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Mysterious green comet Nishimura

Added Wed, 06/09/2023
Дата публикации
Wed, 06/09/2023

In the vastness of our universe, objects appear and disappear, but comet Nishimura is not just an ordinary space stone. This is a ghostly green comet with a mysterious origin, which is currently visible to the naked eye. This rare celestial phenomenon has attracted the attention of astronomers and stargazers, since it will be visible again only in 2317. Due to the close approach to the Earth on September 12, the opportunity to see the beauty of comet Nishimura falls once in a lifetime.

An unexpected discovery

Comet Nishimura caught the astronomical community by surprise when it was discovered just a month ago. But this comet is not a leisurely traveler - it rushes through space at a speed of 240,000 miles per hour in orbit around the Sun. The closest encounter with our planet will take place on the morning of September 12 at a distance of 78 million miles. To see this heavenly miracle, experts recommend looking in the east-northeast direction for an hour after sunset or an hour before dawn.

"Dirty snowball" in space

To the naked eye, Comet Nishimura looks like a star-shaped spot with a thin green tail. Comets are often called "dirty snowballs" due to the fact that they include ice, dust and rocky material. As they approach the Sun, these icy and dusty components begin to evaporate, forming a characteristic tail and cloud halo called a coma. Unlike asteroids, which consist mainly of metals and stones, comets undergo a unique transformation when approaching our star.

Interstellar origin

A distinctive feature of comet Nishimura is its possible interstellar origin. Assumptions about this arise due to its trajectory and the fact that it was discovered at a great distance from the Sun. Hideo Nishimura from Japan is considered the author of the discovery of this amazing comet, which he noticed using a telephoto lens mounted on a Canon camera on August 12, 2023. A photographer from June Lake, California, also took a picture of the ghostly green comet at this time, showing its bright green spot with a shiny tail.

Slingshot Effect

Another intriguing aspect of Comet Nishimura's journey is its upcoming "slingshot motion" around the Sun. This dramatic maneuver is carried out under the influence of the enormous gravitational pull of our star, as a result of which the comet returns to the darkness of space and disappears from our field of vision. Professor Brad Gibson, director of the E. A. Milne Center for Astrophysics at the University of Hull, emphasizes the rarity of such events: "The opportunity to see Comet Nishimura with the naked eye falls to people only once a decade." Given the 500-year period of the comet's orbit around the Solar System, such a chance really comes once in a lifetime."

Dangerous approach to the Sun

When comet Nishimura makes its closest approach to the Sun on September 17 at a distance of only 27 million km, a potential danger awaits it. Intense heat and gravitational forces can cause significant changes in the structure and trajectory of the comet. The close approach to the Sun further enhances the intrigue and excitement around this celestial spectacle.

"It takes a comet 500 years to orbit the Solar system, the Earth one year, and the outer planets many decades. Halley's comet, which aroused great interest during its last close visit to Earth in 1986, takes 76 years to orbit the Solar System. Therefore, to say that the opportunity to see Nishimura falls once in a lifetime is not an exaggeration," says Professor Brad Gibson, emphasizing the rarity and significance of this event.


Don't miss your chance

The ghostly green glow of comet Nishimura and its mysterious origin make it an attractive sight in the night sky. Since she rushes through space at an incredible speed, such an opportunity to observe her beauty should not be missed in any case. Mark your calendars and get ready to be shocked by the celestial miracle - comet Nishimura.

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