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African zombies

Added Tue, 06/02/2018
Дата публикации
Tue, 06/02/2018

In the modern world there is hardly a person who knew nothing about a zombie rising from the grave dead and unquestioningly obey his master.

This phenomenon exists to this day in the Western and South-Western Africa. Residents of these areas say that all the zombies can be divided into two groups: neo Lee (the resurrected dead) and the zombies (the living person with the help of magic spells took away the mind and senses). From one of the African dialects of neo-Li translated as "the living corpse", or "manifested". Residents of Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Ghana firmly believe in the real existence of zombies. Exploring Africa the Europeans brought to the native continent of many fascinating stories about the dead walking in the city and often killing people. What is neo?

In one voice the Africans talking about how just recently put in a coffin and buried in the earth on depth more than two meters a person in a few days reappeared in the village, accompanying his master. While only one appearance cannot be determined in this dead man: he is moving, carries out the orders of the Lord and can even talk. The idea that this creature is not of this world, brings only a dull, low, hollow voice, slow speech and unblinking, glass eye. Although eyewitnesses claim that talented magicians capable of creating, or rather, to bring to life the neo-Lee, who can move, and talk, and blink his eyes.

Zombification is closely related to the African Voodoo and fetishism. For the first time the word "fetish" came to be used on the African continent in XII— XIII centuries. And brought with him the Portuguese travelers who visited Africa for commercial purposes. Then this word designated all the things that could not be perceived by ordinary consciousness. Simply speaking, all supernatural determined, and continue to call it a fetish. The latter has huge energy and power over people. At the behest of the caster it in a matter of seconds can change the world and even people. It can be used to reward a friend and to severely punish the enemy. In culture and everyday life of Africans, the fetish occupies a significant place. As such, there may be a variety of items: homemade dolls, signs, tattoos, different body parts of animals. All of them are endowed with supernatural and magical powers. The one who owns the fetish, is able to control it and use its energy to do good or evil.

Africans argue that fetishes many uses. They can help to recover, protect yourself from the evil eye or evil spirits, to protect from murderers, thieves and fires. With their help you can control and the forces of nature. The priests, wielding the power of the fetish, has helped residents of his village to get rid of rainfall, flood harvest, or from the heat and the scorching sun. Such priests are even able for some time to return to "life" of the deceased and make him serve themselves. Such fetishes affecting the spirit of man, in Africa are considered to be the strongest. To own them and manage not everyone is capable priest. They keep their secrets the ability to raise people from the dead in the strictest confidence. Some Africans inhabitants have been able to solve the mystery of zombies. They say that the first Voodoo priest accumulates energy, folding it into the jar. Then, after the accumulation of a large enough concentration of energy, he opens the cork of the vessel and imperceptibly brings it to his nose recently deceased person. It is believed that energy (spirit) must be in the body of the deceased through the nose. After that, the dead body lay in a coffin and buried in the ground. One dark night, after receiving the message of the priest, the dead man, with great strength, open the lid of the coffin, dig the earth and come out. The same signal of a priest zombie will run all commands, regardless of what they are the world: good or evil.

Neo-Lee — just a machine in the flesh, not able to think and feel. Africans say that most priests use zombies for implementation are not righteous goals. They set up their charges for the theft, destruction and even murder. These neo-Li can also plow the land, sow seeds and harvest crops. In short, they are indispensable helpers in the garden. Say that zombies need to drink water and to feed fresh food. According to the priests, it is necessary that the cells of the body is not destroyed and also to save inherent in the human dead body energy. In that case, if the food will be at least one grain of salt, things will become angry and uncontrollable, and can even kill his master. After neo-do run errands, he goes to the place of his grave and buries himself in her. Moreover, looking at the grave, no one not even come to mind the idea that someone came out of the ground. As soon as a zombie hits the grave, his body immediately begins to decompose. Neo-Lee dying, now, and forever.

Without exception, all the inhabitants of Africa, of course, opposed to after the death of their mother or friend became a zombie. To prevent this transformation, Africans use a good antizombie fetishes. One has only to turn over the deceased face down or put into his hand a sharpened knife or freshly picked palm branch and a man will never turn into neo. A fetish intended to interrupt the connection of the deceased with its potential owner. Good character as would neutralize the power of the fetish priest, who wished with the help of supernatural power to hire themselves into the service of the dead. Witnesses said that quite often in the villages of Togo, Benin and Nigeria can be seen, most often a priest accompanied by a young man. He slowly moves after his master, methodically fulfilling all his commands and is silent. The locals call them "lyuvo", which means "shadow". Are the shadow people disappear immediately after their dying Lord. Where they find their final resting place — no one knows from living on earth.

