immediately thought, "my God! So who would believe in all this! At least gave something in memory". The aliens then telepathically said, "would be Happy, whatever our gift on Earth will disappear". (Stalk V., V. Aizakhmetov Fly saucers UFO! //The banner of labour (London). 1990. 1-3 Aug. Interestingly, in another publication the name of the hero changed to "Laminski": Vybornova G. Flying reality //Leninskaya Smena (Alma-ATA). 1990. 11 Aug.)

It was so creepy...

Note that the vision of the "extraterrestrial planets" in the hallucinations caused by taking psychoactive drugs, different from the stories "gone UFO". In the artificial visions usually have plants and unusual color and the same alien sun.

"I left his body floating in the bathtub on the Earth and was in a very strange and alien environment, - said neuroscientist John Lilly took ketamine for research purposes. - Apparently, it wasn't on Earth, I never was. It could be on some other planet and another civilization...

Planet similar to Earth, but the colors here are different. Here there is vegetation, but a special purple color. Here is the sun, but purple and not the familiar orange sun of the Earth. I am on a beautiful lawn, in the distance one can see a very high mountain. I see across the lawn coming towards me some creatures. They are sparkling white and seem to be radiating light. Two of them come closer. I can't see their features, they are too sparkling for my current vision. They seem to directly convey to me your thoughts... what they think that automatically translates into words I can understand." (S. Grof Journey in search of himself. Dimensions of consciousness. M., Izd-vo Transpersonal Institute, 1994.)

Vision "the light" in a state of clinical death also sometimes contain UFO motifs. Valentina N. of Kazakhstan in the village of Mikhailovka, returning "from the pale of life," so spoke about what he saw:

"Remember how I was introduced to the operating room. Sometimes consciousness is disconnected. And the voices of the people in the tube. And then there was utter indifference. The pain somehow moved away somewhere to the side, and I physically did not take already. And suddenly I felt that something separated. No, I was separated from my body. It as such, I no longer felt. I flew up to the sky. I pierced the ceiling, not even feeling it. And the flight was so rapid, so fast. And all up to the stars.

First there was a blinding light and then became dark, I was flying among the stars. I felt that me someone is running that I'm at the mercy of some unknown force. Ahead shining star. It rapidly came near me, or rather, I flew to her nonstop. Increasing in size, the star began to emerge in the planet. In planet glossy as if polished under yellow. On its surface there was absolutely nothing. Thought that I can crash on it. Than faster I approached, the more he believed that this planet is in the size slightly smaller than our Earth.

Suddenly, I saw a hole in this planet. I couldn't stop my flight because I did. I fly into that hole. It was black, like a corridor. And most likely, it was a real maze. I sharply braked at the rear stubs-cubes and introduced them. They were like rooms in which there was no ceiling, no floor, no walls. But it was the cubes. They were bright, in them I saw a lot of human faces, millions of faces And they all somehow were flat, standing next to each other. It is these individuals and was filled with all the cubes. Some of them were more, others less. I had the impression that they could put and place people indefinitely. And here the faces of cubes began to call me: "Val, don't go! Val, stay!"

It was so creepy, so scary, a real torture. I wanted to break out of the cube, but could not - I did. I momentarily left the cube and then taken out... it seemed to Me that the planet is composed entirely of mazes, dark hallways, dead ends, filled with cubes, and the cubes there was a terrible hum of human voices. I had a feeling that if individuals had hands, they would've grabbed me and wouldn't let.

In the last cube in the upper right corner, I noticed the face of his father, who died two years ago. He called me, as did all the others. He just stared at me, tight-lipped. His face was unshaven, stubbly. It was so not like him. In his earthly tenure he was always neat and groomed. I thought that the cube he was apparently serving time as punishment for some offense. Because father did not believe in God.

In the last cube I'm holding. From it, thought I was washed up on the hands. Not even on the hands, and likely on small machines... And here is one I made directly on the picturesque Bank of the river. Indescribable beauty. Not to describe in ordinary words the river and water in it. The river was not wide, but deep, and the water in it was so transparent that at the bottom of all stones were visible and the fish. And the surface was mirrored. And how many were along the banks of greens! To Express their delight or fear I couldn't. I did all this just perceived. In a word, beheld. And at the same time I felt me run any two forces, and I wasn't supposed to see their faces.

