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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Glowing people

Added Tue, 04/10/2016
the glowing areas of the body

To the fire phenomena can be attributed to three main types:

In this article we will describe the phenomenon of glowing people.

The phenomenon of glowing people considered those cases, when a healthy person or part of the body, and from wounds comes the light. Sometimes the glow comes from the corpses. Often from contact with such a person can start to smolder or ignite objects. To attribute it to spontaneous combustion is possible only indirectly.

The earliest mention of glow a person can be found in the religious sources. As an example I may quote a fragment from the biography of St. Lidwina written by Thomas a Kempis (C. 1380 - 1471 in the German religious writer, monk Augustine): "And though she always lay in the dark and the light material was unbearable for her eyes, a divine light was pleasant to her; that's why her cell often wonderfully lit up and it seemed that it is full of material, lamps or torches. And it was not strange that even her body overwhelmed with God's brightness".

But if then the glow was attributed only to the elite, but now the phenomenon has changed in its manifestations and effects in humans.

There are several types of manifestations of the phenomenon:

  • The glow and heat from the wound. Flammable items, presentation to the wound, can illuminate. An example is a case told by a resident of Chita Valery Sukharev. In 60 years of hunting he met a man who had a broken arm. In low light in the room was seen as the right hand of this man glowed in the dark, and with the fingertips dripping glow, like the flame of the acetylene torch. Hardly has he put his hand on the newspaper, ustilovsky table, paper in this place turned yellow and became brittle, as if it had been exposed to high temperature or acid. In complete darkness it became evident that the strange spots on the face, which under normal lighting has a grey shade, also glow only very weakly.
  • Man begins to glow after exposure to radiation. The glow of cold, harm to others is not. An example can be considered the case, told Troitskii customs. Placing the documents on the car, found that the passenger - resident of Kazakhstan - fonit and glows in the dark: the level of ionizing radiation women exceeded the natural level of background radiation up to 40 times. Further investigation revealed that the passenger was undergoing treatment for thyroid in one of the resorts of the Chelyabinsk region, where in her body injected radioactive iodine-131.
  • Glow a person's acquired after some disease or manipulation of doctors. The glow of cold, harm to others is not. An example would be the following case: in 1913, in the Taganrog circus acrobats rehearsing unsuccessfully jumped and broke his leg. After recovery I noticed that from both hands, shoulders and head began to radiate an intense yellowish-bluish light.

    You can also bring the case mentioned in the study by Gould and Pyle, “Anomalies and curiosities in medicine”, published in 1937, when women suffering from breast cancer, from the patient's chest area went light. It was so bright that even covered the clock face at a distance of meters.
  • People emits light at will. Often the glow of cold, harm to others is not, but sometimes a person can so something to burn. An example can be considered the known case of St. Petersburg, when people not only could wish to emit light, but also knew how to acquire this ability. The ability of the allocation of light, according to Mr. S., affects everybody who drinks an infusion of the herb Herba damiani, exported them out of India. Drink the infusion should be performed within two weeks and is associated with a particular regime, abstinence from wine, meat, and sour all. Two weeks later, the results seem required: the body of the subject during sleep start to run the lights.


  • Glow people – a special case of spontaneous combustion or pyrokinesis.
  • The cause of luminescence is microbe Photorhabdus asymbiotica, causing a disease similar in its symptoms to bubonic plague: the body of the patient covered with large ulcers. Doctors say that insects died from the new diseases began to glow in the dark. According to doctors, most likely, will start to glow and ulcers on the bodies of patients, if time does not begin treatment.
  • The man glows too bright aura.
  • This phenomenon is associated with the phenomenon of bioluminescence - a special case of the well-known luminescence. A faint glow (the second type of bioluminescence) are common to all living organisms - plants and animals.

In many textbooks and scientific papers on toxicology describes the wound, emitting radiance. The reason is, as a rule, the presence of stripes of luminescent bacteria or secretions that contain the biochemical substances, luciferin and luciferase and ATP (adenosine-phosphate), which are usually not connected, and if they connect, they begin to emit light.

