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The mystery of the glowing alien is revealed

Added Sun, 06/12/2020
Дата публикации
Fri, 06/12/2013

Ichthyologists broke their heads trying to identify the creature, which in early December swam into the Harbor of the British city of Bristol. It glowed, shimmered with different colors, moved close to the surface of the water and moved appendages like tentacles.

Scientists at the University of Bristol even ventured to publicly comment, comparing the creature with a squid, a jellyfish, or a sea cabbage. But finally not recognizing either of them in it.

The video posted on YouTube was viewed by about a million people. But we couldn't decide either.

- Nessie dressed up for Christmas, Santa Claus in fins, - some readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda joked cheerfully.

"The soul of Berezovsky," others joked darkly.

From the most popular version, it followed that a certain alien alien was floating and glowing. In extreme cases, a creature unknown to science rose from the depths of the world's oceans.

And the other day the secret was revealed. It turned out that the object is artificial. In short, a model like a submarine, equipped with LEDs. Made specifically to fool people. But not just like that, but during a new program on British television called "Happenings".

Its fruitful debut idea is this: without any warning, to show the public cinematic tricks. And shoot the reaction. The "glowing alien" was released into the water to promote the program. And this goal was actually achieved.

Fans of real devilry, of course, do not welcome this very "Happenings". The creators of the program will probably continue to release all sorts of artificial monsters, monsters, zombies, "flying saucers", aliens, simulate some abnormal phenomena. How do I distinguish them from the real ones? In a world without TV shows, there are enough fakes that confuse the picture of the world around us. And scientists will stop explaining anything for fear of being in a comical position. Like their colleagues and the University of Bristol.

Or did someone deliberately decide to confuse reality even more?

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