On the other side of the river was a lot of greenery, and through it Peeps some surprisingly beautiful arch. And that I well remember is the fact that on the other side stood three men. And one of them like Jesus Christ. He had the same flowing hair and a loincloth. It was the way it is always portrayed artists. The three of them held the rope, the end of which was attached to the boat. The boat was very small, like a well-polished game. And it could fit only one person, and then standing up. He raised his hand and said, "Put her in the boat!" But because of my back I heard a voice: "What! She nekrashenaya!" He said, "Nothing here to be baptized".

When I crossed the bow of the boat, I kind of saw her new body. But felt it at the same time. But I could feel two forces have supported me under the elbows. Remember, I was wearing a white shirt, maybe a dress... When the rope went taut and the boat slightly moved, suddenly all disappeared. Left only black. And through the blackness I saw on the river landed "flying saucer". From the glowing spherical device popped up the little green men began to swarm around me. They were very similar to robots. That's right, robots because their movements were very fast and mechanical. They had long thin arms. The nose was not, but something is had. Instead of a mouth a narrow crevice. One robot leaned very close over my face. This is the face I well remembered, I'd know among thousands. Leaning forward, he looked me straight in the eye, then nodded and stepped aside.

Here began the most terrible. It turns out that it is so hard to come back from death. I was just broken, laid out, RAM, I stuffed my brain, it's was ready to burst, to burst. It was incredibly painful and frightening. I think I'm in some kind of abyss, and hits me with his on the rocks. And especially getting my head. Physical pain I felt, but it was a hell of unbearable weight. No desire to return, I was not. I just wanted to make it all ended quickly. Then indifference and terrible peace. Probably, and in fact the souls of men are immortal."

They come in a dream

No less incredible story was published in the newspaper "the Third eye". For an appointment with the healer was quiet and homely girl Rita L. She said that in her sleep to her is a young man, "naked", and otherwise fondles her. Last month he took her "in his country" - a very beautiful light, "although the sky there is totally deprived of the Sun, all the lights."

Finally, the stranger came awake and done with her what he wanted all previous months. Finally, he said he'd be back in three days: it must decide whether to go with him to the country. If not, then he won't be able to find it.

The healer asked her to consult a gynecologist. The doctor confirmed that she recently lost her virginity.

For regular admission, Rita was not. She died in bed. Doctors made the diagnosis: during sleep, the closed heart valve...

At first glance it seems unusual appearance of a stranger at first in dreams, then how would the transition from a dream to reality. But only at first glance. Folklore "strange creatures" may initially come in the dream and then in reality. And often they come when we sleep, awake, seem much less like perfume "Paris" and "albasty" among the peoples of Central Asia. One of the true stories is a shepherd-Kirghiz had gone to sleep in the desert and saw in a dream blond girl. This dream repeated three nights in a row. The guy fell in love. On the fourth night she appeared to him in dreams, and they lived as husband and wife. According to legends, the place is inhabited by "albasti".

In these cases, the striking combination of the real and the supernatural, symbolism and folklore, tangible and intangible. The apparatus claimed L., was a reality that left the tracks, but moved it to the other world, reminiscent of the afterlife. If he agreed to stay there, maybe his body was soon found on the shore, as the body of Rita L.

Strange phenomena blur the faces of our world and transition to the other world become invisible. Enough to make a move...

An alternative reality

A Resident Of Luhansk Antonina N. in the spring of 1990 was walking on the sidewalk. Not to get his foot in a rut, she abruptly stepped aside and disappeared right in front of shocked passers-by. After a few minutes, Antonina again "manifested".

"Everything around me disappeared, she said, describing the familiar situation of supernatural reality. - At the same moment I bumped into a tall woman in a long, ankle-length, silver clothes. She backed away and, without looking back, quickly walked on.

People around had a lot. Women dressed alike. Men clothes - the same color and length, but tight in the body. It was not the sun, a uniform matte light resembled the light of fluorescent lamps".

Somehow, Antonina felt that is not on the Ground. When some teenager turned to her and asked "Who's this?" the vision of "another world" is gone. After a moment, she was in the same place.

In the same situation was a resident of Petersburg, Georgy P., "falling into another world" in the middle of the Krasnogvardeysky Prospekt.

"Suddenly became terribly, terribly, he wrote. - There is no traffic, no trams, people, noise of the city. Only shines some of the inanimate sun or simply cold light coming from somewhere from the side. It lasted 3-4 minutes... And then suddenly the shroud fell. Everything fell into place."

Apparently, the transitions in "another world" can be spontaneous, when in space and time leads to breaks, and "artificial", when to overcome the barriers between worlds use the technique. Someday we will learn how to overcome the barrier that separates me from "the other world", of course, if its inhabitants will allow us to go into their reality.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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