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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Star jelly

We already have a description of the phenomenon of "angel Hair". The so-called spider mass, which sometimes fall to the ground, and a few hours later evaporates. In the hands of such "hair" melt or turn into stinking lumps. A subspecies of this phenomenon believe (and sometimes they did not share) "Star jelly", a drop-down on the ground (branches, grass, etc.), but having a form not web, down or wool and jelly or slime. According to folklore, this substance has been accumulated on the earth during meteor showers, and the combination of legends about the origin of the appearance gave it the name.

The Oxford English dictionary lists several names for this phenomenon: star-fallen, star-falling, star-jelly, star-shot, star-slime, star-slough, star-slubber, and star-slutch. In the Russian language can also be found the names of "astral jelly", "space slime", "space jelly", "space snot", etc.

"Star jelly" is described as a translucent or grayish-white gelatinous mass, which may evaporate soon after "loss".

About gelatinous precipitation was mentioned by Charles Fort in his book "The Book of the Damned" in 1919. Description "a certain mucilaginous substance lying on the ground", can be found in the medical writings of the famous English physician of the fourteenth century John Gaddesden.

Currently, the best known are Oakville clots (Oakville Blobs)supposedly fell from the sky during the rain in the us city of Oakville, Washington, 7 August 1994.

It is interesting that, in contrast to the "angel hair", "star jelly" is almost never observed in the process of hair loss.


Hypotheses of the origin of these lumps of mucus can be divided into natural, artificial, and "conditionally supernatural."

Artificial origin:

  • human waste discharged from toilets of the aircraft; however, such discharges are specifically not made as a result of the accidental release of liquid has a different color (blue), and consistency;
  • polluting emissions of factories, laboratories and stations, unfortunately, did not specify what substances give such effect;
  • deliberate dumping of substances into the atmosphere; this hypothesis is upheld by followers of the conspiracy theory of dimitrescu.

Natural origin:

  • mushrooms (for example, Tubifera rusty or Drozhali focusevent);
  • microorganisms (colony Cyanobacteria);
  • mold (for example, Enteridium lycoperdon or Epyndrum Lycogala);
  • the eggs of frogs or toads, not delayed by natural means, and removed from the body in the attack of a predator; such eggs do not have protective film, rapidly absorb moisture from the environment and turn into a homogeneous gelatinous mass.

"Conditionally surjection" the origin:

  • condensed exhaust UFO;
  • eggs, slime and other fragments of aliens;
  • sign the witch's curse;
  • place the appearance of a Ghost;
  • etc.

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