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Crazy urban legends

Perhaps there is no city in which there would be no haunted house, where the dark nights, the quiet sounds, leading to shivers of moan. People love to create legends so they can explain something with science to interpret not. However, sometimes the origins of a myth it is very simple, we just do not know about. The editors tried to make sense of how a world-famous urban legends. And you know what? Some of them seem to have no rational explanation.

1. In the heart of London unknown where did the wild parrots from the South

In the late twentieth century in London has increased dramatically the population of parrots. Now they have tens of thousands. The fact that these birds are clearly not indigenous residents of the capital, and the local population invented a beautiful legend about their appearance. Many people believe that parrots have appeared on the streets of London thanks to the famous musician and singer Jimi Hendrix. Saying he's released two birds, Adam and eve, and all others are their direct descendants. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case, since two individuals can not afford to produce tens of thousands of parrots. However, most likely, is that birds are massively released into the wild by their owners in the first half of the twentieth century, when in Britain there was an outbreak of parrot fever and the authorities asked people to stay away from birds.

2. In the sewers of new York were huge crocodiles

After the book "the World beneath the city" by Robert Daley the residents in the States began to spread rumors that in the sewers live crocodiles. Many of them called the police and reported seeing reptilian himself. At first the guards did not take calls seriously, but checks still organized. Can you guess what police found in the tunnels? Crocodiles the size of a large lizard. Other testing found larger individuals. Reptiles immediately withdrew, and since then the crocodiles in the subway, no one saw. Got the animals in the sewers for a very prosaic reason: to 60-ies of XX century it was fashionable to keep them as Pets. Here only, unlike fish or turtles, reptiles grow very quickly and in an aquarium they no longer fit. So many "compassionate" owners released them into the wild. Sometimes through the toilets.

3. In the British Isles live "alien" big cats

In the UK supposedly living "cats-the phantom", which in the country should not be. In particular, people regularly report the appearance of the giant cats. Some think it's domestic cats. But they are a bit too large. In the XVIII century by the local writer William Cobbett mentioned that you watched as a cat "the size of a Spaniel" climb a tree. However, legend may have a simple explanation. The fact that the UK repeatedly noticed large cat. Some of them escaped from circuses, others from zoos, and some were kept in private homes. It is possible that this is the giant cats that are so afraid of the local population.

However, a meeting with the big cats so often that it's hard to believe that they all ran away from their masters, and their populations in the UK by all the laws of nature should not be. So the question about the origin of these animals remains open. It should be noted that cats can see not only in the English cities. For example, in the collage and the photo above shot by the French "big cat" which caused a lot of noise, walking on the roof of an apartment building.

4. In the Murmansk region is "the well to hell"

Since 1997, rumor has it that in the Murmansk region is an entrance into a veritable hell. According to legend, when the industry professionals have drilled a borehole near Murmansk, heard in the depth of 12 km, the cries and moans. These sounds immediately dubbed the voice from hell. Soon went to talk about the demon that emerged from the drilled holes. There really happened something strange: in the depth of the well, an explosion occurred for an unknown reason. There were other unusual accidents. For example, once the drill like someone pulled and he fell, and twice he actually got melted, although the temperature was low.

5. In the small American town of Taos, some people hear a hum that no one else heard

For years, local residents report hearing a strange hum of unknown origin. The sound resembles the movement of cars on busy highway, but no big roads near this town no. Hear this hum is not all about 2 % of the local population. The problem is that people hear different: someone tells about the buzz, some buzz and others on the buzz. One possible explanation is that this handful of people has hypersensitive hearing. They capture some sounds, but couldn't positively identify them. Scientists who tried to find out the origin of the sound, failed to find its source. They suggested that the hum comes from power lines. But why not hear it all, no one to explain could not.

6. Moscow metro runs a midnight train that will take you into the realm of Hades

It is believed that night in the Moscow metro appears the Ghost train. It looks old, all wagons filled with people, and the driver is a man in obsolete form. It is assumed that it was a Ghost train, missing the subway with passengers already in 1962. Of course, if you go in the car, the back will never work. The origins of the legend are very prosaic. The fact that metro often go empty trains (including old) for maintenance. And all other parts could draw the imagination of the witnesses. Although no weirdness there has not been. Subway workers recognize that at night sometimes could be automatic, like on the tracks there is some "extra" train.

7. In the twentieth century in Krasnoyarsk lived phantom girl

The girl appeared on dozens of different photographs taken in the early twentieth century in Krasnoyarsk. On every picture she was with a scythe and wearing a hat, dressed in an expensive outfit and was holding an umbrella. In 2015 it seriously interested scientists. They found a large number of images on which appeared the girl, and studied them. It turned out that all photos were taken in the period from 1906 to 1908. The problem is that the girl on all pictures looks the same, but age-related changes in children 7-10 years is very noticeable. It is curious that the girl never put in the foreground of the photo. In some pictures it can be noticed only if you use a special magnifying glass. To find out what this baby is or who took the photos, failed. One version is this: some stranger photographer took pictures of his daughter on the background of Krasnoyarsk. The question of why the girl is not a bit changed, remains open.

8. Seaman James Bartley got into the stomach of the sperm whale and survived

Seaman James Bartley was the man who in the late nineteenth century was swallowed by a sperm whale and survived. The story is so shocked the world that was instantly acquired a variety of fantastic details. It was rumored that doctors were unable to save the affected skin from pallor (a consequence of exposure to acidic environment of the stomach of the sperm whale) that Bartley was blind, he began performing in the circus, etc., Many serious people of that time were convinced of the veracity of the stories. However, there are other opinions, which are based primarily on one simple fact: there is no James Bartley on the ship, which was attacked by a sperm whale, was not. Modern scholars hold this view: the sperm whale can really swallow a man whole, but in the stomach of the animal there is not enough oxygen to the victim could breathe for hours.

9. All Barcelona taxis are painted black and yellow as a sign of mourning and because of his own cruelty

All Barcelona taxis are painted black and yellow. According to local symbols, black means grief, and yellow — a shame. According to the legend, is a tribute to the great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. At the age of 73 years, this man fell under the tram, but was dressed so sloppy and poor that neither the driver or the taxi driver decided not to drive him — it was clear that the old man is unable to pay for the trip. In the end, gaudí was taken to the hospital by the guards. There he died. After that the Barcelona authorities ordered all taxi drivers and cabs from now on and forevermore to wear the color of mourning according to the famous architect and the shame of emotional callousness. And it's one of the legends? Tell us the most interesting.

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