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Map of mysterious places of the Chelyabinsk region

Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 01/11/2021

Correspondents of MK-Ural, with the support of South Ural local historians, have compiled a map of mysterious places in the Chelyabinsk region.


This ancient underground complex on the banks of the Ai River was opened in 1995 by speleologists. The complex includes 43 karst cavities: caves and grottos, rock canopies, karst arches and bridges, buried and semi-buried caves. This unique monument covers an area of 425 square meters. Traces of human habitation of all historical epochs were found in the caves. Also, according to legend, a snowman lives here, which the locals call "shurale" ("goblin").

Sikiyaz-Tamak stands in second place after Arkaim as a natural and historical monument of the Chelyabinsk region.


Residents of this village in the Satka district sometimes encounter a snowman in the forest, whom they call a goblin. Also not far from Sulea there is a swamp with a bad reputation, which they prefer not to go to — they also meet hairy creatures there. Getting caught in their eyes is considered a bad omen...

There are several so—called "lost places" on the Sulei Ridge.


It is located on the eastern slope of Mount Sugomak, five kilometers from the city of Kyshtym, in a small isolated massif of white fine-grained striped marble.

Representatives of the Moscow group "Kosmopoisk" with the help of an echo sounder found at least three strange objects in underground lakes under the thickness of silt. Their structures are disc-shaped and hollow inside.

The mountain itself, in which the Sugomak cave is located, is considered a "place of power". Local psychics come here to recharge with energy.


A miraculous stone lying in the Kunashaksky district near the village of Ust-Bagaryak at the junction of three regions — Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Kurgan.

There are still elements of paganism among the Tatar population. There are still people who worship this sacred stone, coming to pray to it. It looks like a lobed limestone block, pitted with wrinkles of cracks. There is also a dent on it - the trace of the holy Mahadi.


On the shore of this lake, on one of the stones, you can see an image of a mirror and an inscription in French — "Mirror of the Fairy of the North". As you know, the French have a fairy like a forest goddess, leshachiha.

According to a sad legend, this image was made by the French artist Charlot from the Castle. He went on the run from a cruel clerk and lived in the forest near the Sinar Lake. It was believed that the artist was helped by leshachikha herself, who averted the eyes of detractors. The murderers who still tracked down Charlot and dealt with him were found with traces of violent death. An unknown person brutally killed them and drowned them in the lake.


A stone meteor shower fell over this lake in the Kunashak district on the morning of June 11, 1949. According to eyewitnesses of that time, the rain was accompanied by the flight of a bright car through a cloudless sky.

The largest fragments that were found in the area weighed from 35 to 50 kilograms (the depth of the craters is up to two meters). Among the finds was a 120-kilogram boulder. As scientists have established, the age of the "space alien" is about 500 million years.

It is assumed that there are entrances to other worlds on the shores of Chebakul...


A lake in the north of the Chelyabinsk region, considered "unclean". Its name translates from Bashkir as "meat water".

Itkul is known for its geological miracle - the remnant of the Shaitan stone, rising from the water in the southwest of the lake. It is near the Shaitan stone that many people drown. One miraculously escaped man told us that an invisible cord seemed to pass through his torso while swimming, after which his body seemed to be shackled, and he reached the shore only thanks to his athletic data. There are also stories among the local population about a giant snake (Bazhovsky Skidder), which is called "adjarkha" here.


UFO flights, energy balls, fireballs and light poles are often observed on the Taganay Ridge. Tourists tell about meetings with a snowman and a mysterious Kialim (Taganay) woman. Meetings with her sometimes end in the death of a tourist.


One of the oldest fortress-type structures in the Urals, located near the village of Varna. It is assumed that the red brick tower was built in the XIV century, and maybe earlier. Historians are still arguing about the purpose of the majestic mausoleum tower, there is no consensus...

It is assumed that he built the mausoleum for his deceased daughter (during excavations, a female burial was indeed discovered). But Tamerlane had no daughters, only sons... And Timur himself was not in the Urals.


The ancient Aryan settlement in the south of the region, dated to the second millennium BC, has become a real Mecca for the pilgrimage of psychics, contactees, various prophets and messiahs. Among themselves, scientists working in the Arkaim reserve call them "powdered", but treat them with understanding and patience — the reserve needs an influx of vacationers…

The Arkaim settlement has a ring structure, it is clearly oriented by the stars (Aryan culture has always been closely connected with astrology).

Some consider Arkaim to be the ancient spiritual center of Siberia and the Urals. Others seek healing from their ailments in the reserve. Following the new legends, you can “collect" your illnesses in a ribbon and tie it on Arkaim stones or branches of rare bushes. All of them are dotted with motley "diseases". Still others are recharged with cosmic energy here. You just need to find an "energy pillar” and stand on it. Various energy phenomena are really not uncommon here. From the point of view of geophysics, this is explained by the fact that Arkaim stands on the site of a once active paleovolcano.


According to the information received by the Stalker group, fireballs are surprisingly often seen in this village located under the Urenga Ridge. Almost during every thunderstorm.


The name of this ridge in translation from the Turkic means "luminous". It is in these parts that mysterious events occur associated with the appearance of UFOs and bigfoot, as well as with the wandering and disappearance of people.

In February 2001, a UFO in the form of a "glowing pulsating sphere" was captured on video. Numerous meetings of local residents with the "goblin", UFOs and other "miracles" are described in detail and eloquently in the book of local historian Vitaly Chernetsov "Satka legends, legends, were".


It is located in the Katav-Ivanovsky district, near the village of Serpiyevka. The entrance to the cave fascinates anyone. On the walls of Ignatievka, whose length is 545 meters, drawings of ancient people (drawings about 15 thousand years old), flint products, bones of animals that lived on this territory more than 10 thousand years ago were found. This indicates that it served as a refuge for man in the Stone Age. Underground halls and galleries located in hard-to-reach places and away from daylight, most likely had a sacred meaning and served as a venue for some complex rituals.

Ignatius Cave got its name after the cellarer Ignatius, who lived in the cave and, according to legend, was buried in it. A lot of people from neighboring factories, villages and villages flocked to the holy father. According to legend, now the spirit of St. Ignatius comes out at night to the edge of the cave and looks at the moon. According to tourists, strange voices and footsteps are heard here at night, coming from nowhere. In the cave itself and near it, batteries quickly run out, flashlight lamps burn out, camera flashes refuse to work, people feel someone's invisible presence... A man-made stalagmite "grew up" in the cave, on which the faces of the Virgin and Child are discernible. And in one of the halls it is very difficult to get high-quality photographs — a "white transparent veil" appears on them.


Chelyabinsk zoologist Nikolai AVDEEV, a man who has already been dubbed a "bigfoot hunter" in the local media, expressed his opinion about the "anomalous zones":

— For me, there is no concept of "abnormal zones". What are "abnormal zones"? I'm conducting research on the Nurgush ridge, this year I'm going to the so-called Devil's Valley on the Yuryuzan River, where they allegedly hear SOME howling… But these are not "anomalous zones" in themselves, they are underexamined zones, zones in which someone has heard or seen something, but where no research has been conducted. In fact, everything is formed at the level of rumors and speculation: one dreamed such-and-such, the other - such-and-such... If there is no scientific confirmation, justification, then people simply have not got to the bottom of what is happening. This is how these "anomalous zones" appear…

PS. The information about the mysterious places was borrowed by the newspaper correspondents from the website of the Sverdlovsk research group "Stalker" 

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