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Twilight and protivoallergennye rays

Added Fri, 07/10/2016
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Bright Sun breaking through the clouds can be mistaken for UFOs. This version also includes various celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, stars), whose fragments are visible through uneven cloud, and the reflection of light from them on the clouds, which may be perceived as separate objects.

Crepuscular rays - the name of the rays of sunlight that pass through gaps in clouds or other objects to form the visible "light pillars" or "waves". Crepuscular rays are visible due to the fact that the region of space with sunlit air separated clearly from the shaded space.

Protivoallergennye rays is a divergent fan beams, observed at sunset from the side opposite the sun (i.e. East). Protivoallergennye rays in nature and visually very similar to crepuscular rays, but unlike them can be seen from the side opposite the sun. The solar rays are propagated in straight lines, however, due to the projections of these lines on the Earth's spherical atmosphere created arc.

Therefore, straightforward crepuscular rays emanating from the Sun, can re-converge at the antisolar point (eng. antisolar point) and form protivoallergennye rays. Thus, twilight and protivoallergennye rays have the same origin. They are visible thanks to the various chemical compounds present in the atmosphere. Due to diffraction, reflection and dispersion of these chemical compounds do twilight and protivoallergennye rays visible to the human eye.

Crepuscular rays are usually red or yellow, because the chemicals in the atmosphere, scattering short wavelength light (blue and green) is much better than long wavelength (red and yellow). Most often crepuscular rays occur when the partial intersection of the sun's rays some obstacles, such as clouds, mountains or trees.

There are three primary forms of crepuscular rays:

  • the rays of light that penetrate through the holes (openings) in the low clouds, which is known as "Jacob's Ladder";
  • beams of light deflected behind the clouds;
  • pale, pinkish or reddish rays, which emanate from a point below the horizon (often mistaken for light (solar) columns ).

In some cases the rays of the second and third forms can come together in one point and create protivoallergennye rays. Crepuscular rays can also occasionally be visible from under water, especially in Arctic areas, due to ice hummocks and cracks in the ice.

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