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The secret of the Blue Mountain of the famous Medveditsa ridge

Added Sat, 09/01/2021
Дата публикации
Wed, 06/01/2021

Gold treasures, mysterious caves, UFOs and even time travel-what kind of mysteries does not keep the Blue Mountain, the most mysterious place of the famous Medveditskaya ridge.

Scientists recognize that the Dono-Medveditskaya mountain range in the Volgograd region, which includes the Blue Mountain tract — is one of the strongest geoactive zones in Russia. And although the ridge looks like a chain of low ancient hills, dormant in the middle of the Volga steppes of the Zhirnovsky district of the Volgograd region, its peace is deceptive. This place has long been considered a place of power: on one of the hills, archaeologists found the remains of an ancient temple.

On the slope of another peak — Blue Mountain-the most powerful thunderstorms in the area are raging; people disappear here, and ball lightning constantly appears from the depths of the mountain. They fly along their strictly defined routes and sometimes, like living creatures, fly around careless "contactees" without harming them.

The slope of "mad lightning" and spontaneous combustion of the shepherd

An inexperienced tourist will think that the places here are quiet, but this feeling is deceptive. The most dangerous place of the ridge is considered to be the Blue Mountain tract — it is here that ball lightning most often appears. Every year, hundreds of these strange electrical formations are recorded, and they appear both during thunderstorms and in clear weather.

They behave in an extremely unusual way: for hours they move through the air at a height of about one meter above the ground along the same routes, as if approved by someone. Most often they move in the direction of the north-east, to the Saratov region, and burn through the trunks of trees that block their path.

And indeed, on the trunks of trees on the slopes of Blue Mountain, you can see scorched circles. Other trees stand as if burned from the inside, and the third charred tops. In the wake of lightning, you can even calculate the size of the"fireball". The largest ball lightning reached a size of two meters in diameter. But old-timers point out: passing through people, the same lightning does not cause any harm.

However, sometimes fireballs fly into the homes of rural residents and even cause a fire. In the old days, people believed that the mountain itself generates fireballs — they literally fly out of its belly, out of the ground. The fact is that under the ridge there is a whole network of underground caves, and some of them have a round shape, as if the rock is burned through by ball lightning. But is this possible?

Secrets of the Medveditsky caves

Caves under the Dono-Medveditskaya ridge really exist — this is a network of natural formations, which, obviously, has undergone a number of changes: people who have been hiding in them since ancient times, adapted their halls and passages to their needs, and some of the tunnels were simply hollowed out.

A brave nun of one of the local monasteries, who went underground at the beginning of the XX century, told local historians that a series of passages and tunnels used to lead all the way to the city of Serafimovich, that is, it passed almost 50 kilometers underground.

In these caves, the robbers allegedly buried two gold treasures, and through holes in the mountain were used to give each other signals. This could only happen if the caves were really absolutely straight, with smooth walls that also reflected the light of the fire well.

During the time of Catherine II, these places were inhabited by German settlers who used the caves for household needs. During the Civil War, detachments of White Guards led by commander Ivan Boroda hid in the caves, and after the establishment of Soviet power, numerous street children settled there. But after the workers of the OGPU povilonio all young bandits and pickpockets, the entrances to the caves were blown up.

During the Great Patriotic War, the caves again made themselves felt: the passages were opened during the digging of trenches. Soviet sappers solved this in a radical way-they blew them up. There is a story that in 1942 a group of local teenagers who got lost the day before remained in the caves.

Several caves were discovered during road works in the late 20th century. However, they are covered with landslides, you can not explore them. Nevertheless, rumor has preserved stories that even after the war, the caves were used by Gypsy horse thieves. This means that there are still large tunnels under the ridge, through which even a horse can be led.

Even the stones are burning

The fact that there is some incomprehensible activity on the ridge is evidenced by strange stones that are found everywhere. From the outside they look like ordinary cobblestones, but from the inside they are hollow and as if burned out.

