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UFO. United States

ID #1573740754
Added Thu, 14/11/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
03.06.1966 19:30
Мыс Канаверал
United States

7-year-old James and Michael Harkins along with another boy went to the beach, seeing a "rocket or jet" apparently dive into the sea. There they saw two men who were talking. Nthey had the helmets in glass covers would often, grey suits, and the spin was something like scuba. Listening to a boy's whistle, they ran to the water and sat at the "round white thing", which raced to a strange ship 100 yards from the shore. On the ship with grey star and the letters "HU HR PS RED" was the window through which you could see people. When the two men reached him, he sank and disappeared.

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Original news

James, 7, & Michael Harkins, with another boy, went to the beach after seeing a “rocket or jet” apparently dive into the sea. There they saw 2 men standing talking; they wore glass encased helmets, gray suits, and had what looked like scuba tanks on their backs. On hearing one boy whistle, they dashed to the water & boarded a “round white thing” that sped to a strange vessel 100 yards offshore. The craft, which bore a gray star and the letters “HU HR PS RED,” had windows through which people could be seen. When the 2 men reached it, it submerged & vanished.


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Boat (watercraft)

Any watercraft, particularly of unusual shape, can be made for NGOs.

Watercraft (i.e. "craft") is self-propelled or non-self-propelled floating structure used in a water environment. These include: a warship, cargo ship, barge, pontoon, floating berth, yacht, oil platform, raft, fishing boat, submarine, submersible, floating crane, etc.

Such vessels can have not only an unusual shape but colour, be equipped with illumination, and also have sails and other protruding parts.


Submarine (submarine, submarine) class of ships able to take and long time to act in a submerged position.

Unlike a surface vessel, the submarine has the ability to deliberately change their draft up to the full immersion in water and leaving depth by filling seawater main ballast tanks. Until 1944, all of the submarine most of the time spent on the surface and was essentially sinking boats (ships that can dive under water to attack in the daytime, or to hide from enemy ships).


Rocket launches (from

  • Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA) Vehicle: Titan-2-GLV Payload: Gemini 9 (GT 9A) AMU
  • Site: Vandenberg AFB, California (USA) Vehicle: Atlas-SLV3 Agena-D Payload: KH-7 29 (Gambit-1 29, Mission 4029, OPS 1577) OPS 1856


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