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Added Mon, 06/01/2020
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The novel "Vampires", also known as "Vampires. Fiction novel the Baron Alsabri from the family Chronicles of the counts Dracula-KARDi", the story is the prehistory of the classic book of Bram Stoker's "Count Dracula".


Bram Stoker

Book (fiction)|1897

Bram Stoker's novel is a well-known classic of the vampire genre, and his Count Dracula is a truly immortal being who has survived many film adaptations and has become the embodiment of all the most insidious and mysterious that human imagination is capable of. You will hear five voices telling about their nightmarish encounters with Dracula. The girl Lucy, who received a fatal bite and gradually becomes a vampire, her lover, restless with despair, a courageous doctor who recognizes ominous symptoms… Excerpts from their diaries and letters step by step will bring you closer to solving the sinister mystery.

The novel was published prior to 7 November 1917 (no exact data, but it is assumed that the first novel could be published abroad in the period from 1908 to 1912) and is now in the public domain, so it can be viewed by anyone.

Alsabri Baron is the pseudonym of an unknown Russian author of the last century. According to one version this name was hidden writer Sergei Stechkin, according to others it could be Ekaterina Molchanova-Hose or translator Nina Candreva.

Schitaetsja the most plausible version is that the book was written by Ekaterina Molchanova (by her husband Jose). A novel about vampires, she composed under the influence of "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, seeing your literary works simply as entertainment for themselves and their children, a kind of lady's needlework. At the lack of seriousness of the author's intentions implying the alias "B. Alsabri" (read as "lie more") and the epigraph of the novel ("you do Not like, do not listen and do not bother to lie"). The dedication ("Dedicated to E. L. C."), must indicates the names of the daughters of the author Ekaterina and Liudmila Hose.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Chapter 1

I inherited an old Austrian castle, a young man named Harry asks the local librarian to dismantle the school-Church archives to find documents about the burial of his deceased relative. The body of the founder of the line of the counts Dracula-KARDi was brought in a coffin and lowered into the family crypt, and documents about this event Harry needs to join the law of inheritance. In the process of searching, the librarian finds records of the local vampires. Harry decides to call the castle friends and entertain them by reading these notes, made in the form of a diary and letters.

The diary tells the story of settled in the castle of a young man who began to investigate the vampire attack on a local farmer and eventually he himself became its victim. In the letters written by the son of the Countess his friend, tells the story, the protagonist of which is the Countess herself. Strange visitor the man with the body of the deceased brought her pearl necklace with a snake's head and eyes made of bright green stones (mentioned that this was the Aztec God of Vicli Puzle). Then a favourite dog of the Countess was gone, and her nights began to be a dead relative. She began to feel sick, on her neck there was a small non-healing wounds. In the district spread a strange disease, which at night took the lives of young girls and girls, and externally manifested only bleeding wounds on her neck. A strange visitor since that time, haggard from a dry old man turned into the full life of a man. His face with glowing red eyes began to notice among the bushes and in the Windows of other houses. Fearing for her son, the Countess sent him to another country, back where he could only after her death.

Guests visiting the attached to the castle house hunting and find the hidden room in which, apparently, once a long time lived a woman. They begin to look for referred to in the letters place, trying to unravel and not disclosed in them the riddle. Friends find marble statue, beneath which is found the passage to the room with the crevice and half-rotted corpse. The librarian still finds documents about a relative of Harry, who was brought in a coffin and lowered into the family vault, making Harry comes into an inheritance. Librarian finds letters from the hospital which stated that the diary, which read guests, led by local school teacher, recognized as insane.

Friends continue to read the diary, which says that a teacher found the Dead flower rose – nenuphar near the place where the vampire attacked a villager. He brought it home, after which it began to be a vampire and drink his blood. He became restless to behave at night during a full moon. The teacher didn't understand the nature of women believed that love and from being exhausted. He avoided meetings with the Church caretaker who understood what's really going on, and tried to save the teacher. Once the author of the diary saw that his beloved comes to him from the mountain under the castle, found a crack and decided to get in. Harry and his friends conclude that the body of teachers and was found under the statue.

Night worker dies Bléneau, the bed find nenufar. The librarian finds a new stack of letters. They a D. who's a son of the Countess, writes about how after the death of his mother and father settled in the castle with his fiancee Rita. Soon, Rita began to constantly freeze, and on her neck showed the same red wound, as before at the Countess.

