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Added Tue, 04/10/2016
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NGO term (unidentified floating object, or unidentified underwater object) it is formed by analogy with the term UFO (unidentified flying object). In this regard, we will consider in this article objects that, according to ideas, have a technical nature and do not belong to the category of unknown living organisms.

In the descriptions there are various kinds of objects flying out of the water or sinking into it, as well as a strange glow. This subspecies comes from hypotheses that determine the source of UFOs under water.

In the second half of the 1940s, reports began to arrive from Scandinavia, Sweden and other Northern European countries about so-called "ghost rockets" (cigar-shaped UFOs leaving fiery traces) that went under water.

For example, it was reported that on July 19, 1946, a ghost rocket disappeared in Lake Kolmjarv (northern Sweden). The authorities examined the lake for several days, but found nothing there.

In A. Sanderson's book "Invisible Residents" there are more than 30 cases when ship captains, sailors working for them, coast guard officers, fishermen and local residents reported the decline of unidentified flying objects and their immersion in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There could be several such UFOs at once. Sometimes, before entering the water, UFOs performed maneuvers over ships.

In March 1966, eyewitnesses on the shore of St. George Bay (Argentina) saw a cigar-shaped object 20 meters long at an altitude of 12 meters from the water, glittering like metal. The object hung motionless for several minutes, and then flew towards the ocean, going under the water.

In July 1969, the captain and the watchmen of the ship "Sparrow" observed in the Atlantic Ocean, as an unidentified object in the shape of an ellipse with a diameter of 25 meters slowly flew over the ship at an altitude of 200 meters, with the appearance of which radio communication disappeared. Accelerating, the object descended and entered the water at a distance of 5 miles from the ship, after which a glowing circle was observed in the water for several minutes in the place where the UFO sank.

In 1972, on the Mediterranean coast near Savona (Italy), many people observed a disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 100 meters, flying in a circle. It was noted that periodically rays of light emanated from it in the direction of the sea. After some time, lights appeared under the water at a distance of 200 meters from the shore, and the object disappeared into the water.

There is evidence of the appearance of UFOs from under the water. It was reported that, flying out of the water, UFOs performed maneuvers with ships before retiring. Cases are described when, rising, unidentified flying objects passed through a 3-x-meter layer of ice. At the same time, there were no large fragments left from the ice, some of them then fell from a UFO located at an altitude of tens of meters.

In the "Diary of Andrew Blokham" (1824) it appears that on August 12, 1824, the watchmen of Blokham's ship sailing in the Atlantic Ocean noticed that a round, highly luminous object flew out of the water at an angle of 7° and disappeared into the clouds. After a while, another similar item flew out in the same way.

During Operation High Jump in 1946, US Admiral Byrd's squadron came under attack by UFOs flying out of the water.

In August 1965, the crew of the Soviet steamer "Rainbow", located in the Red Sea, observed how a fireball with a diameter of 60 meters flew out of the water 2 miles from the ship and stopped at a height of 100-150 meters from the water surface. A column of water rose behind the ball, which then collapsed into the sea. A few minutes later, the object flew towards the center of the Red Sea.

In August 1970, a group of 4 people under the leadership of oceanologist Agarkov, conducting hydrological exploration on Kronotsky Lake (Kamchatka), was moving around the lake in a motor boat when a "dome" of rising water formed a kilometer away from them. An oval gray object with a diameter of 40-50 meters flew out of it, which slowly rose to a height of 200-250 meters at an angle of 70-80 ° to the horizon and, stopping for a while, flew at high speed towards the ocean. While the object was hanging in the air, the boat's engine was not working.

On August 3, 1977, 27 miles off the northeastern coast of Cuba, the crew of the Hermes tuna at dusk observed light stripes appearing first in front, and then to the right, left and rear of the vessel under water. Captain Valentino Peira: "What was happening was so terrible, we felt so helpless far from the shore and in the face of obvious danger that we were completely confused. Young guys were crying and praying. Suddenly, a glowing teardrop-shaped object flew out of the water with the sound of a champagne bottle being opened in two cables and approached the ship with lightning speed, hovering at an altitude of 50-100 meters. After making a circle, he dropped to 20 meters and flooded us with a soft green light. Then he also took off with lightning speed and, flying off by 2-3 cables, abruptly went under water… I radioed to the base and ordered them to take a course home."

"Quaker" (or "croaker", or bio-duck) – the alleged source of unknown underwater sound vibrations of the low-frequency range, sometimes recorded by echolocation installations of marine vessels. Different sounds are recorded, but a large number of some recorded signals do not seem to be the croaking of a frog. 