There is another mystery here, which the locals tell with horror. This is a case of spontaneous combustion of the shepherd Yuri Mamaev, who in an instant burned alive so that all the clothes on him remained intact. This incident was witnessed by another shepherd, and forensic experts did not understand what the man died from. Now a memorial sign is installed at the site of the strange death.

There are also bald spots of various shapes on the ridge, on which grass does not grow. Some of them have an octagonal shape, others are triangular, but most are shapeless. Local "contactees" believe that these are the landing sites of alien spaceships.

They say that in the early 1990s, triangular UFOs not only fairly battered the nerves of local air defense units, but also landed in the area of Blue Mountain. The disappearance of a herbalist from Abinsk, Nikolai Khlebalin, and the disappearance of a ufologist-researcher from Bashkiria are associated with the landing site of an unidentified triangular object.

On the ridge, stranger things happen: people here disappear for a while, get lost, and then return home, telling that they have been in another time and seen ancient settlements.

If you have a watch, it can fall behind, go ahead, or stop on the ridge. Researchers note that in the area of the ridge, electronics are too often broken, cars stall and compasses do not work.

Is the solution possible?

They began to study this region in the XVIII century. According to the authors of the film "The Secret of" furious lightning " (directed by Alexey Artemyev), when Catherine the Great came here naturalist Peter Simon Palace. However, he could not solve the riddle of the Blue Mountain and left with nothing.

In the XIX century, the physicist Porfiry Bakhmetyev, who deals with the problems of ferromagnetism, came here, but also left with nothing. In the 1920-1930-ies of the cave system explored by local historian Pushilin. He disappeared underground for weeks, carefully documenting his research, but his notebooks did not survive. Probably disappeared during the Great Patriotic War. And in the 1970s, a MAI expedition led by the famous ufologist Felix Siegel was sent here, but its research was classified.

Modern geologists point out that the Medveditskaya Ridge lies along a tectonic fault — perhaps it is the proximity of the underground bowels that causes the frequent appearance of ball lightning here. In addition, geologists note the high content of iron in local rocks — it can conduct electricity from the depths of the planet. With the release of natural iron to the surface, scientists explain the appearance of gaps where grass does not grow, and junk compasses, watches and electronic devices.

Here it is worth remembering the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. This valley is located 120 kilometers from Trondheim. The conditions are similar to the Blue Mountain: Hessdalen has many mines that used to produce copper, zinc and sulfur. Now the valley is a place of pilgrimage for " contactees "who come to see ball lightning flying for hours in the sky (there are so many of them that the locals call them" Hessdalen lights"), and UFOs of various shapes.

Norwegian scientists have been studying Hessdalen since 1984, and since 1998 there is a scientific station in the valley equipped with modern equipment. During this time, scientists have classified UFOs, made the discovery that the rays coming from UFOs, and fireballs that fly near the earth, completely sterilize its surface — kill bacteria. The only conclusion that the Norwegians came to is that the appearance of UFOs in Hessdalen is due to underground electricity.

Ball lightning occurs as a result of the action of a strong electromagnetic field that appears when two banks of the Hesya River interact, one of which plays the role of an anode (its rocks contain zinc and iron), and the second — the role of a cathode (its rocks contain copper). The river water Hasi play the role of the electrolyte.

It is possible that there is something similar on the Medveditskaya Ridge. For example, the two banks of the Medveditsa River, along which the mysterious ridge lies, can also work as an anode and cathode, so the bowels of the Blue Mountain now and then generate ball lightning, plasmoids and other unidentified objects.

Alas, the presence of iron in the rock and the banks of the river Dipper, acting as a battery, do not explain everything. There is no explanation for the disappearance of people, no explanation for the hallucinations, the spontaneous combustion of the poor shepherd, and the grassless circles that appear in new places every year.

Perhaps part of the mystery is somehow connected with the radioactive gas-radon, which comes out of the bowels of the hills? After all, it is not for nothing that there are many springs on the ridge, in which the radon content is five times higher than the norm. So the secrets of the Blue Mountain are still not solved and are waiting for new enthusiasts-local historians and scientists.

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