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An extremely rare two-headed snake was shown at the Texas Zoo

Added Mon, 14/08/2023
Дата публикации
Mon, 14/08/2023

At the Cameron Park Zoo in the US state of Texas, a very special reptile was again presented to the public, namely a two-headed rat snake, which has two brains and one body.

A representative of the zoo told the publication that such snakes are extremely rare, and for them a long life span is uncharacteristic. As a rule, according to him, such reptiles have problems with movement, and it is difficult for them to hunt for prey or avoid predators, which greatly complicates their life in the wild.

As the representative of the zoo noted, the snake heads, whose names are Pancho and Lefty, often give conflicting commands to the body, so the reptile's movement can be chaotic and uncoordinated. He added that they have different characters, and the right head is more dominant in terms of food and movement. The left head also eats sometimes, but it usually does as the right one wants.

Having two heads can be a problem for a snake, and it can seriously damage its neck by trying to move in different directions, catching on branches, rocks or other obstacles. In 2021, she was removed from the exhibition because a unique snake injured her left neck, and she needed to be completely cured. This time there are no obstacles in its habitat, except grass, and the zoo hopes that the animal will feel safe.

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