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Eyewitness: Strange meeting, the cat is out of the fog and house

Added Sun, 26/11/2017
Дата публикации
Sun, 26/11/2017

Here are several eyewitness accounts of unusual phenomena, with whom they once faced.

Strange cat brought out of the fog

Deep autumn, plowed field, mud. Go with her husband in the village. Twilight. Very young, twenty-something, no kids yet. Husband drank often and this time, too, was drunk. I go and grumble at him, reproach. He listened half way, and then grunted ,turned around and went back. Dark. Anyone. Only plowed dark earth and black sky. Her husband left her and how I failed.

I scream at him, already crying from fear. Itself as if milk was. Fog came from somewhere - I. Such a terrible fear to live with. Go somewhere, cry, stumble in the furrows of the plowed. The silence is so... Fear all bound the next fall. And suddenly on the bottom left, a meter away from me, from the milky mist comes a very beautiful cat. Bright orange with thin brown stripes, eyes Zelenyj huge . And the muzzle was a beautiful, beautiful and as if he's smiling. Erect ears and a brush.

Cat major, high, me on the knee, perhaps long legs. Meowed as though with a smile. I all fears forgotten, ran after him. Suddenly he disappeared. Again I was frozen with fear in this ringing silence and pitch darkness mixed with fog. Called puss-puss. He jumped ahead, I again for him. That's going to hurt. So I wanted to iron this extraordinary beauty. It seemed that it was touching, but he again jumped over the wall of fog. Again horror. Call puss-puss - popping up ahead and so a few times.

And that's the last time disappeared, calling and calling, does not appear and feel myself, that don't have it already. Only beginning to be frightened, looked around, and I'm standing in front of the first houses in our village. And no fog. And twilight is still incomplete. I ran home. Anyone its about then not talked ever reason. Why?

Author: Tatiana


It was the spring of 20xx. To move one of my business, I needed to meet with some Rokotov A. Q. I called the office, the Secretary told Rokotova there in two hours you will be. I slowly got dressed and went.

Arrived ahead of time, and to pass the time, began to be viewed in the foyer of the exhibition. Became Roars. Not one. A man, not behind him, gesticulating, something he explained. Looking at the feet of a stranger, I listened. Strange, but he told Rokotova long to my idea where it all came together. They passed. I don't know why, like I was someone was pushing, came to the door. At the last moment turned around, and I didn't believe myself... it's been three years.

Conceived lay on the sheets of paper. The story was repeated. I called the Secretary, she said that the roars will be in two hours. I checked out. This time I decided to wait A.V. about the building. Smoked. Enjoyed in the spring. Roars came. In order not to lose time, I'm on the move began to explain to him the essence of the problem. Peripheral vision I noticed that the lobby for us who's been staring. We just passed. Someone stepped toward the door. I turned, eyes met. I was doused with liquid nitrogen. So it became cold. The door was closed. I was exactly that person you saw here three years ago. Clothes, words, gestures, all to the smallest detail. There was no doubt. I met twice with yourself...

Author: Alexander Osin


This happened to me when I was 20. Then I lived in the dorms. I woke up one night, and I have on the armrest of the sofa sits a black cat looking at me. I was scared, because I understand that I have no cats lives. She had pulled the blanket with his head. So long lay. And when opened, no cat was gone. Then from the literature learned that it was a brownie.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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