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Astronomical forecast for November 2021

Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 01/11/2021

The main planetary event of November will be the confrontation of Uranus! On November 5, 2021, the seventh planet from the Sun - Uranus - will enter into opposition to the Sun. The moment of confrontation is the best period of observation of the planet, since the distance from the Earth is minimal, and therefore the visible size of Uranus in the sky is the largest. The distance from Earth to Uranus at this moment will be 2,803 billion kilometers.

November starfall: November 6 - the beginning of the activity of the Leonida meteor shower. From November 17 to November 18 – the maximum activity of the meteor shower Leonids. In 2021, about 15 meteors per hour are expected on the night of the peak. Leonid's observation conditions in 2021 are unfavorable. The moon is tending to a full moon (19.11) and on the night of the peak, Leonid will significantly interfere with the observation of meteors.

Lunar Eclipse: On November 19, there will be a partial eclipse of the Moon with a maximum phase of 0.97 at 12:04 Moscow time. The moon will pass through the southern part of the earth's shadow. The shadow eclipse will last 3 hours and 28 minutes (from 10:20 Moscow time to 13:48 Moscow time), and at the moment of the maximum phase, at 12:04 Moscow time, it will look almost like a full (0.97) with the southern edge of the Moon brightly illuminated. Residents of the eastern regions of our country will be able to see the shadow phases (from 07:17 to 10:48). From the beginning to the end, the shadow eclipse will be visible in the Far Eastern Federal District in the evening. In Moscow, the eclipse is unobservable, since the Moon will be below the horizon during the eclipse.

November 19 - full moon (12:00)


At the beginning of the month (November 5), Uranus will be at the point of opposition to the Sun and is perfectly observed in the telescope for the whole month.

Mercury (-1.0): At the end of the month (November 29), Mercury will pass the upper connection with the Sun, so it is observed only at the beginning and middle of the month in the morning at the horizon in the southeast and no more than an hour in the constellation Virgo and Libra.

Venus(-4.8): in the evening near the horizon in the south in the constellation Sagittarius.

Mars (1,7): in the morning at the horizon in the southeast, against the background of dawn in the constellation Virgo and Libra.

Jupiter(-2.2): in the evening and at night in the constellation Capricorn.

Saturn(0,8): in the evening and at night in the constellation Capricorn.

Uranus (5.5): at the beginning of the month, all night in the constellation Aries. In the middle and end of the month: in the evening and at night. Neptune(7,9): in the evening and at night in the constellation Aquarius.

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