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10 mysterious places in Finland

Added Mon, 16/12/2019
Дата публикации
Wed, 03/02/2016

Finland is often called "the mysterious Northern country." In fact, in addition to well-known attractions, it is full of mysteries and secrets, often inexplicable. Here you can find a lot of amazing places associated with legends and rumors that have always attracted tourists.

"Wandering lights" lake Paasselka

Over the water of the lake Paasselka sometimes appear bright glowing orbs, known as "the devils Paasselka". They can hang motionless, and can move with incredible speed and, on assurances of eyewitnesses, sometimes act like they act deliberately. This lake is unusual oval shape was formed in a meteor crater, which arose about 200 million years ago. There are no Islands, and its depth in some places reaches 75 metres.

Most likely, the "wandering lights" — a consequence of the magnetic anomaly in the center of the lake or an optical illusion like a Mirage, but local legends say that glowing orbs created by evil creatures. According to some versions of the lights indicate the location of the treasure in the lake, others luring people in to drown them.

Rock painting in Mikkeli

On the shores of lake Waves is an impressive collection of cave paintings, which includes about 70 drawings. Their location at a height of several meters above the water seems very mysterious, but in the era of the creation of these drawings, the water level in the lake was much higher and, most likely, the artists swam to the rocks by boat. In 1968 the archaeologist Pekka Sarvas first reported about a unique find.

Most of the old drawings were created in the third Millennium BC, most of them are images of moose, human figures, boats, handprints and geometric patterns that have not yet been deciphered.

Museum "Victrack"

Architectural Studio of Eliel Saarinen "Victrack" located at the shores of the lake to the West of Helsinki, surrounded by picturesque cliffs and forests. This manor house, built in 1903, was designed to be a typical sample of Finnish architecture, which combined the traditions of medieval and modern layout. Today the Studio has become a Museum, and this place is literally saturated with stories of ghosts and hidden treasures.

One of the most famous local ghosts — Sofia, a young woman who died in his room under mysterious circumstances and since then roams the house. Also, some visitors were observed on the estate the little girl who cried and disappeared under the bridge if someone tried to approach her.

The miraculous Church in the village Kuorevesi

According to superstition, a miraculous Church in the village Kuorevesi, built in 1779, brings misfortune and brings good fortune in exchange for performing sacrifices. It stands on the shores of the incredibly beautiful lake Kuorevesi, close by is the old cemetery and the giant stone, known as the "stone giant" — according to legend, the giant threw it here from the hill behind many versts from the Church. Although the stone does not refer to the traditional places of worship, location, and shape it is very similar to the Seyd (that is, the sacred object of the Saami), and three bright red dots on it could well serve as pointers, or be used to communicate with the spirit stone.

Island Ukonsaari

Rocky island on lake Inari in the old days was a special place for the Sami, traditionally, sacrifices were offered. It was named in honor of one of the higher gods in Saami religion, in which sacred rock of Ukonkivi. Ukonsaari height is approximately 30 m, width 50 m, length 100 m On the Western side of the sacrificial cave, where in 1873, Briton Arthur Evans found a fragment of a necklace.

And in 2007, Finnish archaeologists have discovered during Ukonsaari another Seyd. Among the sacred places of this island is probably the most mysterious. And, despite the fact that it is located near the coast, it is almost always very difficult to see because of the constant dense fog.

Gigantic boilers Rovaniemi

Nature can create the real miracles: for example, gigantic boilers — amazingly beautiful depressions of cylindrical shape, formed by flowing water, stones and gravel at the end of the last ice age.

They are called differently — "churn of the underworld", "devil's marks" or "devil's mill", because the process of grinding troughs were accompanied by a screech and a wild roar. 20 km from Rovaniemi is located about a dozen such boilers, and the three most impressive are equipped for tourist inspection.

The diameter of the largest pot is 8 m and the depth is 15 m.

Desert Church of Piispajarvi

About 10 km from Inari village is the deserted Church of Piispajarvi. It is called desert because there was never a settlement, and the Church served as a spiritual refuge for nomadic hunters and herders. There's not even a cemetery — the dead were buried on Islands in the lake.

Wooden cruciform Church was built in 1760 on the ruins of the Church in 1646, which left only the Foundation. Over time, the main center of worship for believers was moved to Inari, but the old Church remains standing in the quiet depths of the Northern woods like a Ghost immutable spiritual past. Today it is used very rarely, mostly it is celebrated the summer solstice and hold a wedding ceremony.

Puotila Manor

In the Metropolitan area Puotila is old the same manor, whose history begins in the middle of the XVI century. Information about it is not so much, but this place attracts tourists with mysterious stories.

It is known, for example, that there's a Ghost, and the Manager of the restaurant located on the estate, says that hearing footsteps and noises coming from the attic. One version of the origin of the poltergeist says that in 1712 here from the painful hunger family died.

According to another version, here there's a Ghost Birgitta of Jagerhorn — not knowing that her fiance was killed on the battlefield, she's still waiting to meet him and the evening goes for a walk in the Park.

The castle of the Devil hoplop adventure

Near the town of hoplop adventure, which is famous for not only shopping, but also unusual places for Hiking, located the ancient Finnish fortress Pirulina, which means "Castle of the Devil".

The fortress was presumably built in the period of 400-800 years, and located on a rocky hill with steep slopes, the Northern slope is an almost vertical stone wall. In the castle of the Devil is a pretty deep cave, which is still in the stone age was used as a temporary dwelling. But over time, the original functions and origins of an impregnable fortress began to forget, and thus it got its present name.

Island community Chukar St Anne's Church on åland ostrovacice Saint Anne's on the åland Islands Community Chukar on the åland Islands is remarkable that there are almost no trees, and 97% of its territory is water. Inhabited by a community of only 250 people, but there is a lot of interesting facts.

More than 3,000 years ago was inhabited by Chukar hunters on seals, which in time changed the pirates. In the 15th century, Franciscan monks founded the island monastery Hamne to save souls, and in 1784 on the ruins of the monastery Church was built the Church of St. Anne.

Today in the Church even from afar come the young couples according to legend, those who are married, waiting for a happy and long marriage.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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