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Yeti. United States

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Added Sun, 27/08/2023
Author July N.

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округ Такер
United States

A resident of Tucker County (West Virginia), Samuel Polishchuk, claims that he encountered the legendary creature and even took photos that caused a wave of discussions on social networks.

The Bigfoot, or Yeti, remained the object of myths and stories for many years. Despite the lack of scientific evidence of its existence, the belief in it continues to live with some adventurers. Samuel Polishchuk joined the number of those who claim to have encountered this mysterious creature.

Polishchuk shared his photos in the group "Believers in Bigfoot" on Facebook. He claims that the pictures were taken on top of a cliff in a wooded area of West Virginia. In the photos, you can see a dark figure peeking out from behind a rock. In the comments to the publication, Polishchuk described the strange behavior of his dog and an unusual smell in the air, which, in his opinion, preceded the meeting with the Bigfoot.

"I'm not sure that's what I was thinking," he remarked, describing his emotions.

However, experts and netizens are in no hurry to unequivocally accept the pictures as proof of the existence of the Yeti. The producer of the popular TV show "Expedition Bigfoot" Zach Hall shared his experience and described the fragrance, which allegedly smells like a Snowman, as "a mixture of the smell of a damp, wet dog and a playful aroma."

Critics believe that the dark figure in the photos can be explained by other reasons. From the "lower part of the root system of a fallen tree" to the "porcupine" - there are many assumptions. Nevertheless, supporters of the theory of the existence of the Yeti insist on the presence of "eyes, nose and brownish hair" in the photos.


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