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Scientists have revealed the truth about the "fu fighters" of the Second World War

Added Sun, 04/02/2024
Дата публикации
Fri, 02/02/2024

If you're a fan of history, you may have heard of the term "fu fighters" - not a rock band, but mysterious objects that pilots saw during World War II.

These observations caused a lot of speculation and controversy, as some people thought it was a secret weapon or even an alien spaceship. But what were they really like?

A new study by scientists from the universities of California, Arizona and the Harvard-Smithsonian Institution may have found the answer, at least in some cases. They suggest that some of the "fu fighters" were actually plasma or ionized gases, which can have different shapes and sizes and are attracted to electromagnetic activity.

Plasma is not uncommon in nature, and it can be seen in phenomena such as lightning, auroras, and fireballs. They can also behave in strange and unpredictable ways, especially when interacting with magnetic fields or electric currents.

The researchers analyzed various reports from World War II pilots about "fu fighters" and compared them with modern plasma observations by astronauts and spacecraft.

They found that some descriptions match up very well, such as spherical or disc-shaped objects that glow in different colors, move erratically, and sometimes follow or approach an airplane.

One example is the report of U.S. Navy Lieutenant David McFalls, who encountered a "fighter jet" over the Pacific Ocean in 1943. He described it as a "reddish-orange fireball, about six inches in diameter," which "flew along the left beam for several minutes," and then "made a 90-degree turn and flew into our engine number two."

The study does not claim to explain all the cases of the appearance of "fu fighters", since some of them could be optical illusions, misidentified aircraft or hoaxes. But he offers a plausible and scientific explanation for some of the most mysterious and puzzling cases.

"This plasma is electromagnetic objects that have different shapes and sizes," said study co—author Dr. Rudolf Schild of the Harvard-Smithsonian Institution.

"They have repeatedly approached spacecraft and space shuttles, and they are attracted to electromagnetic activity, including thunderstorms."

"Based on video, photographic and computer analysis, including reports from military officers and astronauts, we believe that this plasma is the cause of at least some of the numerous reports of UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena over the past few thousand years, including the observed "fu fighters". by German, Japanese and Allied pilots during World War II."

The new study will be published in the Journal of Modern Physics.


Addition. This is probably about the fact that Chris Allen Broca, in his paper published on April 13, 2020, "Foo Fighters and Plasma balls for a microwave oven," writes:

An explanation is given for two peculiar phenomena - Foo Fighters and plasma balls from a microwave oven. It is assumed that both of these phenomena arise as a result of the interaction of microwave energy with regions of hot partially ionized gas. 

In the first case, it is assumed that the aircraft's own radar irradiated its hot exhaust gases, resulting in a glowing object that seemed to follow it. We study the physics of these situations and try to determine the temperatures and field strengths necessary for such processes to be viable. To do this, we use an interesting iterative method for solving the corresponding partial differential equations. 

We found that both processes do make physical sense, although the required field strength is approaching the upper limit of what could be considered reasonable.

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