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Romanians call themselves the heir of Dracula and really drinks human blood

Added Tue, 02/10/2018
Дата публикации
Tue, 02/10/2018

A resident of Romania Andreas Bathory says that vampires exist not only in legend but in reality and considers himself a true vampire. And not just any vampire, but the heir of Vlad Tepes, nicknamed Dracula, perhaps the most famous Romanians in history. Andreas Bathory calls himself Lord and he says he lives close to the bran castle, where many centuries ago lived Dracula.

Right now bran castle is a popular attraction for tourists and few of them suspect that in Romania still living vampires.

"Four years ago, Vlad the Impaler came to me in a dream. He was in dark clothing and called me his son." says Andreas Bathory, "I don't believe that I am literally his child, but I think he chose me as his heir and wants me to continue his tradition."

Bathory obviously fictional name in honor of the medieval Hungarian Countess Bathory, who tortured and killed girls, drank their blood and literally bathed in it.

"After that night, I brought the victim to the place where he was killed and then he again came to me and said that my life will now change forever. And so it happened".

The bran castle, According to Andreas báthory, he was soon elected head of the coven Ordo Dracul, which allegedly was created almost immediately after the death of Dracula in 1476. But modern vampires don't attack people and drink blood, which is specially for them hand over their fans from the group "black swans".

"You'd be surprised how many people want to have their blood drank by a vampire". — Bathory tells reporters, People voluntarily give us everything we need and we take their energy. We often hear that it is dangerous to drink blood, but we are taking risks and are sure that it is not more dangerous than crossing the street".

Bathory also loves to sleep in a coffin and meditate, but he did not disclose what he does and how old he is. Presumably, he is engaged in fashion design. While Bathory assures that the actual absorption of blood is not to be confused with various fetishistic fantasies, and that it has no relation to sexuality. It is for this reason Bathory stays away from large groups of "vampires" that have become their after watching the TV series or movies about vampires.

"I just keep the 600-year tradition. Real vampires never realize itself through sexual deviations, fetishes, blood or BDSM".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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