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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

Parallel world. Canada

ID #1624801730
Added Sun, 27/06/2021
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
09.2008 22:00
Сент-Адель, QC

The main witness (who participated in other observations) and his wife (who spent the anniversary in this picturesque place) they decided to go out and stand on the balcony of the small breakfast room that they occupied. Looking at the overcast sky, he remembers how disappointed he was, because he always liked to look at the stars. The moon was also shining, but not full, and was hidden behind clouds. 

After about half an hour, all the clouds seemed to have dispersed, he was surprised, because he remembered saying to his wife:

"I haven't seen anything for so long, it would be nice to see some tiny moving object." 

However, they didn't see anything at all that night, and since it was getting cold, we decided to go get some rest. 

Waking up the next morning, the eyewitness remembered a "strange dream". All he could remember was that there was a circular shape inside the room, and there are figures inside. The room is clean and fresh, he considers it bluish-white, and there were windows or some round portholes in it. 

He was standing face to face with creatures that looked like humans, except for the fact that they were all dressed in ancient clothes - not in modern clothes, not in tight spandex or spacesuits, but only in robes that resembled something from ancient times. Moreover, as far as he can tell, they are all men, and all also have dark hair and facial hair. One in the center and three on the sides, there are seven "men" in total. The one in the center was supposed to be the leader; in fact, the witness knows that he was there, because he "radiated" the most energy and gave the impression of a very wise and very holy person. 

The first thing that came to the witness's mind was "Jesus" or someone who somehow looked like him, he doesn't know why, but he felt that way. All the men were looking at him, but not the one in the center. He looks at the floor, as if he is thinking about something. 

The witness does not remember any words spoken or felt in his head. There is nothing after that. The duration of the episode was approximately 10-15 seconds. 

The next night they returned home, and nothing special happened, just a warm feeling of a good weekend spent with them. The next morning, they discover a mark on his right temple. There's a thin scar, a crust, just healing from some kind of cut. Its shape was an arrow pointing upwards. The "scar" healed normally and disappeared after a few days.

Original news

Location. St. Adele, Quebec, Canada
Date: September 2008
Time: 2200-2300
Summary: The main witness (involved in other sightings) and his wife (who was spending their anniversary in this picturesque area) decided to go out and stand on the balcony of the small bed and breakfast room they occupied. Looking up at the sky it was cloudy, and he remembers being disappointed as he always enjoyed star-gazing. The moon was out also, but not full, but was hidden behind clouds. After about half an hour all the clouds seemed to drift off, he was surprised because he remembered saying to his wife, “I haven’t seen anything in such a while, it would have been nice to spy out some tiny moving object”. Still they saw nothing at all that night, and as it grew chilly, we decided to go in and get some rest. Waking up the next morning the witness remembered a “strange dream”. All he could remember was being inside a circular shaped room, and there are figures standing inside. The room in clean and crisp, he thinks bluish white and it had windows or circular portholes of some kind. He was standing facing the beings, which looked like humans, except for the fact they were all dressed in ancient robes—not modern clothes, not skin-tight spandex or spacesuits, just robes like something from ancient times. What is more they are all male as far as he can tell, and all have dark hair and facial hair as well. There was one in the center and three flanking either side, making a total of seven “men”. The one in the center must have been the leader; in fact, the witness knows he was, for he “radiated” the most energy, and he gave the impression of being very wise and very holy. The first thing that came to the witness mind was “Jesus” or someone like him in some way or another, he doesn’t know why, but that’s how he felt. All the men looked at him, but not the one in the center. He is looking down at the floor as if pondering something. The witness does not recall any words said or felt in his mind whatsoever. After that there is nothing. The duration of the episode lasted perhaps 10 or 15 seconds. The following night they were back home with nothing special happening, only the warm feeling of having spent a nice weekend remaining with them. The next morning they discover a mark on his right temple. There is a thin scar there, a scab, freshly healing from a cut of some kind. The shape of it was an arrow pointing upward. The “scar” healed normally and it was gone in a few days.
Source: Your True Tales—April 2009


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The state of sleep and dreams

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