During the repair of the castle, they find an abandoned chapel. At the opening of it flies a very large bat, and inside found an old grave. Then comes the news of the death of the Viscount Reno, in the buttonhole of which find fresh flower nenufar. After his funeral, dies and a carpenter, who opened the chapel, and his wife talks about the angelically beautiful woman who kissed her husband right before his death.

New letters described the details of the death of the mother and father of D. it Turns out that his mother every night until his death flew a huge bat. In all likelihood, in this manner appeared strange that a man who once brought the corpse of a relative of the Countess and settled in the gatehouse of the castle. After the death she got up from the grave every night and drank the blood of the people – about what it was that she was told by the gardener, Paul, who survived the attack.

Chapter 2

The renovated castle, a mysterious death and letters forgotten. Friends getting ready for the ball-masquerade and entertain each other with stories. The first says to captain Wright about his service near Delhi. They with a colleague stayed in the bloody temple of the goddess of the CWA and, smoked the odd cigar, I almost was ceremonial victims.

On the day of the masquerade, the friends realize that they have to complete the image lacks details and take the old box from an abandoned ladies room. The masquerade Harry accompanies the vampire. Also the ball arrives at the other lady dressed in white. After talking with her dying of the cornet, and his sudden death is the first of many subsequent.

One of the vampires begins to visit a guest of the castle named George. She drinks his blood and leaves behind the roses. After the doctor and one of Harry's friends named James caught the vampire Georges, young people gather to develop a strategy of struggle. The friends find an ancient written in Latin, a book in which the full description of vampires, their weaknesses and ways of dealing with them. They decide what is "D." it is a young count Dracula. Friends begin to act as described in the book recommendations. They decide that the crypt under the statue is the dwelling place of the Countess-a vampire, and that they by their actions have freed her from the enchantment that prevented her to go hunting. They come by night to kill the vampire, but not in the crypt coffins of the Countess and her husband (Frederic and Mary from the famous family of the counts Dracula).

After the failure of friends collect all the notes and letters that make reference to vampires, and is taken to study them. In the letters they find descriptions of the gradual transformation of Rita, the bride on the vampire.

At the next ball vampire stalking their Boyfriends. Friends try to keep an eye on them, but the ball ends with the discovery of two corpses: the Georges and the unknown boy. The librarian decides to transfer notes Rita was found in an old box. In them she described that at night she sees a black man, who drinks her blood, she can't resist. After her resettlement in a hunting Lodge them with the vampire beside. Also found a letter in which someone describes as Rita confessed his vampire nature and was told that she was "called to life old count Dracula".

Having identified all the vampires, the friends decide to exterminate them. However, going down to the crypt, they find only empty coffins, and I hear a booming laugh. Following duty in the crypt turns out to be more successful: there are all three vampires trying to attack friends, but nothing comes. After a few more deaths in the village started a riot. Harry finds the former owner of the castle, count Carlo Dracula. That promises friends deal with vampires: women chained to the walls of the castle, and the old Dracula to be linked so that they all could wait for a newly born vampire Slayer grow up and be able to kill them. The friends decide to flee the castle through a secret passage in the old well.


In this part of the book explains in detail everything that might be unclear in the plot. Harry tells where and when he met with Carlo. It turns out that the friends read some more notes and found out that the cause and beginning of all misfortunes were old count Dracula, whitereplica under the guise of an old servant to deliver himself in the coffin of America, and then converting to vampire mother Carlo. It goes on to explain that the old vampire for 15 years under the influence of spells, inspired Carlo thought to lead to the crypt Rita, and her desire to rely on the stone coffin. The touch of the living female body has removed the curse, and the old vampire was on the loose. Describes in detail the treatment of Rita in the vampire, and how Carlo took the book on Lamia in the memory of the other and, through the story of the doctor, began to study them. Then Carlo came an old man, who always carried a stake, drawing the pentagram for protection and rubbed garlic all, and showed Carlo that his girlfriend is a vampire.

After reading Harry pulls out his pearl beads with a snake's head and says that she found them at the bottom of the old well.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The mystical fog

The book mentions the mystical fog in the Valley of the Witch (the usual valley near the lake, where, according to legend, witches celebrated their holidays):

Fog, especially in the light of the month takes images of beautiful young women, on her head a wreath of dead roses, and curls over her shoulders a white light blanket... Eyes burn like the stars, and the body glows a pinkish tinge...

