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UFO. Russia

ID #1709806780
Added Thu, 07/03/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 
1976 02:00
железнодорожная станция "Шапки"
Leningradskaya oblast

Vladimir Alexandrovich Savin writes to the Commission on AI:

We also met with a similar phenomenon: me, my brother and our mutual friend, who organized this mushroom picking trip with an overnight stay in the area of the railway station "Caps".

I sent a detailed letter describing this case to the science department of the newspaper Vecherniy Leningrad, and received an answer, which I still have:

"Alas, Comrade. Savin! The phenomenon you are reporting is probably related to ball lightning. due to the age of the event, it is difficult to give you a clearer answer now.

Sincerely, Head of the Department of Science (L. Obraztsova) 07/13/1976"

It was around the end of summer, at about 2 a.m., when we walked about a kilometer from the station and, turning left, went in the opposite direction parallel to the railway. It was very dark, and we could barely make out each other at arm's length. We forgot the flashlights, so we stopped periodically to light the road with matches, and continued to walk on.

 Suddenly, somewhere far away, a fireball slowly rose.

We were walking, looking at him and wondering what it could be, and I was joking: "Suddenly there is an atomic war in Leningrad; we will return, but no one is there anymore" - and obviously, these slava turned out to be in place, according to the actions that took place in the following seconds. Somehow, it seemed to me, the ball took off from its place and, with incredible speed, increasing in size, flew in our direction. At the last moment, before I plopped into a ditch with mud that ran along the road, I managed to notice how our familiar front-line soldier, covering his head with his hands, with a heavy backpack on his shoulders, in a state of madness, was running away from a lightning-fast ball, which, as I managed to notice, seemed to be creeping along the road towards us, and only the upper half of it was visible.

I woke up from the roll call; we gathered, barely regaining consciousness and not finding an answer to what we saw.

Stunned, we couldn't calm down for a long time, and we still can't explain to ourselves what caused it.

I read a lot about ball lightning, and everywhere they compared their size with a tennis ball, and in our case, the diameter of the ball was about 7 meters.

Of course, we would like to know whose miracle it was, and how to explain this phenomenon.


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Ball lightning

A rare natural phenomenon, a unified physical theory of the origin and course of which has not been presented to date.

There are about 200 theories explaining the phenomenon, but none of them has received absolute recognition in the academic environment. Since this phenomenon was introduced into the scientific sphere by the English physician and researcher of electrical engineering William Snow Harris in 1843, and a scientist of the French Academy Francois Arago in 1855, many hypotheses were put forward. Here are selectively some of them:


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