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Residents of Krasnoyarsk region meet with incredible

Added Wed, 19/08/2020
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Wed, 28/03/2012

Periodically in the Krasnoyarsk news there is information that someone in the apartment was a shoe, somewhere in the field opened an abnormal hole, and someone came into contact with a UFO. Sometimes everything turns out to be a figment of imagination or a drunken hallucination. But it happens that strange things happen with sober, adequate people.

Otherworldly hikes

Kochetkov's wife didn't believe in any damn thing. But once in a tourist trip they encountered an inexplicable.

"We spent the night on the banks of the River Kahn," says Maria. "And in the morning I was pushed by someone. I open my eyes and see two white pillars near the camp. I thought I was going to make a dream, but they didn't disappear. Either the fog, or the ghost, or the big man. I wanted to wake my husband, but suddenly in my head clearly heard: "Don't! Don't tell me you saw us." And the pillars swam away from our sleepover, along the shore, and then along the water surface of Kahn. The woman wanted to tell the others, but she couldn't. She had a feeling that if she spoke, something terrible would happen. It wasn't until a few years later that she opened up to her husband. And he confessed that he had seen it too, and his voice told him to keep quiet too.

Krasnoyarsk cavers sometimes tell about the mysterious owners of caves that frighten intruders.

"I've been climbing caves for seven years. Of course, I could hear all sorts of sounds and shadows, - says Oleg Cherikashin. And then he came back from one cave and heard a whisper from behind. I decided that one of the newcomers had fallen behind, came back. And suddenly in the light of the lantern I saw a bearded man on a stone. He shouted to me, "What do you want?" and then my lantern went out.

Not a good apartment

At the beginning of the year, the village of Startsevo became famous for the whole region, where a poltergeist was built in one of the houses. He threw kitchen utensils and threw various objects at the owners. Scared neighbors began to bypass the "bad" house. And the owners themselves asked the police and the authorities to take action against the dispersed otherworldly guest.

I had to call a psychic from Krasnoyarsk, who calmed the evil spirit. However, not everyone believes in this history. Thus, journalists who came to remove the supernatural phenomenon, the owners were not allowed on the doorstep. And the village council hinted that the story is far-fetched.

"There are places where the hell really happens," says one of the red-ing. I ran into a bad apartment years ago. The newlyweds moved there and lost sleep, they were tormented by nightmares.

I asked the neighbors and found out that a young man had hanged himself in that apartment a long time ago. His mother was asleep. The next tenants moved out six months after the housewarming. There were several fires, stabbings and unexpected deaths in the apartment. And in the families who settled there, quarrels and scandals began.

UFO over Yenisei

Glowing balls in the sky are often seen over Krasnoyarsk. Some say: it's Chinese lanterns in the wind, others believe that they are alien ships.

In 2011, Krasnoyarsk walruses noticed a strange object moving across the sky above Yenisei. Solid men, not prone to pranks and jokes, told journalists about the meeting with UFOs.

In 2010, several Krasnoyarsk residents saw a plate hovering over houses in the North neighborhood. Michael was walking late at night with his dog. Suddenly she kicked her head and stood up like a dug-out.

"I looked up and saw a triangular object. It hung over the house. I thought it was a hallucination. I called a friend, he came out with a camera. But the pictures didn't work out. A triangular object slowly disappeared behind the house. Maybe someone started such a model, but why at two in the morning?

Russian ufologists say that our region has long attracted UFOs. Even the Tunguska meteorite is called a fallen alien ship. The plates and lights in the sky have been observed for 100 years.

Pensioner Alexei Makarov in Soviet times worked on cutting down in the taiga.

"We didn't know about UFOs at the time. One night I was woken up by my comrades, a glowing ball flying over us. A bright beam came from it and fumbled on the ground. We went and ran away. Then I saw such a UFO more than once.

Some made a strange rumble, others blinked. I don't know what they should have in the taiga. I never came close.

Abnormal zones:

Tunguska's fall - strange sounds and lights in the sky, the disappearance of animals.

Putorana Plateau - there are burnt on the ground geometric figures, a strange rumble is heard, stones move.

The Cave of Elenev in the coastal rock of Karaul Bull opposite the village of Ovsyanka is one of the most mysterious in the country. They found a strange object, presumably dating back 3 millennia BC.

The red crest on the slope of the Torgashin Ridge is a gravitational anomaly. Eyewitnesses say that stones rise in the air, and sometimes the people themselves.

It's a clearing,or a cemetery, in Priangarje. Stories about the place where all living things die - birds, plants, people - appeared in the 20s of the last century. The exact location has not been established.

COMMENTary By Eugenia Sorokina, medium

"A lot of strange things are explained quite simply. I was approached by a woman who was constantly missing jewelry. She believed that she was being avenged by the spirit of her great-grandmother, in whose apartment she had renovated. And they were dragged by a cat.

Sometimes light bulbs explode in the apartment every now and then. This is not a poltergeist or a ghost, but a problem with tension in the network.

Once the neighbors in the cottage told that they have a ghost in the barn. Turns the wind, wood folds into strange signs, strangely sighs and grunts. Everything was explained by the homeless man, who periodically spent the night there.

Do not immediately blame ghosts or UFOs, you should always be sensible to such things.

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