These women are vampires and drink the blood of anyone who gets in the valley during the full moon, which leads to the death of the victim immediately or within the next month. From the dead body to find tiny and barely noticeable sores.

"How strange," said the Spaniard, — the weather clear, and the rock stretches a strip of fog.

Really: mid mountain, up, rises the pole of the white luminous mist: he creeps higher and higher and disappears into the nearby bushes.

— If I was not with you whispering sweet Spanish, clinging to Starr, and I'd be afraid of this fog: it's definitely something in there.

As if in confirmation of her words from the bushes comes a woman in a white dress and a light step goes to the castle.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

Among the characters in the book are three of the vampire:

  • old Dracula, brought in a coffin from America;
  • Maria Dracula, the woman in white with Golden hair and newframe;
  • Rita, Italian, the young bride of count Carlo Dracula.

Interestingly, in the book of the vampire is often called a werewolf:

... werewolf he is our vampire. This means that the dead man from the grave comes out but blood from living people suck.

However, this the book provides the explanation: the vampire is able to transform into different creatures:

... each ghoul has its own secluded place, where every day lie a dead man is him from God should be, like the ban. And the rest of the time he can pretend to be what he wants, whether animal, bird Lee. He and the werewolf

Also the vampires in the novel called the Lamia:

Ancient Lamia are such beings — began James; rather, it's dead people that can come forth from the grave, to come alive and participate in life. In most cases, intervention is evil and brings bad luck.

"Not dead", vampires, is a type of Lamia. They also rise from the coffins and suck the living.

The vampires shown in the work, are afraid of crosses, garlic and flowers, Holly, and mistletoe. They are not reflected in the mirror and don't cast a shadow and can turn into bats. The book points to other signs of the vampires, which now can be considered a classic:

They can live a century and the longer I live, the become more powerful. Each sassenou sacrifice the strength of their growing is also growing and knowledge.

They may apply to some animals: the cats, bats, a snake, etc., can surround themselves with fog or even go to mist. Love the lunar night and lunar beam floating like the river.

The teeth are long, sharp, too-long fingers with sharp nails, giving them the ability to crawl on walls.

The stronger the vampire is, the easier it lulls its prey with its glance or touch. The strongest man under the gaze of the vampire is helpless, no courage will not help here — the person falls asleep against his will, and then he true victim of the vampire.

The vampire sucks in one, in two, rarely in three, four. The first time the most difficult: the victim is afraid and resists. But then it is easier, the patient is waiting and willing the arrival of the torturer...

Sometimes, a vampire falls in love and then the suction is very quiet, he enjoys a little of everything, saving longer life of the beloved one.

In such cases, the victim herself becomes a vampire, in other cases — a rarity. Love always happens between a man and a woman; suck can without distinction of sex or age. But seen that preference is given to children and young people.

Vampires prefer the night, especially the moon, can walk and even suck and day, but it is stronger or living a long time.

Many animals are dependent on them, but their smell and afraid, especially when they hate horses and dogs, these friends of man. They just guess them as enemies.

The most powerful vampires can control to a certain extent, of course, phenomena of nature, such as: wind, clouds, fog, etc.

The weakness of all vampires is that each one should have its own shelter and lie in it in the form of a dead man in the sequel to the famous hours.

In these hours they, ie vampires, in turn, completely helpless, and therefore are trying to keep their shelter and even have them several.

Shelter should be in the vicinity of the adventures of a vampire, otherwise he risks that the fatal hour would catch him away from the shelter. Sleep is not in his place an extremely dangerous.

Old, experienced vampires can possess their portraits, but not for long.

Success in adventures, ie when enough victims, vampire younger and prettier. Only the reddish glow of the eyes and bright red lips spoil the experience.

If for some reason a vampire has to hide, as if to say, starve it fades, turn gray, is mobile enough and angry.

But still, he may for several years to lay transfixed with the plot and different spells, and still remain, so to speak, alive. In the first case, he escapes and again pounce on the living.

The time when a vampire spends in his grave, or as it's called "vampiric dream", is difficult to determine. Or the author does not know this completely, or Karl Ivanovich incorrectly interpreted.

This is the only question many raznorechivy.

Maybe for different localities and for different entities, i.e. for entities vampiric strength, it is different.

In any case, it revolves around sunrise and sunset. Favorite hour of the vampires — it's twelve o'clock in the morning.

