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Взрывающиеся жабы

Such mass death of frogs is well known and documented. The phenomenon is officially registered in Germany in 1968 and in Belgium, Denmark and America.

In the spring of 2005, scientists noticed this problem when, during mating season the frogs in urban ponds in Germany and Denmark began to explode and spew guts, blood and skin for nearly a yard (91.44 cm) in all directions. Some of the explosions were actually witnessed by environmental scientists:

First they began with "several minutes of agony and jerks", followed by the blow-up toads like a balloon, and then the climax - Bang. After the bursting of the toads, their insides slip out, but the animals were not immediately dead - they continued to fight for several minutes.

An outstanding expert on amphibians from Berlin Dr Frank Musmann carefully studied the living and the dead samples and noticed some interesting facts:

  • Each had a small round cut on the back
  • Everyone missed my liver
  • No one had other bites or scratches

The latter was particularly significant because it proved that neither rats nor raccoons do not attack the frogs. However, it is necessary to emphasize the size of the circular cut correspond to the size of the bird's beak. Knowing how smart crows are, Dr. Musman suggested that the birds knew that the skin of the toad is poisonous, but what nutrients the liver can easily pull.

His theory also explained how the explosive reaction of toads was after they lost their liver:

Since it was mating season, the toads would be so distracted by their biological imperative, they would not pay attention to a few quick peck. Only when the liver was gone, the toad realized that she was attacked. It becomes a natural defense mechanism, but as it is now there is nothing that would keep the rest of her organs, the lungs expand and explode, and the rest of the bodies just expel themselves.

After the explanation, Dr. Mochmann was checked, there was confirmation of the hypothesis.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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