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The monster hunter will save the inhabitants of Zimbabwe from a mysterious killer

Added Tue, 01/12/2020
Дата публикации
Tue, 01/12/2020

The sorcerer is already experienced, he previously defeated a giant super snake that drowned people, attacked Goblin teachers, and even expelled a baboon from the school.

Residents of the city of Gwanda in South-Western Zimbabwe are being terrorized by a mysterious killer of men. It is not possible to detect the villain, so to save the residents, they decided to attract a local specialist in expelling supernatural monsters.

Local residents claim that about 50 years ago in the Mtskhabezi river appeared a kind of evil creature. His first victims were allegedly schoolchildren who went to the bridge for water and drowned under mysterious circumstances. Some of them claimed to have seen a huge fish in the water before they died, the Chronicle reports.

In recent years, bathing people have regularly drowned near the same bridge. The Treasurer of the local branch of the National Association of healers, Gogo Banda, did not like this coincidence. He was particularly surprised by the fact that all the victims were men. In addition, the river in that place is very shallow and it is problematic to drown there. But the gang still does not suspect the mermaids, because in Zimbabwe it is clear to everyone that the bodies of their victims can never be found.

However, the authorities were lucky enough to find a brave Ghost hunter who will search for the evil creature. The hero volunteered to be the prophet of the Apostolic Church of Zion in Central Africa, Mehluli Moyo. This is already an experienced fighter with all sorts of devilry. So, he claims that he managed to defeat goblins who terrorized teachers in the village of Kezi, helped to expel a baboon from an elementary school in Gwanda and killed a giant snake that drowned people in the city of Garanyemba.

Moyo is convinced that the Holy spirit will reveal to him the cause of the deaths near the bridge. If it is a matter of sorcery, the prophet will defeat the creature on his own, but if the spirits of the ancestors are there, you will have to turn to other sorcerers who will conduct a ritual of pacification.

Earlier, the rivers state police in Nigeria launched an investigation into the beating of a man whom the crowd suspected of witchcraft. The reason for suspicion was the fact that the man was followed everywhere by a black goat.

The crowd decided that the animal was once a "human". The "wizard" was beaten to a pulp, but the goat never turned into a man. As a result, the victim woke up in the hospital and said that he keeps a goat as a pet.

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