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A huge spherical screen was installed in Las Vegas

Added Thu, 13/07/2023
Дата публикации
Thu, 13/07/2023

Las Vegas has become even more vibrant and exciting thanks to a new architectural marvel. The world's largest spherical structure MSG Sphere caused a huge stir among residents and tourists with its stunning appearance and capabilities.

The height of this amazing structure reaches 111 meters, and it attracts attention not only for its size, but also for its unique ability to project realistic images on a huge area visible for many kilometers around. The spherical screen consists of 1.2 million programmable LEDs that create incredibly bright and detailed images.

MSG Sphere is not only an amazing architectural landmark, but also a unique venue for various events. Inside the building there is a concert venue capable of accommodating thousands of spectators, where concerts, theatrical performances and other types of entertainment can take place. The sphere's capabilities allow it to be used as a powerful screen for displaying almost any images.

On a spherical screen, you can see images of the Earth, the Moon, sports balls and even abstract plots.

However, MSG Sphere not only impresses with its visual capabilities, but also changes the idea of what can be created for musical arts.

In an interview with Apple Music , U2 vocalist Bono stated: "Most music venues are sports grounds. They are made for sports - they are not made for music. They are not made for art."

MSG Sphere also provides a unique space specially designed for the audience to immerse themselves in movies, performances and concerts. This unique spherical structure is a prime example of how architecture and entertainment can work together to create amazing worlds that leave unforgettable impressions.

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