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Circles on the field and other formations. United Kingdom

ID #1637580502
Added Mon, 22/11/2021
Author July N.

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United Kingdom

England again went in circles in the fields: the study of the mysterious phenomenon is 25 years old. One of the most intricate "bread drawings" has been discovered in Wiltshire. The length of the art of unknown origin is more than a hundred meters

The "drawing" appeared on July 25, 2015 in a field of ripe wheat in Wiltshire - where such pictures appear most often. The current one depicts a huge stylized bird, richly decorated with ornaments. It is not known who bent the ears that formed the pattern. The locals and, most importantly, the farmer who owns the field, did not notice anything suspicious. That is, no one has seen the process of "making" the picture — only the result. This usually happens, and the phenomenon itself has remained unsolved for decades.

But there hasn't been a year that there haven't been plots of neatly crushed wheat, rye, oats, barley and corn in some field. "English circles" is what this phenomenon is called. Because at one time he overcame mainly the British. The stems on their fields, as a rule, were laid in even circles. Big and small, but unpretentious. For many years, ufologists have claimed that these are traces of a UFO landing.

Now a new term is more in use — "pictograms", which reflected significant changes in the pictures in the margins. They have become much more sophisticated. The geography has also expanded. Enthusiasts who keep records of the phenomenon record hundreds of "phenomena" around the world. And they suspect that there may be something encrypted in the pictograms.

Scientists have been seriously engaged in bread crop circles for 25 years. The other day they celebrated their anniversary — in July 1990, a complex elongated pictogram that appeared in Wiltshire and consisting of several interconnected circles prompted them to begin studying the phenomenon. One of the leaders of the English circle of researchers, Colin Andrews, once held a report right in front of Margaret Thatcher herself. She was surprised, sent military helicopters. But it didn't help the case.

Pat Delgado, Andrews' American colleague, has been bringing tons of scientific equipment to the fields for several years in a row. He almost witnessed the formation of a pictogram. But in the end I missed it. Even in the evening, the wheat was standing straight, and the next morning it wakes up - it has already been laid. Who, how? Riddle. "It seemed like something was whistling and sparkling," the scientists later justified themselves. Absolutely nothing was clarified by the anomalies they found, such as: a magnetic field rotated by several degrees, concentric magnetic traces, signs of exposure to microwave radiation, decay products of short-lived radioactive isotopes.

Scientists' complete misunderstanding of the nature of the phenomenon has led to a lot of hypotheses even more intricate than the pictograms themselves. The funniest of them is about hedgehogs. They say that they get together in flocks and trample the fields under the cover of night or fog.

It would seem that there is only a reasonable explanation: the pictograms are made by people, but not simple, but specially trained. Perhaps from a certain sect of jokers, whose "brigades" are scattered all over the world. It is even possible that those who keep records of pictograms trample them. Themselves. Without hedgehogs.

But too many giant pictographs began to appear - more than a hundred annually. It is very difficult to eat something - especially intricate — in a day or a night without outside witnesses and without some kind of the most sophisticated device. In addition, the researchers claim that they easily distinguish the pictographs of jokers from real ones, made by no one knows who. A log or other mechanical tool that can crush the spikelets breaks them.. And the mysterious — serious - force leaves a smooth curve. It often lays the stems in two or more layers, and in each layer - in its own direction. And it happens that the stems are neatly intertwined.


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