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UFO. United Kingdom

ID #1683895564
Added Fri, 12/05/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
10.05.2023 08:05
United Kingdom

In the city of Folkestone, in the south of England, there was an unusual phenomenon in the sky. A resident of the city found a long black vertical line in the air that stretched from the ground to the sky and even crossed the clouds.

The witness was shocked by what she saw and took a photo to make sure that it was not a hallucination. She reported that the line was going up and passed far behind the clouds.

This is not the first case of such an anomaly. In 2013, a long vertical line in the sky was also seen in Florida. Then the cause of the phenomenon was considered the shadow of the inversion trace. However, meteorologists who have studied the photo from Folkton claim that this is not a cloud of any type and that the line really cuts through the clouds.

While the mystery remains unsolved, and many are wondering what it could be. Some experts believe that this may be due to atmospheric phenomena, such as an inversion trail, or it is related to super-secret military experiments. However, no official statements have appeared in the media.

Despite this, the photo of a resident of Folkton aroused great interest in social networks, where users share their hypotheses and speculations. Some believe that this may be due to aliens from outer space, while others offer more rational explanations. In any case, this incredible phenomenon will surely continue to attract the attention of the scientific community and the public.

Original news

A mysterious black line in the sky over Folkestone, England, sparked curiosity and confusion among the locals who witnessed it, reports

The vertical line, which seemed to stretch from the ground to beyond the clouds, was captured on camera by a woman who said she had to check if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

The bizarre sight occurred on Wednesday morning and lasted for several minutes before disappearing.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The line went up as far as the eye could see. It went way past the clouds and I honestly have no idea what it could be. It was such a straight line so it obviously wasn’t smoke from a crash or something like that.”

A meteorologist who examined the photo ruled out any natural explanation for the phenomenon, saying it was “definitely not any type of cloud.” He also noted that the line appeared to cut through the clouds, indicating that “it was not an optical fault.”

Some people have suggested that the line could be the shadow of a contrail, which is the trail of condensed water vapor left by a jet engine. However, this theory does not explain why the line was so dark and vertical, and why it did not dissipate quickly.

Another possible explanation is that the line was a sign of extraterrestrial activity. Some UFO researchers have documented cases of triangular-shaped craft that hover silently in the sky and sometimes emit beams of light or dark matter.

These craft are believed to be either secret military projects or alien vehicles conducting surveillance or scanning missions. One such case occurred in Florida in 2013, when a similar black line was seen in the sky and attributed to a triangular UFO.

Could the black line in Folkestone be related to these mysterious triangles? Or is there another explanation for this strange anomaly? Until more evidence emerges, the mystery remains unsolved.


A woman in England was left scratching her head when she gazed up at the sky and spotted a long vertical black line extending from the ground up to the heavens. According to a local media report, the bewildering anomaly (seen below) was spotted on Wednesday morning by an unnamed witness in the town of Folkestone. Upon seeing the puzzling sight, the woman says that she "took a photo to make sure it wasn't my eyes deceiving me." The witness went on to marvel that "the line went up as far as the eye could see. It went way past the clouds" and conceded that "I honestly have no idea what it could be. It was such a straight line so it obviously wasn't smoke from a crash or something like that."

The source of the strange aerial anomaly has proven to be a mystery as a meteorologist who examined the image indicated that it is "definitely not any type of cloud." To that end, they noted that the line appears to actually be cutting through the clouds in a manner suggesting that "it was not an optical fault." Oddly enough, the wondrous event on Wednesday is not the first time such a strange anomaly has been seen in the sky as a similar case unfolded in Florida back in 2013. In that instance, the prevailing theory was that the line was the shadow of a contrail, which is what some believe to be the cause of the phenomenon in Folkestone this week, though as of now the mystery remains unsolved.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Cloud (natural and man-made)

Clouds are the products of condensation of water vapor suspended in the atmosphere, visible in the sky from the surface of the earth. They consist of tiny drops of water and/or ice crystals (called cloud elements).

Objects and light sources out of focus

When the objects are out of focus, their silhouettes blurred and poorly recognizable. They can look like dark or colored translucent stain. This is often the cobwebs, spiders, insects in front of the camera.

Смерч (вихрь, торнадо)

Atmospheric vortex that occurs in cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the earth, in the form of a cloud sleeves or trunk diameter of tens to hundreds of meters. Tornadoes can appear in many shapes and sizes.


When the moon or Sun is covered by clouds, buildings and other objects, a bizarre shadow can appear. It can be mistaken for a UFO, a ghost, and the like.


Rocket launches (from

  • Site: Wenchang Space Launch Center (WSLC), Hainan (China) Vehicle: CZ-7 Payload: Tianzhou 6 (TZ 6)
  • Site: Vandenberg AFB, California (USA) Vehicle: Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) Payload: Starlink v1.5 G2-9-1 (Starlink 5990) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-2 (Starlink 5993) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-3 (Starlink 5970) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-4 (Starlink 5985) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-5 (Starlink 5986) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-6 (Starlink 5935) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-7 (Starlink 5959) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-8 (Starlink 5987) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-9 (Starlink 5995) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-10 (Starlink 5994) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-11 (Starlink 6050) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-12 (Starlink 6048) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-13 (Starlink 6047) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-14 (Starlink 6037) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-15 (Starlink 6045) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-16 (Starlink 6051) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-17 (Starlink 6043) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-18 (Starlink 6054) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-19 (Starlink 6053) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-20 (Starlink 6055) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-21 (Starlink 5998) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-22 (Starlink 5518) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-23 (Starlink 5523) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-24 (Starlink 5521) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-25 (Starlink 5038) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-26 (Starlink 5486) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-27 (Starlink 5524) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-28 (Starlink 5541) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-29 (Starlink 5545) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-30 (Starlink 5534) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-31 (Starlink 6041) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-32 (Starlink 6044) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-33 (Starlink 6214) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-34 (Starlink 6222) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-35 (Starlink 6220) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-36 (Starlink 5868) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-37 (Starlink 6221) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-38 (Starlink 6210) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-39 (Starlink 6201) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-40 (Starlink 6196) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-41 (Starlink 6204) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-42 (Starlink 5923) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-43 (Starlink 5873) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-44 (Starlink 5842) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-45 (Starlink 5846) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-46 (Starlink 5841) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-47 (Starlink 5530) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-48 (Starlink 5529) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-49 (Starlink 5526) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-50 (Starlink 5527) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-51 (Starlink 5522) Starlink v1.5 G2-9-1, ..., G2-9-51


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

It may be a hair (or something similar) that is out of focus. This is an unlikely version, since in one of the photos the dark stripe has a gap not reaching the edge of the frame.

Also, it may be a shadow from a cloud (or a condensation trace of an airplane) on a small haze in the sky (see photos to the versions)


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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