  • The cause of luminescence is self-hypnosis. The principle is the same as stigmatic.
  • Dr. Protti, who made a lengthy statement regarding his observations over a lady Monaro, suggested that her poor health together with fasting and piety increased the amount of sulphides in the blood. Human blood emits rays in the ultraviolet range, and the sulphides can be made to luminesce with ultraviolet radiation— this explains the splendor of the chest ladies Monaro (the times, 5 may 1934).

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Заголовок Описание Признаки

Fiery spirit from Slavic mythology. According to Czech belief, it can be born from an egg, which for nine days and nights the person sitting on the stove. Usually it looks like a bird or dragon with the glistening body, hair of flame and a glow emanating from his mouth. He can turn into fire. Usually, he executes the orders of his master.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

flying creature, fireball, helps, the glowing areas of the body
Сияющий мальчик

Shining boy or kindermorderinn is mostly found in Germany. He is the Ghost of a child who was killed by their own mother. Such restless spirits are harbingers of disaster and death. Usually they look like glowing naked little boys or (much less frequently) girls. Light can be different colors.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, restless spirit, the harbinger of death, the glowing areas of the body

Creatures from British mythology.

There are Pixies, as mosquitoes (they look like moths, shining a bright yellow light) to a normal human. The typical pixie red hair and a snub nose. He wears a green jacket, and on his head wearing a huge peaked cap, which closes the narrowed, afraid of sunlight the eyes.

anthropomorphic creature, afraid of sunlight, geometrically regular or complex patterns, large creature, flying creature, the little creature, a small light at the earth's surface, the transition to another world, turns into an animal, flattened plants, memory lapses, the glowing areas of the body

Package (Pukwudgie) is undersized men of the legends of the American Indians. The creature has smooth grey leather that glows in the dark. He can light a fire appear and disappear at will, change shape and hurt people. Has a height of 2 to 3 feet (61 to 91 cm).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

breaks technique, the little creature, changes form, fire with no apparent source, the glowing areas of the body, thermal effects on the body

The Keeper of the gold in the mythology of the residents of the Urals. Takes the shape of a little dancing girl, is seen where gold deposits.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, a small light at the earth's surface, fireball, the glowing areas of the body, specifies the location of the treasure

In Lithuanian mythology, a creature in the form of aurochs or deer with Golden glowing horns and/or hooves, appearing in the distance in a forest or swamp. From afar might look like a wisp.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

hooves, a small light at the earth's surface, the glowing areas of the body

It's a creature from Japanese folklore. It appears most often in rivers and looks like a little flame in the form of a bird on fire or glow. The translation of the name literally means "pointless fire". It is believed that this restless spirit whose body was buried without the observance of rituals.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

wings, a small light at the earth's surface, restless spirit, the glowing areas of the body

Bird of the Hercynian forest, the feathers of which Shine at night. There is a hypothesis that the beginning of this legend can give a bright tail plumage of the waxwings or a translation error.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

flying creature, the glowing areas of the body

A creature from Greek folklore. This anthropomorphic occupant of the underground world, which is able to change its appearance, but always has a bronze leg and a flaming face. Can have sexual relationships with people.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, sexual relations with the victim, the glowing areas of the body

Magic people in Norse and Celtic folklore. Also known as Alva (Scandinavian), seeds (ancient Irish). The very same word "elf" some of the researchers associated with the romance root "ALB" — white, according to another version it comes from the Welsh "ellyl" or "Irish aillil" — "shining", Dating back to the Sumerian "ellu" ("shining"). The descriptions Alfv and fairies are a little different.

anthropomorphic creature, the distortion of time, the little creature, the manipulation of the thoughts of the victim, a small light at the earth's surface, the transition to another world, flattened plants, memory lapses, the glowing areas of the body

In the Chinese mythology, who died an unnatural death or left without burial of the dead became a vampire.

"Csense" reads like a Ken-si in Cantonese, Quang thi in the Vietnam, Kangxi in Korean, Quincy in Japanese, and hunt pochon in Malay.

