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Eight anomalous places of Yekaterinburg

Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 01/11/2021

There are no UFO landing sites in our city, as in Altai. But we have a lot of mystical corners where inexplicable things happen. Ancient ghosts still haunt modern Uralians. What kind of places are these?

1. Voznesenskaya hill.

Ufologists (enthusiasts who collect information about unidentified phenomena) believe that this place is teeming with anomalies. They are reported by dog walkers walking pets in the park. Animals behave inadequately, as if they see something inaccessible to human vision.

Ghosts are often seen in the cellars of the Kharitonov-Rastorguev estate. This is understandable: the son-in-law of the owner of the house of the wine merchant Lev Rastorguev, Pyotr Kharitonov, was a murderer. Debtors and people who simply did not please him disappeared forever. The most famous ghost of the Kharitonov estate is the architect who built this building.

According to legend, Lev Rastorguev invited a convict as an architect. And promised him freedom. But he didn't keep his word. The convict architect hanged himself, cursing both his creation and its owners.

2. Ipatievsky house.

The house No. 49 on Sverdlov Street was demolished 25 years ago in order to erase from people's memory the terrible events associated with it - the execution of the royal family. Even historians do not hesitate to call it a "cursed place".

They emphasize the coincidence: Tsar Nikolai Romanov was married to Tsarina Alexandra in the Ipatievsky Monastery of Kostroma. And they finished their journey in the Ipatiev house.

After the murder of the royal family, a branch of the Union of Atheists opened in the mansion, and later an anti–religious museum.

3. The town of chekists.

NKVD officers used to live in this neighborhood. Some of the buildings are connected by secret underground passages. However, now they are filled in.

The building where the shooting range was located has a bad reputation (it is adjacent to the recreation center.Dzerzhinsky). Now there is a local history museum there. Strange sounds and footsteps are often heard here. What targets, I wonder, did the enkavedeshniki shoot at in the training range?

4. Unfinished TV tower.

This peculiar symbol of the city served as a gathering place for Satanists. In addition, fans of seeing the city from a bird's-eye view more than once fell from the tower and crashed to their deaths.

Now all exits and entrances to the tower have been blocked. But ghostbusters still gather near this place to listen to the voices of ghosts. Although they may just be the wind that got lost in the tower.

5. The House of Zheleznov.

This is an old house on Rosa Luxemburg Street, 56. The wife of the owner of the house, merchant Alexey Zheleznov, Maria Efimovna shunned people. The rich lady suffered from kleptomania. The husband, knowing her weakness, followed and paid for the goods stolen by his wife.

Maria Zheleznova died suddenly, the cause of her death remained unknown. But, according to rumors, since then a ghost woman in a white dress has been walking around the house.

Nowadays, the Institute of History and Archeology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is located in the house of Zheleznov.

6. Koltsovo village.

In the fields near the village in the suburbs of Yekaterinburg in the summer of 2005, an unusual phenomenon was recorded: the grass was crushed in the form of unusual figures. Ufologists have decided that a person has nothing to do with their occurrence.

7. Uktus.

There are "places of power" with special energy on the mountain in this area of Yekaterinburg. A pagan temple was located here in ancient times. According to legend, if you stand in a certain place in the dark, you can remember who you were in a previous life. These patches have a special microclimate – if it's cold around, it's always warmer there.

8. Sverdlovsk poultry farm.

In the poultry farm area there is an unfinished four-story hospital, which has the glory of a cursed place. Here, bricks suddenly fall off the walls, the floor falls under your feet, although the construction site is no more than 15 years old. It was abandoned due to the mysterious death of the director. But even during the construction process, people died here. According to rumors, the construction of the hospital began on the site of the old cemetery. And here is the result - materialized ghosts, incomprehensible bluish flashes of light in window openings, as well as new brickwork. It's creepy!

Anna ANTIPINA Helped in the creation of the materialSverdlovsk group of ufologists "Stalker".

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