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Matthew manning – the man-the poltergeist!

Added Sat, 16/02/2019
Дата публикации
Sat, 16/02/2019

Matthew manning, known as poltergeist, was born August 17, 1955, in Shelford Cambridge in the UK. Childhood Matthew was very ordinary, until he was eleven years old. From this age around Matthew began to happen strange things...

The first manifestation of such extraordinary abilities not only struck family members, but also scared of Matthew. Without cause small objects in the room began to move, and some even hang in the air. Then to this was added a thud that was heard throughout the house. The family carefully examined everything, but the source of the mysterious knocking was never found.

After a year the same thing happened with a vengeance! Chairs and tables in the room were moving on their own, on the house walls and ceilings, where no one could reach, began to appear some figures and symbols.

Matthew's father believed in poltergeists, but in the end, reported about the events to the police. It is unknown what kind of help he expected, but the section chief believed him and he advised me to contact Professor George Owen, who specialized in paranormal phenomena.

After careful examination, the Professor said that the cause of mysterious events is in Matthew and his mental abilities.

“Your son – people-the poltergeist,” said Owen.

He gave the boy a few tips on how to control this phenomenon. But it's not always... the Poltergeist manifested itself with new force! When the family Matthew was tired of living in complete chaos, it was decided to move the boy to a boarding school far from home. Matthew himself understood the necessity of this step, but the school poltergeist manifested itself with new force!

In the bedrooms of students moving beds and tables, for educational classes, flying chairs, books, visual AIDS, and small items – pens, rulers, light bulbs, paper clips, etc. – whirlwind swirled under the ceiling. But it was wet furniture and a huge puddle of water that appeared in empty rooms. It seemed that the room was a heavy downpour. Over the years of study for Matthew firmly stuck the nickname of the man is a poltergeist.

To explain his ability.

Already in high school when Matthew was writing an essay, he suddenly felt not in control of her hand – she was moving and displayed the word itself! It was the first experience in automatic writing.

When people-poltergeist mastered this skill, he not only began writing in unknown languages (Italian, German, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Latin), but also began to draw pictures in the style of famous artists.

He created brilliant paintings in the spirit of Henri Matisse, Picasso, and Thomas Bewick. His canvases were impressed with not only artists, but experts and critics!

In 1974, Matthew manning has written his first book, which was published in sixteen languages. In the same year, he participated in major studies on the paranormal abilities of the brain that took place in Canada. Scientists have found that brain Matthew vibrated in a wave range that is not available in the brain of an ordinary man!

Tests have shown that the Central area of the brain that is practically not active in modern humans, worked with Matthew at 100%! It turned out, this part of the brain responsible for unexplained paranormal activity.

Texas man poltergeist was presented to Dr. John Cmecu. In the course of further study abilities, Matthew was made a sensational discovery! It turned out, Matthew can affect cancer cells and destroy them. This is probably the most outstanding feat Matthew manning.

Some other psychics can also have an impact on cancers, but not in such scale. Matthew manning – the only person in the world that could destroy more than 60% of cancer cells!

Why is this man poltergeist has not “rocked” the whole world? First, Matthew manning has appeared on television and in theaters, where he shocked everyone with a demonstration of their powers, but it was not for him.

In 1977, Matthew decided to interrupt their activities to leave the buzz and bustle and go to the Himalayas. There he experienced a kind of extraordinary experience, and then, after returning home, promised to use his gift only for the benefit of mankind. And he kept his word! He participated and participates in research, helps in the treatment of patients, writes scientific reports and conducts personal reception. However, he never took the full payment for the healing, as it believes that the person heals himself, he only helps to direct the energy in a troubled place.

About Matthew Manning – the man-poltergeist – very few people know. Those who are intimately acquainted with him, in one voice say that do not know a more humble person. Now Matthew does not give interviews and is not looking for public glory. He found his calling in healing and lives to help people!

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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