One of the Europeans who travel to Africa, brought home the story of the indigenous inhabitants of the continent. He recalled that at the age of 12 years he was able to meet with a real zombie. It was the assistant to the village priest. The boy turned to neo-if questions. However, he was silent, it seemed, holding sacred the secret of his master. But the persistent boy still managed to talk lyuvo. However, he never responded to questions, but told an interesting story. Was, according to the orders of his master, the zombies were sent by night to Peles. This small town was from his native village at a distance of over 300 kilometers. How could an ordinary man to overcome such a long way in just one night? The boy decided that it is none other than neo is. In fear he threw himself away from the mysterious creature continue to try to ignore it if he appeared on his way.

He is a resident of an African village told me that in the South-East of Africa, almost every Governor of the city and the village headman has a helpful zombie. This is the first type of zombies, neo is. The second type is, as they say, a living person will caused by priest of evil spirits are deprived of the ability to think and perceive the surrounding reality. This was the shell man machine without thoughts and emotions. According to the beliefs of Africans, man is composed of three persons: spirit, soul and body. In this leadership role, give the spirit, which is the Foundation for the design and development of personality. From the heart is necessary for life body energy. The body is a mechanism by which the manifested soul and spirit. The priests had learned to use fetish to deprive a living person of his spirit, not taking life. However, he is like a man, with his passions, desires, aspirations and thoughts. It is rather a living corpse, but a body that exists in this world as if by inertia.

The sages say that the spirit is able during sleep to leave the human body. It can fly freely through the village. This is the moment when the priest can catch in their nets the human spirit. The person becomes forgetful and unfeeling creature that does not know its past and present, not able to think and not expressing emotions. Are the zombies in many ways similar to neo Lee: they have glass eyes unblinking, fetal tone deaf, detachment from the world and constant readiness to execute any orders of the owner. However, they are distinguished and a number of features. The fact that these zombies can age and damage the skin on their body, appear a wound. Therefore, there is a way to destroy them.

There is another difference between the second type of zombies from the neo-Li. After the death of his Lord, they will not disappear. Zombies continue to live in the world of ordinary people. However, their days are bleak, because they can't learn to act without order of the owner. Not adapted to life they die, not much survived his master.

As mentioned above, the phenomenon of zombies is closely related to Voodoo. According to Africans, dedicated to Voodoo protected by the good spirits of Nature. During initiation, the patient is taught to merge with nature and to absorb energy from trees, rocks, earth, water, grass, sun, and moon. As a result, the spirit of man is incredibly strong, and then no priest will not be able to bend it to their will, using even the most effective fetish. Zombification is still a mystery to many. The main reason is due to the fact that the priests strictly keep the secrets of their spells. Otherwise, they can expect a terrible and painful death. Such are the cruel laws of the world in which we live mysterious creatures called zombies.

A teenage boy, sick with a mysterious illness that broke out in Uganda in 2011 and touched almost 3 thousands of children. Sick children began to nod and nothing more than that did not react. Subsequently, these children become permanently mentally retarded. This mysterious sternocleidomastoid disease (Nodding disease), also known as sternocleidomastoid syndrome, known since the 1960-ies since its first appearance in the Sudan. The reason it is still not clear, and the people accused of voodoo.

In the past, scientists concerned about increasingly frequent in Europe, cases of hypnotic zombies. Imagines himself a great ruler of people with spells, adopted from the African priests, and hypnosis affects the subconscious mind like themselves, subordinating their will. Thus the concept of "zombies" are somewhat transformed. Now zombie is a person trapped in energy dependence to another through hypnosis. After a few sessions like hypnosis, the person ceases to control his mind and will, and acts by order of the owner. In this case, the encoded person is not able to answer the question of why he did this or that act.

However, this is not the worst way of zombies. To more dismal the results of hypnotic brainwashing using drugs. Psyche-Laden drug of humans is more subject to influence from the outside. A zombie acts like a well-oiled clockwork. The Lord can set it to whatever you wish. Not accidentally, this method often use zombie intelligence service. Recruited in such an inhumane way agent will work better than any machine, unquestioningly fulfilling orders. Speaking about the modern methods of indoctrination, not to mention the sects. Often the most common passer is in a cult thanks to the possession of the head of the basic skills of hypnotic effect. At present, the professional spell casters know and know the methods of the so-called multi-stage influence on the unconscious man.

Clear out the zombies from the spell is in this case extremely difficult, as it requires you to know the words-passwords, and the method of submission (and there are a great many).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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