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Piper Maru


Added Wed, 14/10/2020
Release date
Original title
The X-Files (season 3, episodes 15-16)

The X-Files

TV Show|1993
The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

Secret materials (season 3)

TV Show Season|1995

In the third season of the series there is a "Syndicate" – the powerful secret organization that hides the existence of extraterrestrial life, which will be the main antagonist until the sixth season.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

"Piper Maru "(English " Piper Maru") and "Apocrypha" (eng. "Apocrypha") – respectively the fifteenth and sixteenth episodes of the third season of the X-files series, which reveal the so-called "mythology" of the series, set in the pilot series.

The plot of the episodes is a continuation of the story related to the search for digital film shown in the first two episodes of the third season.

The Blessing Way

The X-Files (3.1)

TV Show Episode|1995

Scully finds her career with the FBI in jeopardy as Mulder is still missing and the Cigarette-Smoking Man is pursuing the stolen files. The Navajo elders find Mulder's body in a cave and perform an ancient ceremony to call the spirit back to the empty vessel.

The plot of episode 15

The French ship-lifting vessel Piper Maru finds the wreckage of a world war II plane in the Pacific ocean. Diver Gauthier, who sank to the bottom to examine the find, is horrified to see a live pilot in the cockpit, with a certain black liquid running through his eyes. When Gauthier returns to the surface, he is calm and silent, but the black liquid is already running through his eyes.

In Washington, Walter Skinner, inviting Dana Scully to his office, tells her that the FBI's case for her sister's murder was suspended due to lack of evidence, despite the fact that the killer dropped the gun at the scene. Skinner promises Scully to personally review the case, but Scully leaves disappointed.

Mulder tells Scully about the Piper Maru, which anchored in the same area as the Talapus ship and may have picked up UFO debris. The entire Piper Maru crew was taken to the San Diego naval hospital with severe radiation burns. Arriving in San Diego, the agents learn that only Gauthier, who has already been discharged, was healthy from the entire team. On the ship, agents discover traces of black oil on the surface of Gaultier's diving suit, a shipping map labeled "Zeus Faber", and a video of the dive showing the wreckage of the P-51 fuselage. Meanwhile, Gauthier returns to his home and searches hard for something. When his wife arrives, the silent Gauthier passes the" black oil " to her.

Scully visits an old friend of commander Christopher Johanson's father, trying to get information from him about the downed plane. Johanson admits that in his youth he was sent with the crew of the Zeus Faber submarine in search of a downed bomber. After many crew members began to suffer and die from radiation burns, and the captain stubbornly refused to leave the area, a mutiny began on the submarine, as a result of which it turned out that the captain was acting under the influence of "black oil". Mulder comes home to Gauthier, who doesn't remember anything from the moment of the dive. After finding a letter from the ship-lifting broker D. Cullenchuk in the diver's possession, Mulder goes to the firm's office, where a woman named Geraldine tells him that "Mr. Cullenchuk is missing." Mulder watches the office, and after several armed Frenchmen break in, goes after the escaped Geraldine to Hong Kong. Gauthier's wife is also flying with them.

In Hong Kong, Mulder learns that Geraldine is an intermediary in the sale of state secrets. After handcuffing her, Mulder drags the woman to her company's office, where he is confronted by an armed Krajicek, who is trading information from a digital film he had previously taken from Skinner. Krajicek pushes Geraldine out into the corridor, where she is killed by the sudden arrival of the French. Krajicek escapes through the window, and Mulder, barely able to detach the handcuffs, follows him. At this time, Gauthier's wife enters the corridor, and a bright flash leaves the French lying on the floor with severe radiation burns on their skin.

In Washington, several men tell Skinner in a coffee shop to leave the Melissa Scully case alone, hinting at a threat to his life. Skinner refuses, and the next day, in the same cafe, he is shot by Louis Cardinal, Krycek's former partner and Melissa Scully's killer.

Mulder catches up with Krajicek at the airport and demands to give him a digital tape with encrypted secrets. Krajicek agrees to do this upon returning to Washington, where, according to him, the tape is in the storage room. When Krajicek goes to the toilet, Gauthier's wife also goes there, and the "black oil" goes to Krajicek.