Vampires have something of a hierarchy, they bow to the strongest. But who are the strongest, again can not tell, in one place comes out even so that this ancient gods were offered human blood sacrifices.

One place can be translated as: "disobedience punished, or repulsed intended victim is punished". But how, and by whom, impossible to understand. There is, or rather was, in ancient times the great krovopoterei, they lean all the vampires, Lamia and other living dead.

To know a vampire is easier at night than during the day. Night untimely and inappropriate appearance often indicates its existence. For example, the appearance of a young woman in the bedroom men or Vice versa.

Day smart vampires to distinguish very hard, they perfectly mimic the living.

Their main feature: they do not eat or drink. A more careful observer might notice that neither in the sun nor in the moon light they don't cast a shadow. In addition, vampires are big enemies of mirrors. They always strive to destroy them. This is because the mirror can not see the reflection of a vampire, and it throws him."

One of the attacks of a vampire living with the valley of the Witches and what happened during the full moon, described as:

It was hot. Unprecedented, a pleasant languor attacked him... Suddenly a gust of wind rocked the Bush of hawthorn, and a branch hit him in the chest, in the same moment, he was showered with white flowers of hawthorn. "Like a white veil surrounded me," he said. The moon is eclipsed. The blanket was lit, and was clearly seen a lovely female face, pale and wonderful, with large greenish eyes and pink lips. "It is all approaching — I cannot take my eyes", said Henry. "I wanted to pray, but the words confused in my head. I wanted to grab your scapular, but imagine my terror, — with tremor adds Henry — of the scapular and the cord was not for me."

"It" ripped his blanket!

Finally, "it" has clung to my lips... all swayed and went around... I lost consciousness, he adds.

He woke up from severe pain in the neck. Did not have time to open the eyes as the head hit the spicy, intoxicating smell of fresh blood...

"I once again felt dizzy and I fell," — said Henry.

Vampire by day turns into a flower Dead rose-nenuphar (water Lily with white or yellow flower), and night back into a beautiful girl:

The room was filled with silvery light, he shimmered and flickered. It was not the cold light of the moon, but on the contrary, full of lust and awe... Where is he?.. He certainly was born in my room. Watching the waves I saw that it goes from my Desk.

Looking nenufar no longer float helplessly in a glass of water, and proudly swinging on a high stem, Yes, it's not the stem, and slender, feminine body, and the place of the lovely flower head. Pale face with large, mournful eyes and slightly pink lips, Golden hair falls in beautiful waves on his chest.

The figure quietly and sways with every movement grows and becomes a normal woman, only her body is transparent, exactly woven with silver threads.

Here she moved from the table, and the room filled with the aroma and subtle sounds. The traffic I did not catch; precisely the figure floats in the air...

Closer and closer; she's already swinging by my bed and whispers something, but I can't make out the words...

She leans toward me, I feel cold; she wants to cling to my chest, but the fear gives me strength; wildly scream, push vision...

It is interesting that in Romanian folklore there is a legend that this river flower begins to Shine with the approach of eternally young and beautiful vampire (Slavs mermaids,who lured young men into the maelstrom).

The wound from the bite of a vampire on the neck of the victim for a long time does not heal. It is believed that this wound will not heal until the vampire will bite another person.

Becoming a vampire Countess, to which before his death, every night flew a huge black bat. Later on the neck of the Countess was discovered two small but very glubokie sores.

And in the day of the funeral the members of her remained soft and I seemed that cheeks and lips she turned pink.

Vampires have the ability to enter the victim into a trance:

But when he leaned down to her face, she was staring into his eyes that he was confused and could not move. The lady threw back his head and bit him in the throat. But he was not hurt, but on the contrary, such pleasure he had never experienced!

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

The book mentions the Ghost:

... she was a bride, she died here, and the people in the village say that she walks in here, moaning and crying at night

The appearance of a Ghost in the old room looks like this:

Wonderful, fabulous beauty: tall, slender figure, blue silk dress does not hide luxurious forms, it folds in the sunlight of the month, especially glimmer and shimmer. Pink coral swaying from the breath of the breast. What I took to be a crown on his head, the edge of the beautiful high comb.

A moment later, she quietly approached my bed and stopped.

The feeling of cold grew stronger, and the mixed scent of lavender and mustiness. Large black eyes were fixed on me; I could not stand it and got up.

At the same moment she disappeared.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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