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Photo of a "pancake" sunset from San Francisco

Added Mon, 28/09/2020
Дата публикации
Mon, 28/09/2020

Photographer Mila Zinkova watched this sunset from San Francisco and it reminded her of Breakfast. According to her, the setting sun looked like a stack of pancakes.

When such an effect is observed, it means one thing: the air is cut into layers of different temperatures, and the cold air is "squeezed" between the layers of warm air. Layers play the role of a light guide, directing the sun's rays.

Scientists are also aware of the optical illusion observed in the Arctic and Antarctic — the Novaya Zemlya effect. It seems that the sunrise occurs before the astronomical due to the multiple reflection of the sun's rays in the layers of the atmosphere. The sun looks like a line or even a quadrilateral.

Here we can observe three mirages-pancakes. The fiery color of "pancakes" can be explained by real fire — San Francisco is surrounded by forest fires, there is a lot of smoke in the atmosphere.

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