Plot of episode 16

In 1953, a burned submariner tells three government officials about his experience on the Zeus Faber, completing the story started by Christopher Johanson in the episode "Piper Maru". He was locked in a compartment with three crew members and the captain, who was under the influence of "black oil". After one of the sailors hit the captain on the back of the head with an iron pipe, the "black oil" leaked out of his body and crawled away through the drain grate. It turns out that one of the officials in the house is bill Mulder, Fox Mulder's father, and the other is A smoker.

In the present, Mulder and Krajicek are returning from Hong Kong. On the way from the airport, their car is pushed into a ditch by two armed men – as it turns out later, the Smoker's henchmen. Mulder is knocked unconscious by the impact, and Krajicek is dragged away, but he severely injures the attackers with a radiation flash. The next day, Scully tells a hospital-bound Mulder that Skinner was injured and the saliva on his body matched that of Melissa Scully's killer.

In new York, The syndicate discusses events related to the Piper Maru, realizing that there is an information leak somewhere. Skinner at the hospital tells Scully that the man who shot him attacked him and Krajicek on the hospital stairs a few months ago and stole a digital tape. Mulder comes to the conclusion that the oil found on Gauthier's diving suit is a mediator that the alien's body uses to move from one body to another, and this organism is now in Krajicek. Along with the lone gunslingers, Mulder retrieves an envelope from the ice rink locker that Krajicek had previously given him the key to, but the cassette case is empty. Krajicek returns the tape to the Smoker in exchange for information about the location of a UFO found in the ocean.

The FBI identifies the gunman who shot Skinner, who turns out to be a mercenary named Louis Cardinal. The syndicate reprimands the Smoker for the unauthorized transfer of UFOs to a new location and the attempt on Skinner's life. After penciling in the cassette case, Mulder discovers the Syndicate's phone number. The agent meets with one of the Syndicate members, who tells that during world war II, a UFO was shot down, and its rise from the ocean floor was carried out under the cover of the story that it was a bomber with the third atomic bomb for Japan. At the end of the conversation, this person lets Mulder know that "you can get to anyone." Mulder asks Scully to check on Skinner, who is being transported to another hospital.

Scully accompanies Skinner in the ambulance. At the intersection, Cardinal tries to break into the car, but fails. Scully catches up with him and arrests him. Cardinal reveals that Krajicek is in an abandoned rocket silo in black crow, North Dakota. Heading there, the agents find the burned corpses of two armed men on one of the floors of the mine, and realize that Krajicek is here. A Smoker arrives with a takeover team, whose members expel the agents from the mine. The smoker looks at compartment 1013 and leaves. In the compartment under this number, Krajicek is sitting on a UFO, vomiting "black oil" that crawls inside the aircraft.

Skinner is recovering. Mulder arrives at Melissa Scully's grave, where he meets His partner, who is informed that Louis Cardinal has been found dead in his cell. At this time, Krajicek, locked in a compartment of the mine, desperately screams and knocks on the door, calling for help.

Phenomena in artwork: The man with the black eyes

Black are the eyes of people whose bodies are captured by an alien creature. The eyes are not black all the time, but only sometimes, and often not completely.

Phenomena in artwork: Glowing people

A person whose body is captured by an alien organism acquires the ability to emit a powerful stream of radiation. At these moments, the body of such a person glows with a bright white light.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien organism appears from an aircraft shot down by an American plane during world war II. The alien has a liquid form and looks more like fuel oil than an intelligent living creature. It can enter the human body and bend it to its will, as well as pass from one carrier to another. The capture of the body goes unnoticed by others: the alien gets access to the victim's memories, and she behaves almost normally, although emotionally detached.

In people whose bodies are captured by an alien, the eyes are periodically completely or partially covered with a black substance. In addition, such people acquire the ability to emit a powerful stream of light radiation that affects everyone around them. A body captured by an alien can live under water for a long time (about 50 years) without any physical consequences.

A person whose body was left by an alien parasite does not remember the events that happened to him during the capture period. After the alien leaves, the human body is covered with a dark translucent slime – diesel fuel, the composition of which was changed under the influence of radiation, which the alien uses as a medium to move to another body.

The main goal of the alien is to return to the spaceship.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The triangular – shaped alien aircraft (according to one of the characters - "foo fighter") was shot down by an American plane during world war II.

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