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Vampires that really exist in nature

Added Mon, 29/10/2018
Дата публикации
Sun, 28/10/2018

Vampires have always been among the most feared mythical creatures ever invented. This undead familiar to most of us due to the common superstition, penetrated into Western Europe from the Balkans: here are the tales about the horrific actions of the vampires were commonplace. But references to them are found much earlier. Some of the papyri found in Babylon, also describe similar phenomena. But is there any truth in these legends? It turns out, Yes. In search of the right way, evolution has made some creatures in the likeness of vampires. Menagerie headed by hematophagy — real-life vampires, which probably became the prototype of many fairy tales.


In the world there are about forty species of lampreys, and most of them are absolutely safe for all living things. The ancestors of these creatures appeared on the planet 500 million years ago, evolutionary develop convenient and quite unpleasant way of eating. Sea lampreys, Petromyzon marinus, grows into a monster that feeds on the blood of hapless victims. Adult lamprey use the mouth as a sucker, and his tongue detaches the scales of fishes to get to the internal organs. The teeth of lampreys are composed of hard keratin fibers: they ensure a secure fit vampire in the body of the victim. Continuous blood flow is achieved by the special glands of the lampreys that produce special substances that prevent blood clotting.


Steinadler earthen reel got its nickname for the bloodthirsty nature and disgusting eating habits. This bird occurs on the Islands of Darwin, which is stuffed with blood of other feathered counterparts. The main diet of a vampire is the blood of blue-footed boobies Chaffinch pierces their skin with its sharp beak and drink until satisfied. However, gannets are from the reel in a kind of symbiosis, allowing you to eat their blood in exchange for getting rid of the parasites which vyklevyvaet a vampire.


This vampire should be afraid of only the most sluggish creatures on the planet, however, Cancellaria cooperi easily finds food. The fact that nature took care to equip the snail a real Taser, which stuns the victim for a sufficient amount of time. Unhappy food comes to his senses in the moment when it slowly eating marine snail.

The vampire moth

The only species of moth on the planet, which can be interested in not only your wardrobe but also your blood. These little vampires use their thin, sharp proboscis, penetrating under the skin of any mammals. In the process of feeding, sting puts forward a number of serrated grooves, which prevent the victim to throw off an unwelcome rider.

Red-crested volclay

Another bird that prefers to feed on the rich blood of mammals, rather than the usual earthworms. Volclay selects large animals with open or fresh wounds, from which the bird obtains its food.


And finally, the classic vampire. Most of the modern mythology surrounding vampires, focuses attention on the ability of drinkers to spill over into a bat. This legend is based on real creatures that live in Central and South America. Saliva bat-vampire contains special chemical compounds that prevent blood clotting. The vampire's victim may not even notice, as it becomes a complete meal.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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