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House "Whirlwind" on the "forbidden land"

Added Fri, 30/09/2022
Дата публикации
Fri, 30/09/2022

The roadside attraction, where the basic laws of physics seem to stop, is so strange that tourists flock there in droves.

The Oregon vortex was explored by geologist, mining engineer and physicist John Litster back in 1920 and opened to the public in 1930. The area was known to Native American communities as "forbidden Land" for many years before it was built. About 80 years later, the vortex continues to stun visitors with its non-compliance with the basic rules of physics.

People are said to appear taller or shorter, objects like balls and even water can be seen rolling uphill, and some objects appear larger or smaller depending on where they are.

Among the strange things that happen there, it is also claimed that horses do not enter the area. This was verified on the show "Fact or Fake: Paranormal Phenomena" and the story turned out to be true: the horses refused to enter the area.

Inside the "vortex" is a "Mysterious House" originally built as the office of the Old Grey Eagle Mining Company in 1904. While the company stopped mining gold in the area in 1911, Litster went to the nearly destroyed house in 1914, where he conducted his own research.

It seems that the house has entered the ground at an angle, and those who are depicted in it, although standing straight, seem to be standing at an angle.

He called the earth a "Whirlwind" because he believed that an invisible sphere surrounding the area creates a "whirlpool" of inexplicable force. Despite conducting thousands of experiments in the area in the years before his death in 1959, he never solved the mystery. He collected several of his theories about the origin of the vortex from deformed atoms, electromagnets and even an underground super machine left by prehistoric aliens.

Over the years, many people have put forward their theories as to why strange things happen in the Oregon Vortex.

According to the tourist attraction website:

"When another person on a flat platform moves away from you towards the magnetic south, he seems to be taller. As they get closer to you, approaching magnetic north, they get shorter. It contradicts the laws of perspective as we know it, and it needs to be seen in order to be believed."

However, not everyone believes in this mystery, many instead assume that strange phenomena in the house are simply the result of optical illusions.

The idea behind the optical illusion of a "gravity hill" is that due to the location of the surrounding earth, the descending slope appears to be ascending, so when the balls roll, it seems that they are rolling in the opposite direction.

Mathematician Philip Gibbs said:

"There are a few things that allow us to feel which way is up. The balance mechanism in our inner ear is one of the systems we have, but visual cues are also important and can be crucial. If the horizon is not visible or is not aligned, then we may be deceived by objects that we expect to be vertical, but in fact this is not the case.

False perspective can also play a role. If the trees on the line get bigger or smaller with distance, our sense of perspective is lost. Distant objects may appear smaller or larger than they actually are."

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