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Ghost. United States

ID #1532079556
Added Fri, 20/07/2018
Author July N.

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Сен-Круа, MN
United States

The story is told by a resident of Minnesota and was published a few days ago in the latest audiozapisi podcast channel Beyond the Darkness, which releases the researcher of anomalous phenomena Dave Schrader. The woman asked Dave not to call her name. This story happened in the 70's at a ski resort by the river Saint Croix in Minnesota.

"When in 1975, in our sparsely populated district opened a ski resort, for us it was like now to get a gift cool fashion smartphone. I and my classmates immediately joined the school ski club, and every Thursday I went to ride on the snowy slopes.

In 1977 I went to College and now go home only on vacations and holidays, but every time I tried skiing. At that time it was winter break and me to ski, went to my sister, niece and her friend.

We arrived in the evening and some time riding, and then I stayed on the slopes all alone, all the others are gone to rest. Frost was about -10 Celsius, a little snow and light winds. To roll, I went back to the Chalet, but there is our company's usual place was not. With great difficulty I managed to find my sister at the bar Chalet, and I asked her where have the girls gone. She said she last saw them on the track at the point called Moonshine, and then thought they were with me. I immediately realized that girls probably got lost in the woods, Moonshine is on the top of the mountain, there is the border of the resort, behind which is a lush forest.

While the nurse was worried and running around, preparing for the way out, I was ahead of her and was on the slopes earlier and again all alone. Now the mountain no longer seemed to me a place for fun riding, it was a cold and barren place, where every hill imagined danger.

The resort I seemed to know until the last meters, suddenly turned into something sinister. I got to the lift operator who had to lift me up and we exchanged a few words. He was also worried for the children and said after a few minutes of searching girls go by ski patrol. As I drove to the top of my head all the time play footage from the new movie "Snow Beast" about the Yeti that attacked the guests. Haunting footage could not get out of my head.

When I was at the top, I was filled with fear and I realized that getting paranoid. I felt it watching me, and that my fall, or the noise will be a fatal mistake. Finally I went to the tracks, Moonshine and began to search for possible traces of the girls. There were only 2 routes, one 3 miles and the other 5 mph. I took the one in the fresh snow were visible traces of the skis. I was still very scared, although no significant reasons for fear could not be seen. But it was something deep, subconscious.

The lights burned dimly on the sides of the track and I was able to see that a pair of ski tracks go off the track straight into the black forest and these tracks are already covered with snow so that it was clear - the one who drove here, did this for another hour or two ago. I looked out into the darkness, trying to see something behind the trees, and did not dare to follow the trail, but then I realized that I had to do it, because the reverse tracks of skiers was not, both girls were somewhere up ahead.

To leave the track without returning to the trail was only a narrow mountain path called the path of the Devil (The Devil's Run), whose name speaks for itself. I used a lot of time looking back, because here was supposed to be a squad ski patrol. But no one was and procrastination I felt like death. I finally found the courage and entered the strip of forest. After a bit, I started shouting loudly, calling my niece's name and I soon replied with two children's voices. But what was this voice, it was screaming, screaming filled with terror! And through these cries could make out the phrase "He's killing us!". Hearing this, I froze in shock, and then the screams began to subside and instead there was just a quiet, mournful sobbing. Then I started screaming and did feel quite a long time, and then I think I lost consciousness.

I came to myself, when I saw this place on my next is a man from ski patrol. When he came, sobbing in the woods stopped. I rushed to him and began to tell about what he had heard, but he very strange look at me, he didn't believe me or probably thought I was crazy. Then he turned and went back to skiing, I ran after him to return it, because the girl was still there in the woods. I followed him, but caught up and grabbed his hand only at the bottom, going down in the lift from the top. And he told me "Go home, in the woods was nothing." I didn't understand what was happening.

A few more minutes I stood there with him and talked about kids, screaming in the woods. He all responded only by asking me to go home. I'm desperate again rushed to the lift to return, but they cried out that it was blocked. And then I saw how our way is my sister from another member of the ski patrol. She began to tell me what was with the ski patrol and that they immediately heard among the trees crying girls and found them and that they were all fine and the girls are already in the Chalet. I ran there and found a niece and her friend. They didn't say anything, but looked wounded. Then I went to the owner of the resort and began to tell him everything I saw and heard, and he looked at me funny. It seems that he was not at all surprised. I was still in a state of shock and asked him to let me back on the mountain, but he refused.

It seems he was hiding something, and then he told me to stop thinking about it because it was just "ghosts". I'm tired of arguing and then we took our things and me and my sister, niece and her friend returned to our car. The incident had completely unsettled me, I felt that there was something going on, but all this had no meaning. Home we rode in complete silence. None of us wanted to talk. I dropped the girls near their house, and then my sister and I went to him. It was quiet and dark in the rear view mirror why was impenetrable darkness, even though we just passed a farm near where the lights were burning.

Strong fear again flashed through me, the hair stood up on my head and on my cheeks tears rolled. I heard a sob and saw my sister crying. She looked in the mirror and I was like there she saw something and it frightened her. Only about a half mile, the feeling of causeless terrible fear left us in the rear view mirror again began to reflect the traffic lights. The rest of the roads we traveled without incident, and then I asked my sister what she saw in the mirror. And she said she saw the actual death, which followed our car. More she refused to say anything about it and then did not remember about this case, except one time when he said he saw a huge black shadow with red eyes. Then I never visited this resort and did not see its owner.

Only a few years ago, I decided to tell this story familiar, then I was told that a few people survived in that place something like that. But I did not know much of what happened to me the late evening. Who were those screaming children? I was looking for old reports of killings in the area, but found no one. What attacked them and killed? Chasing our car that night? My sister felt like it wanted to catch up with some purpose. Until I die, I won't forget those screams in the woods."

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


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