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Livenskiy haunted house

Added Thu, 27/02/2020
Дата публикации
Mon, 24/02/2020

Strange sounds can be heard in the house №13 along the street Lenin. The staff of the institution, which is in this house, in the evening can hear the sounds of steps outside an empty, closed rooms, in the hall, in the attic.

In this house under the mystical number 13 of the October events were located in different institutions, it has never been residential. However, employees who have to stay late at work, often scared of the strange steps that sound from the empty corridor, closed cabinets and even the attic. On the second floor of the mysterious house on the East side is a spacious hall with five arched Windows, suspended ceiling.

"In silence, behind the office door we hear someone begin to walk down the hall, – eyewitnesses tell, – distinctly heard footsteps. The first time we left the offices to see who goes. But the sound of footsteps immediately stopped, there's nobody here".

After talking to each other, women were again set to work and after some time again heard footsteps. Then the phenomenon was used to, but surprisingly over time gave way to alarm. And wanted to quickly leave this house.

While women are denied that on the second floor of their building could rise an outsider: "the door in the evening is locked from the inside, and therefore no one to enter the house can not."

Moreover, steps are heard not only from the audience, but someone goes and in the attic. And in General, tell the employee that this house is inhospitable to us as soon as moved here, everyone in my life started to happen some unpleasant history.

Naturally, the question arose:

"And did such things with the predecessors who have occupied this house before?"

"Yes, – I replied, and they heard the footsteps of ghosts".

Local historian Gennady Ryzhkin decided to investigate this phenomenon and this is what came out.

On the plans for the city of Livny 1900 1829 shows the city's neighborhoods, churches on the site of the house No. 13 was not. But the plan, drawn up before 1780, where now stands the haunted house, shows a small square with a cross. This means that there was a Church. In 1615, according to the census book of this space to the North of the small fortress (Lievens Kremlin) took Streletskaya Sloboda. We read in the census: "it (the settlement) Church of Christ Great Martyr Paraskeva, called Friday, Yes another Church. Basil – wooden gnocchi". The Church, built of wood, are usually not more than a hundred years, so in the beginning of the XVIII century they were dismantled because of disrepair, although the plan until 1780, about which we wrote above, the one Church remained still. She Streletskaya Sloboda by the end of the eighteenth century began to settle in the place where it stands now. It is possible that the people buried next to the Church. That may appear Ghost images of the previous Liventsev. But this, of course, the.

The second version of this. For decades this building was a Bank. Maybe the room radiates the energy it received as a result of the fact that it was kept before the money passed through many hands and owners as to accumulate the energy, and the owners of the money were different people. This, of course, amateurish, nor scientific-based assumption.

Anyway, the mysterious steps from time to time are heard in the house №13.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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