Usually portrayed as a stiff body (depending on the prescription of death - the different stages of decomposition), clad in the official dress of the Qing dynasty, which moves by jumping, forward hands.

anthropomorphic creature, afraid of sunlight, jumps high, living dead, the bare bones of the skeleton, it feeds on life energy, the glowing areas of the body

In the folklore of the fishermen of the Chilean island of Chiloe humanoid creature, tall in a shiny iron helmet on his head and with a strange flickering light emanating from his chest. When checking in to attack the eye.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, high being, the glowing areas of the body

In Muslim mythology, this kind of Genie or a fire elemental, which is the soul of someone who died a violent death (of every drop of blood of the slain occurs on Ifrit). Please note: this body is made of basalt, bronze, and molten lava. His figure, tall, radiates heat and glows a dark orange light. He can fly, generate fire, able to fulfill the desires and phantoms.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, burn marks, generating a fire creature, large creature, flying creature, the manipulation of the thoughts of the victim, restless spirit, superpowered creature, the glowing areas of the body, thermal effects on the body
Вака де лумбре

Creature from Mexican folklore that looks like a fire cow run very fast through towns and villages.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

fastest thing, spontaneous combustion, the glowing areas of the body

In the Belarusian mythology field the spirit in the guise of a white-bearded old man, surrounded by halo. Helped travelers find their way, pointed to the treasure, guarded by the harvest. It was thought that he, being in heaven, gathers his staff to the clouds and through them, to shed the rain.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, helps you find your way, helps to find the lost thing, helps, the glowing areas of the body

In Japanese mythology there is a belief that many marsh birds in old age begin to glow with blue light and exhale little harmless balls of the same blue color that carries the wind.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

wings, a small light at the earth's surface, the glowing areas of the body

In Japanese mythology, the spirit that appears after the hundredth telling of the account of the scary story. Formed from merger of General fear of a large group of people. This fear appears as a demonic woman with long black hair, blue skin, blackened teeth, claws and horns. She is dressed in a white or blue kimono, and glows an eerie blue light.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, the glowing areas of the body

He's the Dipstick or Minic. In Poland, Germany and Lithuania, the so-called souls of the damned dishonest surveyors. The creature can take a variety of disguises from the bright lights, flying between herbs, to the people with glowing limbs or lantern in hand.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

changes form, a small light at the earth's surface, restless spirit, fire with no apparent source, turns into a human, the glowing areas of the body

In Chinese mythology, on fire flying creature in the form of a wineskin without a head, but with six legs and four wings.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

wings, flying creature, fireball, the glowing areas of the body

According to Japanese mythology, weasels or Martens, which became werewolves in the old age. They are able to transform into other forms and mesmerize people. To hear them yapping heralds for man the most trouble. Gathered at night together they can cause a fire, and climbing upon the shoulders of each other to create a huge pillar of fire that grows into a whirlwind.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

hurting people, the manipulation of the thoughts of the victim, changes form, hairy creature, the harbinger of death, the glowing areas of the body
Земляная кошка

In the Urals it is believed that under the earth there is a cat with flaming ears. Usually it shows only a glowing blue ear. Where it appears - there is a buried treasure.

It is believed that superstitions of the miners is being hit as a personification of burning sulfur gas coming out of the ground.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

a small light at the earth's surface, fire with no apparent source, the glowing areas of the body, specifies the location of the treasure

In Belarusian folklore, the spirit of fire that is constantly walking around under the ground, emitting a flame. May cause fire in the woods, field or marsh.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, generating a fire creature, the glowing areas of the body

Creature from the mythology of Europe and Asia in the form of a huge winged lizard-like creatures. Often it flies, at least - illuminated or breathes fire. In many Nations its appearance in the sky portended misfortune.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

generating a fire creature, wings, flying creature, the glowing areas of the body, scales

In Japanese mythology, similar to the mermaid three-legged creature with a beak, combining human and fish features. He has long hair and a scaly body. Beak and mouth and three legs. It glows a bright light that can be seen from the coast.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, water creature, animal body parts, the glowing areas of the body, fish tail, scales

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