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To kill a child for the sake of Slenderman. Real creepy story from Wisconsin

Added Tue, 19/06/2018
Дата публикации
Fri, 06/06/2014

Slendermen. This is a tall faceless figure, frighteningly thin in his black suit, which preys on children and steals them for their demonic pleasures. This completely fictional Internet horror story, created in 2009 on the website "Something Awful" in imitation of the characters of urban legends.

But sometimes fiction can become reality, at least for those who believe.

In 2014, may 31, Morgan Geyser and Anissa weier, the two 12-year-old girl from the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, was dragged a girl-friend, with whom previously played together in the forest and there 19 times stabbed her. They did it in order to bring to life one of the horror stories about Slenderman. Girls several months planning their business and their sacrifice only narrowly managed to survive. She walked to the road and there she saw people and was taken to the hospital. The girl was lucky that none of the stab wounds miraculously did not affect the carotid artery, while the girls pricked her with a fury, passing the knife to each other. The girls were immediately taken under arrest.

During interrogation they told that they became obsessed with Slender man, having read online horror stories (creepypasta). According to Anissa weier to prove their devotion to Slender man, the man to kill the child. Both girls were well aware that the creature was completely fictional, but they really wanted to prove that it is real. Planning the girl's murder Geyser and weier began with the month of December.

They are carefully prepared for the case, and prepared backpacks and clothing for forest, who wanted to escape after the murder. On Saturday morning, when many children were playing in the Park near the forest, the girls waited for the moment when next to the victim, a girl, Peyton Lewter will be other people. Then the girls grabbed Peyton by the hand and pulled her further into the woods. When they were convinced that no one will not find here, the first Geyser grabbed a knife and began to beat them the victim in the chest, neck and abdomen, and the Weir at this time she started screaming "Move! Go crazy!".

The girl tried to defend herself and badly cut his hands. Then according to one version, a knife began to beat Weir, and other all 19 strikes have caused a Geyser. Then, deciding that the victim is dead, both girls were gone. Bleeding, rugged girl managed to walk to the road and there she was found by a cyclist who called the police and an Ambulance. After long-term treatment on the body of Peyton forever left a lot of scars.

Later, during the investigation, Geyser said Slender man was watching her in a dream and talked with her. Weyer said it's not going to repent or feel guilty. Both conducted a psychiatric examination and prescribed courses of treatment, but even before the court years later, the Geyser told me that kept hearing in the dream a strange voice. A curious commentary on this case from pastor Robin Swope, of the United Church of St. Paul, PA. Swap is also the author of a book about Slenderman called "Slenderman: From fiction to reality" ("Slenderman: From fiction to fact").

In this book Swap has collected a number of stories of real people who were convinced that met the Slenderman really is. The pastor ponders, could it be that some demonic force took the form of a fictional character? After hearing about the case of girls from Wisconsin, he said, "If it was the real Slenderman or demonic entity, why are they not here? Maybe the girls were affected to the change of consciousness after the meeting with something demonic and it made them behave this way, but I think really it was a mental problem and they used Slenderman as a scapegoat."

Anissa Weir was tried first, and in the fall of 2017, she received 25 years of imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital. In February 2018 judged Geyser, she was given 40 years in the clinic as the organizer. Hearing the sentence the girl burst into tears, expecting something less severe.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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