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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Fire poltergeist

Added Tue, 04/10/2016
burn marks
fire with no apparent source
spontaneous combustion
thermal effects on the body

To the fire phenomena can be attributed to three main types:

In this article we will describe the phenomenon of a fiery poltergeist.

Poltergeist (from it. poltern — "to make noise", "knock" and Geist — "spirit") is a term used to denote phenomena of unknown nature associated with noise and knocks, spontaneous movement of objects, spontaneous combustion, etc. it is believed that the poltergeist (unlike other ghosts) is tied not to a place but to a person — usually a child enters the stage of puberty (in the case of the latter, referred to as "agent" or "focal person"). It is believed that the poltergeist does not cause significant harm to the person: it can hurt, but not kill.

In addition to the other ways it can manifest itself thermally (temperature change items up to icing or fire).

Victims of the fire poltergeist sometimes become residents of individual apartments, sometimes entire cities. The flame flares up instantly, without any reasons and in the strangest places.


Incidents that can be classified as a poltergeist, has happened throughout recent history. During this time there was no strong changes in the manifestations of the phenomenon. Fire poltergeist were studied in conjunction with other types of poltergeist.

For all time of existence of the phenomenon was proposed many hypotheses explaining this phenomenon.

  • At things and people, one way or another, affected by various entities not of our world (the souls of the dead, essence of the subtle world, the devil, demons, etc.).
  • Any manifestation of poltergeist – a household accident (short transactions, etc.)
  • The presence on the surface of the flammable chemicals are prone to spontaneous combustion.
  • To the accommodation or its owners put the evil eye.
  • At things and people, one way or another, affects the person with the ability of pyrokinesis.
  • Through hypnosis someone affects residents and visitors of the home, suggesting their invisibility and impunity creating unrest.
  • A scientific approach to the study of the phenomenon was applied only in the first half of the XX century, when the work was started the Nandor Fodor and Harry Price. In the 30-ies of XX century psychologist and parapsychologist Nandor Fodor advanced the theory that the poltergeist is not caused by "spirits," but the human mind where suppressed feelings (anger, annoyance, anger). Fodor's was the first to formulate the idea of a poltergeist as "mental projection" painful (or a developing adolescent) psyche that outputs to the outside of the inner aggression.
  • Physicist David Turner suggested that poltergeists and ball lightning — a phenomenon of nature and will cause similar physical effects.
  • Parapsychologist William J. Roll and physicist Hal Puthoff from Duke University believe that the movement of objects without apparent reason can be caused by abnormalities in the so-called the zero point field.

The features of the phenomenon, making it unexplained:

  1. Ignition occurs suddenly and without apparent source.
  2. Frequent eruptions of flame retardant items.
  3. Often the surrounding objects is damaged slightly, even if they are highly flammable.
  4. On the body to burns of different degrees.
  5. Often the fire does not just burn items, and burns on them symbols, letters, words.

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