The first reported cases date back to the 1970s. The peak of messages falls on 1975-1980. Since 1990, there has not been a single officially registered case, which is most likely caused by a decrease in the intensity of conducting naval reconnaissance and keeping submarines on duty.

Hypothesisposition about the system of global direction finding of sea vessels</span>

Since this phenomenon was first noted by the naval forces of the USSR during the confrontation in the Cold War, it was assumed that the enemy deployed a system of global direction finding of naval vessels. As a result, the USSR Navy organized the Quaker program, which dealt with this problem until the eighties of the XX century, after which the program was closed, and all materials were sent to the naval archives under the heading "Secret". However, this version has not been confirmed due to the fact that the deployment of such a system would be extremely expensive and inefficient.

The source of sounds is an animal According to one of the main assumptions regarding the causes of the phenomenon, the source of these sounds are marine animals of poorly studied or possibly unknown species.

Some researchers suggest that Quakers may be some species of cetaceans, which are known to make excellent use of hydroacoustics. The Quakers "recorded" killer whales and even basilosaurs that have now become extinct. According to other opinions, a giant squid from the family Architeuthidae may be a Quaker, which would explain a number of behavioral features and detection difficulties, since, according to a number of assumptions, giant squids can hunt large marine mammals (for which submarines are probably mistaken), and their boneless physique makes it difficult to detect them with standard surveillance devices.

In 2014, research by Denise Risch and a group of scientists confirmed this hypothesis. The sources of the mysterious sounds turned out to be whales called "southern minke whales" (Balaenoptera bonaerensis). Scientists attached sensors with hydrophones operating in a wide frequency range to the bodies of several whales and recorded the sounds made. Then experts analyzed the recordings and concluded that they were identical to the strange "croaks" previously recorded by marine biologists and submarine crews.

Attempts to contact another civilization This hypothesis includes the assumption of the existence of an underwater civilization or an underwater base of an alien civilization trying to establish contact.

It is believed that none of the above hypotheses has found enough evidence to unambiguously explain all the cases.

The appearance of "quakers" is associated with a change in the structure of water Depending on temperature (and it can change due to solar radiation, weather conditions, currents), water acquires various properties.

In particular, its volume changes, which generates the same croaking sounds and glow. On a small scale, this process is invisible, but in the giant water space of the ocean, it manifests itself clearly. Some analogy to the sound of "Quakers" is the sound that a balloon blowing through a wide hole makes - at this moment there is also a change in volume.

A passing vessel disturbs the water and stimulates its transition from one state to another. The glow of water can be explained from the point of view of physics, but if you do not go into details, it is noticeable when there is a concentration of energy of a large number of excited molecules. The process can start at one point and gradually spread, so rotating luminous spiral wheels, circles, etc. are formed.

New swimming facilities There is a hypothesis according to which NGOs represent new top-secret swimming facilities undergoing testing.

The ideas about the existence of underwater civilizations have been known since ancient times and have also been developed by science fiction writers.

Professor Ivan T. Sanderson developed the hypothesis of an underwater civilization attempting to contact humanity.

Interference of waves in the water column The researcher of the phenomenon Kurt Kalle found that the territories in which underwater glow was most often observed coincide with seismic zones in the World Ocean.

The Kalle hypothesis is that in weak earthquakes, any one point on the bottom of the sea or ocean generates a conical wave with a vertex at this point. When the wave reaches the surface of the water, part of the wave is reflected back, then reflected from the bottom, etc. Being coherent with the original wave, they form an interference pattern.

Kalle cannot explain how a wave can provoke a glow and what relationship there may be between its intensity and the characteristics of the wave, but believes that this process creates the effect of running bands of light.

Based on their described cases, their subspecies vary greatly and, apparently, have different origins.

Of all the hypotheses, the most plausible one can be identified, which is easy to check – the glow of biological organisms forming circles on the water. To check it, it is necessary to organize a research expedition to one of the areas of their frequent occurrence.

Regarding the "Quakers" and certain objects flying out or flying into the water – accurate conclusions can be drawn based on the results of investigations of each fact separately.

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Those paws

Glowing is something that the Polynesians used as a navigational aid to search for islands in the Pacific Ocean.

A term from Polynesian folklore denoting an unexplained and scientifically unproven light phenomenon under or on the surface of the ocean.

Te lapa loosely translates as "flashing light", "underwater lightning", "flashing", or "that which flashes". 

Historical and modern Polynesians used it as a navigational aid to search for islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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