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Anomaly near Zlatoust

Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 28/10/2002

"Snowmen" are supplied to us from space by "flying saucers"

We are well aware that the South Ural city of Zlatoust is famous for its craftsmen in the manufacture of various metal products and is a place native to the famous chess player A. E. Karpov. But the fact that Taganay Mountain, located near the city, with its surrounding environs, is an anomalous zone, became known quite unexpectedly - only 10 years ago.

Let's start with the fact that the word "taganay" is of Bashkir origin and means "stand for the Moon". Was it by chance that the mountain once received such a name? Apparently, there were at one time quite good reasons why she received such an unusual name among the Bashkir people who inhabited this corner of the earth at that time.

It so happened that on October 3, 1992, a resident of Zlatoust, V. Shipilin, quite inadvertently almost collided with a "snowman" near the city. This event became the property of the Chelyabinsk regional newspaper. Until that time, there were only rumors that people living near Taganay Mountain sometimes see yeti in the surrounding forest. But almost no one believed in these rumors.

After the newspaper report, the well-known Chelyabinsk biologist Nikolai Avdeev - a man not yet old - with a group of enthusiasts organized an expedition to the Taganay forest in search of the "bigfoot".

But already in the first hike (then there were others), instead of the yeti, the researchers saw several UFOs over the mountain at once and even traces of the landing of the one that landed.

During the first expedition, as they approached the place of search, Avdeev's people listened to various stories from local residents about various unusual phenomena occurring in their district. Of course, the listeners didn't really believe what they were told. But as soon as they entered the forest adjacent to the mountain, they were immediately seized with an inexplicable feeling of anxiety and fear, although these were people who had seen and experienced many horrors of the natural elements.

Soon the members of the expedition saw several UFOs over the top of the mountain. Having determined approximately the area where one of them landed, we moved there, but did not manage to reach the goal before dark. We spent the night in the forest and only the next morning found the place we were looking for and examined it. There, the surveyors found three large and fresh dents, apparently from the supports of the flying object. There were also pieces of some incomprehensible stones lying around, resembling molten glass, but incredibly heavy.

N. Avdeev's group then brought one of them to Chelyabinsk and showed it to geologists. It turned out that even veterans from among the seekers of natural minerals have not found anything like this for the entire time of their work in the Urals.

During the second expedition, a UFO hovered over the campfire near which its members were having dinner. People became alert and soon heard a whistle, similar to the operation of a compressor. And how surprised and frightened they were when they saw that burning brands literally began to be snatched out of the fire and rise along the beam coming from the bottom of the object hanging above them, into which they were drawn one by one. Then the UFO refueled with water from the lake, sucking it through the same beam. The members of the expedition had enough time to get a good look at the object. It was a huge "flying saucer" in the shape of a disk with huge sides illuminated by portholes.

Later it turned out that just at this time there was a peak of UFO visits to the anomalous zones of the Southern Urals. Among the residents of Zlatoust and its suburbs there were a lot of citizens who then witnessed UFO flights over the city and its surroundings.

Of course, it cannot be denied that UFOs fly over Taganay Mountain and even land in its foothills, because too many people have observed this phenomenon. But what does "bigfoot" have to do with it? What does "he" have in common with "flying saucers"?

To understand that such a connection is quite possible, let us recall that very many, both foreign and domestic researchers and experts believe that the "snowman" cannot be terrestrial, since he does not fit into the biosphere of the planet at all. In addition, when it appears, people's temperature instantly rises to 38.5 degrees, and "he" can disappear right in front of witnesses. No biological creature on Earth is capable of this. And if so, then the idea suggests itself that UFOs can also deliver "snowmen" to our planet. This is quite likely! In confirmation of this, one of the oldest American researchers of "bigfoots" (as Americans call "snowmen") once recorded on film a "bigfoot" thrown from a small height from a "flying disk", which immediately disappeared into the dense thickets of the forest, leaving the prints of his huge feet at the place of ejection.

Guided by all this, the members of N. Avdeev's Chelyabinsk expedition came to the conclusion that it was these "interests" of UFOs and "bigfoot" that apparently crossed in the place they studied.

But only this, just told, the "anomaly" of Taganay Mountain is not exhausted.

After the publication of the research results of the Avdeev group of specialists from Chelyabinsk, a Zlatoust teacher suddenly got into conversation, who a few years ago quite unexpectedly came into contact with the pilots of the flying saucer. According to her, she was silent about it for a long time because she was afraid to seem abnormal. Now that UFOs have been talked about publicly, she decided to tell about her communication with aliens.

It was in the evening. A woman was sitting on a bench in a city park. Suddenly, quite involuntarily, she raised her eyes to the sky and saw a low-hanging "flying saucer" in the shape of a disk. The "aliens" apparently also noticed that she was looking at them and released three bright beams of different widths in her direction. The widest one seemed to envelop her in a warm fog, after which she clearly heard a sound resembling a magnetic tape being rewound, and some strange and unclear thoughts began to pour into her head. At first, the woman was taken aback, but soon realized that the "aliens" were eager to give her some information. As soon as she calmed down and concentrated, then immediately (of course, mentally) the transmission of information began.

She was informed that detachments of similar alien vehicles have been controlling our planet and life on it for a long time. The pilots of these ships are representatives of the planets of the Pleiades system, and in the Solar System they have their own base, from where they periodically visit the Earth. According to the suggestions of extraterrestrials, the Earth's civilization is on the wrong path, because people perceive reality in a distorted way, and therefore they judge time and space incorrectly. And only when the earthlings are ready for a real dialogue, the Pleiadians will be able to teach them everything they know and know how to do themselves, but for now their mission is only to observe people. The woman was also informed that aliens hostile to humans, whose spacecraft have a cigar-shaped shape, are also watching Earthlings.

Now, for some reason, there is a complete lull over Mount Taganay in relation to UFOs. But besides this, the mountain conceals many other wonders and mysteries.

After it became known that "flying saucers" were observed in this region of the Southern Urals, not only tourists, but also travelers rushed here in the summer months. Everyone who returned from the hike said that during the entire period of his stay in the vicinity of Mount Taganay, he felt time slowing down and a clear presence in some other dimension.

But in the summer of 2002, something incomprehensible happened to a group of well-trained tourists. The participants of the hike settled down to rest and have lunch. They built a fire and while waiting for the food to cook, they began to look around and saw a large boulder covered with moss. Together they moved to the stone, surrounded it and began to feel it. And suddenly, as if out of thin air, translucent and half-blurred figures of people appeared. Tourists were stunned with fear and froze in place. The ghosts, not paying any attention to the dumbfounded young people, passed through them and disappeared into the rocks. Where the ghosts disappeared a few seconds later, many bright lights appeared in the air. They began to move slowly towards the stone, but quickly melted away. The tourists, recovering, ran headlong to their campfire.

There are no convincing explanations for the "anomaly" on Taganay yet. There is only a version that the formation of this anomalous zone is caused by geological faults and, accordingly, emissions of gases from the bowels of the Earth, as well as various energy surges. However, such an assumption can explain only some of the anomalous phenomena observed here, but in no way, for example, the appearance of landing UFOs and the phenomenon of the "Bigfoot".

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