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The heavenly bodies

The brightest heavenly bodies in the sky are Venus, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars and, of course, the Moon.

Venus is the bright yellow of the evening or morning star, shining in the sky on the background of evening or dawn. Maximum brightness of Venus can reach up to 4.3 m, and she is the third brightness of the sun in earth's sky after the sun and the moon. It so well reflects the light of the Sun that it is relatively easy to see and day, especially if you know the location. It manifests itself in the form of tiny blinking white dots.

The brilliance of Jupiter can reach -2,3 m, together with a characteristic yellow color also makes him stand out against the starry sky.

The moon as well, especially in photos, it seems just a bright, glowing sphere.

Also because of a number of atmospheric phenomena, the perception of these heavenly bodies may be distorted and take bizarre forms.

This category can be attributed to comets, meteorites, etc.

Also interesting is the star ALGOL Beta (b) Persei. This is usually the second brightest star of the constellation, but every 2.87 days it glitter falls from 2.1 to 3.5 star.led. Then, within 10 hours, the Shine of ALGOL increases again to the former brightness. Reason for the change of gloss is that ALGOL represents two different physical properties of stars orbiting a common center of gravity. The weakening of the Shine of ALGOL occurs when the smaller star eclipses the bright. This star couple is impossible to distinguish any one telescope – they are so close to each other.

Sometimes some celestial body for a UFO take over flicker. The twinkling of stars is caused by atmospheric conditions. It constantly moves air masses of different densities and in different directions. Moving from one density to another of air, light rays experiencing refraction. Depending on this, the star light is constantly changing brightness is amplified, then weakened. This phenomenon becomes more noticeable the closer the stars to the horizon, because the light here is much greater thickness of atmosphere. The different colored rays are propagated and refracted in the atmosphere varies. In this regard, the twinkling of stars vary in color. Planets almost never twinkle, as they are not points of light, and small disks, the various points which twinkle as if independently from each other, whereby the average intensity remains the same. The twinkling of stars increases with decreasing temperature, increasing humidity and increasing wind at different altitudes. Consequently, an intense twinkle star says about high humidity, about the troubled state of the atmosphere in upper layers, even if the bottom is observed calm. In most cases, this flickering is credited with UFOs when shooting video with a strong approximation, at least - by direct observation.

A UFO can be taken even combination of stars. For example, the summer triangle (an asterism of three stars in the three constellations Deneb, VEGA and Altair).

Ashen light of the moon is a phenomenon in which the observer sees a whole moon, though the Sun illuminated only part of it. While unlit direct sunlight part of the moon's surface has a characteristic gray color. Glow the dark direct sunlight the moon's surface is formed by sunlight scattered by the Earth, and then secondarily reflected by the Moon to the Earth. Thus, the route of photons ashen light of the moon is: Sun → Earth → Moon → Earth (observer on Earth).

Is observed shortly before and shortly after the new moon (at the beginning of the first quarter and at the end of the last quarter moon phases).

Or syzygy Syzygy (from the ancient Greek. σύ-ζῠγος, "pair connection") the alignment of three or more astronomical bodies within gravitatsionnoe system on the same line, i.e. within the Solar system (or in any other system objects that are located in orbits around a Central body). Syzygy sometimes leads to darkening, the transit or Eclipse.

Planets is an astronomical phenomenon in which a certain amount of planets in the Solar system is on one side of the Sun in the small sector. They are more or less close to each other on the celestial sphere. The maximum convergence of the celestial bodies on the Ecliptic longitude is called the connection.

  • Small parade — astronomical phenomenon, during which four planets are on one side of the Sun in the small sector.
  • The big parade is an astronomical phenomenon during which the six planets are on the same side of the Sun in the small sector.
  • The complete parade is an astronomical phenomenon during which all the planets are on one side of the Sun in the small sector.

Also distinguishes between "visible" and "invisible" parade of the planets of the solar system:

  • A visible parade of planets is called planetary configuration, when five bright planets in the Solar system (mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) in its motion across the sky match each other in close distance and are visible at one time in a small sector (10 — 40 degrees) of the sky.
  • Invisible parade of planets is called planetary configuration where the planets, including the invisible to the naked eye, "line up" on one side from the Sun in the small sector (in this configuration, mercury and Venus can be invisible from Earth, since they are in inferior conjunction with the Sun, but outer planets are visible almost in the same direction).

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