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The X-Files


"The x-files" (eng. "The X-Files") is an American science fiction television series created by Chris Carter. The show started on September 10, 1993, ended after 9 years, may 19, 2002, and then resumed on 24 January 2016.

The show became the hit of the Fox. In the story, the special FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in the Department of "Classified material", which specializes in cases with paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and other supernatural things, while Scully, in his nature as a skeptic, promotes a scientific approach and often does not agree with the theories of his partner.

Symbolism and tagline of the series: "The Truth Is Out There" ("the Truth is out there" or "the Truth is out there"), "Trust No One" ("don't trust anyone"), "I Want to Believe" ("I want to believe") – was especially popular in the pop culture of the 1990s.

The series "Secret materials" are divided into two types. Some of them relate to the main storyline, called "mythology" series, which for all seasons leads to its logical conclusion and tells the story of how Mulder and Scully are trying to uncover the mysteries of a secret government organization with facts about the arrival on Earth of alien civilizations. The vast majority of other series "Secret materials", which are called "monsters of the week", talk about individual investigations, Mulder and Scully, as a rule, not related to the "mythology". However, some of the "monsters of the week" can be indirectly connected with the storylines "mythology", for example, in terms of conspiracies and intrigue within the FBI and the U.S. government, the personal lives of the main characters and secondary characters, the key is for the "mythology". Therefore, for comprehensive understanding and assessment of the artistic value of the show you must watch all of his series and even a few abstract from any distinction between "mythological" and "nemetallicheskie".

The plots of the episodes are based on the views of people about the paranormal and cover almost all mystical urban legends of America. The series became a cult and had a strong influence on notions of the unexplained: a lot of people with this TV series became interested in disclosed in this theme, from the story by learning about the different mystical phenomena (such as El Chupacabra, the "appearance" in Russia coincided with the emergence of it on the screen). Echoes of the influence of the series can be found still, since the phrase "Secret materials" in the minds of people closely associated with paranormal themes and was metaphorically. Now so often referred to TV shows, categories, news sites, and even entire sites devoted to the paranormal.

On the territory of the Russian Federation the series first appeared on the illegal tapes from the pirates. 1 January 1997 began the first legal demonstration of the series on the channel REN-TV, but the popularity of the series is not produced, because the channel is broadcast on the entire territory of Russia. Also in 1997, AST has released the Russian version of several original books written by different authors, which takes place in the universe of the series. But in October 1998, after the beginning of the broadcast on the ORT channel launched a massive promotion of the series in the country.

This show is truly a cultural phenomenon, so his version of paranormal phenomena should be analysed and taken into account in the study of unexplained phenomena. We will consider only series in which there is a particular phenomenon, as this is our area of interest and the subject site.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The series tells about the work and personal lives of special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Mulder is a talented detective, firmly believing in all the supernatural, including the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and its presence on planet Earth. Because of these beliefs colleagues nicknamed him "Spooky" ("Ghost") and sent to the unpopular Department of the "X-Files", specializing in puzzling unsolved crimes. His belief in the paranormal stems from years of experience that begins with the kidnapping of sister Samantha (eng. Samantha) aliens. This incident becomes the main driving force in his career. For the duration of Mulder seeks the truth concealed by the state, and at the same time trying to maintain objectivity in their quest. In this he helps his partner, agent Scully. As a physician by education, being by nature a skeptic, Dana often offers a scientific point of view, the essence of which is a logical and reasonable explanation of paranormal phenomena. Although it is an alternative to the view of Mulder, Scully rarely able to completely refute his theory, which in the course of the season Outlook This changes somewhat. In parallel, ongoing investigations throughout the greater part of the series between Mulder and Scully emerge and develop friendships, later developing into a romantic one.

The main part of the story focuses on the efforts of special agents aimed at uncovering a government conspiracy. Mysterious people from the shadow of the U.S. Government known as the Syndicate (eng. The Syndicate), or Consortium of hiding the existence of UFOs and regard the political elite with aliens. Representatives of the Syndicate serve as the main negative characters, whose goal is control over humanity. The most active member of the Consortium is a Smoker (eng. Cigarette Smoking Man), this is a ruthless murderer and power policies is a main antagonist of the series.

After Mulder is abducted by aliens, the main actors of the series join John Doggett and Monica Reis, which helps Scully to find his partner. The series ends with the fact that saved Mulder falls under a military Tribunal for breaking into a top secret military facility, where he discovered plans for an alien invasion and colonization of Earth. He's found guilty, but Mulder avoids punishment, as they run with the help of Skinner, Degette and other agents.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


Secret files (season 1)

TV Show Season|1993

Secret files (season 2)

TV Show Season|1994

X-files is no more. The Department disbanded, agents Scully and Mulder are distributed to other units of the FBI. However, the new developments prove conclusively that the investigation of "Secret materials" is necessary, and Walter Skinner restores the unit to investigate the paranormal with a new team: Fox Mulder and Alex Gracecom.

Secret materials (season 3)

TV Show Season|1995

In the third season of the series there is a "Syndicate" – the powerful secret organization that hides the existence of extraterrestrial life, which will be the main antagonist until the sixth season.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The x-files (season 4)

TV Show Season|1996

The X-Files (Season 5)

TV Show Season|1997

The X Files

Mulder and Scully, now taken off the FBI's X Files cases, must find a way to fight the shadowy elements of the government to find out the truth about a conspiracy that might mean the alien colonization of Earth.

The X-Files (season 6)

TV Show Season|1999

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